Elizabeth Hendrickson Confirms She’s Leaving ‘Y&R’


What started as just a rumor has officially transformed into a hard truth for “” fans: (Chloe Abbott) has officially confirmed that she is indeed leaving the soap she joined in 2008.

In an exclusive statement to Soap Opera Digest, Hendrickson said: “You may have heard the rumor that I am leaving ‘Y&R’…and it is with a grateful heart that I wanted to tell you personally, my unbelievable fans, that the rumor is true. What does one say after a decade of the most amazing relationship? Let me start by saying THANK YOU. Thank you for standing by me and all of my characters in daytime over the many years. A big special thanks to the BAMers, Chilly’s, Clonan’s and Clovin fans. Your love and dedication has been unwavering. Even the most beautiful relationships need to go through changes in order for them to grow and evolve. This is where I find myself. I need to stretch my wings and fly into the unknown. The one thing that remains true and what I will hold close to my heart as I embark on this new adventure is that I will ALWAYS have you. If it weren’t for all of your love, support and faith in me as an actress I wouldn’t be able to make this bold move. Please know, this is not goodbye forever. This was a very amicable parting of ways. I will be working for a few more weeks and airing well into May. ‘Y&R’ and especially [executive producer] made it very clear they did not want to see me go and plan to leave the door open for Chloe. I am beyond thankful for my career in daytime, the friends I have made along the way and especially for all of you. I hope to see you all soon. Lets keep in touch. Maybe in another medium or simply another time slot. Regardless. I’ll miss you. Love Lizzie. ”

How do you feel about Hendrickson’s decision to leave? Will you miss her in the role of Chloe?

  • PracticalAwakening

    Thank you. Finally someone is leaving Y&R with horrible stories for 5-6 years no less, came on as a floozy, and is a poor actress. Even if in real life she’s (self proclaimed) “petite and spicy” that didn’t help, on camera she came off as a whiny, spoiled brat.

  • Carmn

    I was wondering… Chloe is such a zombie now [understandable]. Character has really gotten boring. Enjoyed Ms. Hendrickson in both All My Children, and The Young and The Restless. Best wishes!!

  • Cynthia Ann Matta

    Hope you find what you’re looking for E.H .CHLOE story line was getting boring I would always fast forward good luck. ..

    • Judy

      Now lets get rid of her new husband. He looks and acts like he is 15. The new Billy is terribl – e acting and looking so young so immature for Victoria. The show is going down hill I don’t watch it any more except when there is absolutely nothing else to do but end up turning it off.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Chloe storyline was getting boring and i am so glad that she is leaving the show. The writers turn her into some kind of monster. She won’t be missed. She was a dog who slept around with so many guys on the show. Chloe hasn’t spoke to this new Billy after the car accident. I am glad that Adam is alive and someone else will be playing him.

  • Power Trip

    I’m still a little unhappy about it. Hell soon we wont recognize the cast. Everyone will be gone and replaced. Every time I look up someone’s leaving y&r. Makes you wonder what’s really going on around there.

  • Bequet Myka

    Boy…do you ever need tough skin to be in this business!! Good Luck, Elizabeth, I’ll miss your character!!! Chloe really grew on me….liked you with Chance!

  • Doylene Christy

    Well, I do not like the new Billy. Will someone tell me what was wrong the the other one? This new one looks like a baby and also looks like he’s pouting all the time. The stupid story line where he gets so mad at Stitch for kissing Victoria, like he’s such an angel and didn’t sleep with Kelly. It’s time for her to go. I don’t know why it was so hard for him to talk to his wife about his loss. Vicky loved Delia too. The writers need to keep up with the history of the show. I’ve been a fan of Y & R since day one. My #2 Son was 18 months old when it first came on. He’s now 42 yrs. old. The writers must think we are stupid and can’t remember.

    • eve wilson

      If you have been watching Y&R since day one then you should remember that the NOW Billy is the original Billy. (since he growed up.) I agree he does seem to pout alot & doesn’t have the look or repour as our other Billy had but he IS trying. I think we are just so use to Billy Miller with his likeable ways & that wide smile he had! I miss him too but I read that he decided to move on & try other things & Y&R wouldn’t let him stay there & do other things too so he quit! I dont see why he couldn’t have done both myself cuz there will NEVER be a Billy as good as he was! A long time fan of Y&R too….

      • Greenie O’Wobbles

        Yes…..viewers seem to FORGET that David Tom portrayed the role of Billy Abbott, originally. However, since the character has matured, Mr. Tom in the role…..is difficult to wrap one’s mind around.

    • Blaster

      Nothing .. Billy Miller quit becuz that soap-wrecker Jill refused him the flexibility to do outside projects ..

    • Flutterbymee

      I feel the same way! The current writers need to brush up on the History of the show and write their story lines around it. The new Billy (which was the original Billy is TERRIBLE!!! I’ve been watching the show for 30 years faithfully myself and in these past few months for the first time ever I fast forward through many scenes or skip watching it altogether. The newcomers have no substance and the story lines are dull. The show has really started to go downhill. It seems the show us losing a lot of loyal fans and losing its appeal. It’s sad to say but all good things do eventually come to an end.

  • catstoy

    sorry to see chloe leaving the show; really as good as the young and restless use to be, it has turned into a boring afternoon soap;……..pitiful how someone can come in and wreak a good show like Y&R was.

  • truebeliever

    First of all, Chloe isn’t an Abbott, she’s a Baldwin. Hopefully, when & if she comes back I hope they beef up her storyline.

    • smj77

      She is a Fisher not Baldwin.

      • Al Ly Cat

        Yes. By marriage yes but imho it doesn’t seem like she feels married in any way but legally – to keep her out of a mental institution. I ca’t even remember what name she had when she came to town, so maybe she’s that now. Oh well, she’s outta there.

        • smj77

          I don’t remember what name she started out with, because she changed it anyway. It was Kate something. She didn’t want anyone to know she was Ester’s daughter. Fisher would be the last known name where her and Kevin were married before. Idk. I wasn’t trying to make a big deal out of anything when I made the first reply. So were you talking about me when you replied to the guest person?

    • Al Ly Cat

      I love it when people try to correct strangers and are wrong. Instant karma!

    • Shedids

      She is a Fisher actually….great actress, hope to see her in movies.

  • Bruce Anderson

    The Young & The Restless has deteriorated so badly since, as a young TV P-D, I purchased it in its first year – only to lose it to Global when it went to one-hour and the network bought national rights for Canada. I presume the story lines are written by primary – or secondary school students – certainly don’t give any sense of being written by professionals – or anyone capable of thinking ahead in terms of plot believability. However: Main reason for writing: My wife and a dozen friends all gather Saturday mornings for breakfast in local restaurants. They all watch (some have given up the habit in despair & disgust), but the prevailing conversation centres around how silly the soap has become .. good more for laughter (when they still watch the occasional episode) .. rather than as a daytime drama. And – the one source of total agreement: They do not like the new Billy Abbott .. truly miss the acting superiority of Billy Miller. Of the original 12, I think only three continue to watch. If they were Nielsen subjects, that show would be in deep, deep trouble. Thanks for the opportunity to write – I gave up watching a year ago – but still get the news from the Saturday morning gatherings via my wife, Carol – who also opines that the show has reached a new level of absurdity. Yours (hopefully) for better and more mature writing for TV, Bruce Anderson, Peterborough, ON, Canada.

  • Mags123

    The character has become so annoying that it’s a relief to see her go. She deserves better than she got from Y&R. The show is so bad I can’t bring myself to watch.

  • shirlr

    Hope to see Lizzie in another role, I think she is an incredible actress. Sad that her character got poor direction, but it is Lizzie as an actress that we hope to see again.

  • Al Ly Cat

    I won’t miss her, but I am worried about why so many of them are jumping ship.

  • Debbie Lott

    I don’t care for Chloe, but I believe Elizabeth does an awesome job of portraying this character. Good luck Elizabeth on your new challenges!

  • Tteettimes

    Billy Miller was by far the best……this Tom guy in no way comes close to being Billy….really animated and unconvincing.he can’t even look like Johnnys father even while holding him…..wonder with all the defections and Victors age just how long th Y & R can hold an audience……writers and directors……casts…budgets…will be the doom……going down hill fast

    • etta jay

      You know tom was the original Billy … miller came in after but I agree miller was a better billie for y&r and def is missed. Tom reminds me of the MacKenzie Days

      • Yvonne

        He wasn’t a good Billy even when he first stepped into the role years ago. He’s always been terrible.

  • Pattie

    I will miss Elizabeth!! I Hope that she will come back to Y and R!!

  • loretta

    wow Y&R there goes another one chloe

  • loretta

    its seem that all you read about Y&R is not good I myself feel the same as the other writers tell me when is Y&R going off the air its so sad so many good actors are leaving this show

  • Maribel

    This actress
    Elizabeth is going to General Hospital and she is going to play Robin Scorpio Drake. Since apparently KM is not returning to GH. I have never see Y&R so I hope this actress is a good fit in GH.

    • Rchelle

      She will be excellent!

  • C3patio

    I think they should change the name of this soap to: All My Young and Restless Children. Adding Cadie McClain (spell????)…I want to scream….”what about Tad”……And for those ragging on this soap, I have one thing to say..DON’T WATCH IT. I’m enjoying it, bad acting and bad story lines and all.

  • momoffour

    I am so sorry to see the number of people leaving the Young and the Restless! The loss of Billy Miller is a MAJOR blow to the show. He and Victoria had such chemistry and this one just has nothing to offer to the part. The new Billy just doesn’t cut it. How many more people will end up leaving the show……and how much longer do you think your followers WILL follow?! Shape up, Y&R and those in charge!!! You’re losing fans left and right!
    The story line in Bold and Beautiful is another gigantic waste of time! I am tired, tired, tired of the stupid story of Liam, Hope, and Wyatt. Get rid of Wyatt and the psycho nut mother of his!!!! They both need to leave the show and Hope needs to finally get back on track with Liam and get married and put their childish stupidity behind them. Either that, then change the storyline and have them both go their separate ways. But please, get rid of Wyatt and the nutcase mother!!!!

    • FanMe

      Omg thank you thank you thank you! I agree. This stupid dragged out story line on bold and beautiful.with Hope, Liam & Wyatt has got to end! What the hell does Hope had diamonds & platinum on her butt? Because seriously she is.not.a saint and diffinately not all that , she had every guy fall to their knees over her
      Give me a break! And as far ad Y &R I love this show but killing Delia off was the biggest mistake! This and bringing back the original Billy. Yes this is not a good fit for him. Bring back Billy #2!
      Y&R and B&B start listening to your fans before we begin to tune into something else!

      • conchita

        Seems like they always kill off the kids in this show

  • Deb

    So many years of watching, but i think its time to stop…i record while at work, but with all the drastic changes i find myself fast forwarding thru most of the show.
    Way to many good people gone….and way too many half a.. Actors getting top roles in the show. Enjoyed it for years though…

    • Unicorngirl

      I totally agree!

  • sue

    Does anyone know the name of the red lipstick she has been wearing lately? I love it!

    • Biancaroo

      The lipstick is Nars-Satin Lip Pencil-Luxemburg-Vivid Watermelon.

  • Greta Bartlett


  • katie

    I think she is very smart to leave. It is time and she knows it. Good luck in your endeavors.

  • Margaret m

    She needs to leave, never liked her character. Y&R really needs to get new story lines, it’s become BORING!! Bring back Phyllis, an Adam & the the old Billy, & set the set on fire baby!! Or just get new writers!!!

    • Christine Ottinger

      Agree with every word. You hit the nail on the head.

  • Christine Ottinger

    I read in several different articles that Jill Phelps is responsible for all the people leaving. An article on Jill F. Phelps is as follows: In July 2012, following the firing of executive producer and head writer Maria Arena Bell and co-head writer Scott Hamner, Sony Pictures Television appointed Phelps executive producer of The Young and the Restless, alongside the show’s former head writer Josh Griffith.[6]

  • me

    Okay , look Kelly and Jack are gross! Victoria needs to be with Stitch, regardless of who’s baby it is. Victor, just shut up and get a hobby, Nikki, stop whining and get a boyfriend ( a real one) not Victor . Summer, please, grow up your not a baby, get a clue, already. Jill , please where to start, are they just going to film her all over that stupid house, figure out the damn box already. Cane , Lilly well their JUST boring. Lauren and Michael, need some downtime. Neil and his family drama is old, move on, Devon who cares, he needs to get a life . and Finally, Sharon and Nick, well may as well watch Jessica (simpson) and Nick (lache) please move them on….Y and R is like a pond, its just sitting.. 🙂

  • jenna

    who is this jill phelps woman? I can’t believe Billy left and is replaces with this ugly billy. I don’t even care about him and Victoria anymore. im sure Amelia misses the old billy… and stitch? he so gross. I wonder what the new adam will look like.

    • disappointed

      I know this new Billy looks Old…and is not a good looking man at all. Almost looks like a toupee.

  • Babygirl

    Things change she was good while it lasted! But definitely need to bring the old Billy back. I cant stand the new (old) Billy. Ive been watching Y&R for 40 years but about to find a new soap! Losing Phyllis, Adam and the Billy was a hugh loss!!!!!

  • Sophia

    Too many changes. Phyllis, Billy, (David Tom didn’t stand a chance after Billy Miller) and now they are bringing in, yet another Billy, to try to know. The storyline of Deliah’s death has left none of the original characters. Adam, Billy, Chloe……Ashley is not on often, Mrs. C passed away, now I hear a new Phyllis is coming in. As a faithful Y&R fan for over 25 years, I do not like the storylines or the writing….too many new characters and they aren’t on long enough to bond with them. I have lost interest. The storyline of Deliah was gripping, and it just fizzled out with letting go of the most important characters. Bad move all the way around. Phyllis leaving (no one can replace her), and yet I read they are replacing her. Another bad move. Can’t blame Elizabeth (Chloe) for wanting to leave. The main characters around her storyline are gone (except Kevin). Y&R is not what it used to be. Not even close. Not figuring out how to keep Billy Miller was huge as well. The writing is boring. Even Nick and Sharon’s storylines are boring. Just not the same at all, and can’t bond with all the constant changes. David Tom wasn’t given much of a chance, and had huge shoes to fill. He was growing on me, and now, another Billy. Then, we’ll see another Phyllis. Not good, hard to keep loyal viewers with this type of writing.

    • tag

      Sorry to say, but these bad choices might give CBS a reason to cancel the show completely . ..they need writers that can be more creative and a director that can help these newbies not to look into the camera!! I miss the old cast…

  • Want Main Characters Back

    I agree 100% w/Sophia it’s time to let that music thing go already. U all need to pay more money to bring back the Michael Muhney (Adam), Billy Miller (Billy) & Michelle Stafford (Phyllis). These three characters made the storyline & chemistry work together. Jill F. Phelps it’s time to retire sweetheart you’re screwing up a wonderful soap opera and to have 1 Million views already (turn in your paper & pen).

    • tag

      Completely agree. This past year has been disappointing with the several new cast members…(this excludes Hillary-she is good) why can’t they direct these actors not to look off into the distance towards the camera???…come on…

  • Mommi kat

    I have been watching since the very first show. I agree that they have lost much of their real talent. Loved Chloe…beautiful girl and i loved her acting and versatility. I feel it’s sometimes necessary to try many endeavors; she is young…go for it while she can, is my take on it.
    I, personally, don’t like the new Kelly. New/Old Billy is similar in character to Billy Miller but different enough to be his own characterization. I think he is pulling it off really well. There are 2 things i can barely stand in this show…Sharon/Nick…and Victor/Everyone. Soooo sick of both!!! Nick needs a NEW love interest…new blood and not new Phyllis either. Just saying…

  • Cindy

    They need to write Chloe in from time to time the same way they write Ashley in, during special occasions and holidays. Just don’t kill her off like they did DeeDee.

  • Choklitgirl

    I’ve been a fan for longer than I can admit! I recorded each and every show on my VCR, then my PVR….Now…NOT! I HATE all the changes in actors and the crappy storylines…Nuf said!

  • Chloelizabethfan

    Elizabeth Hendrickson, I am thankful for you too!
    You played one of my favorite characters in Chloe, but it is thanks to your talent.
    I loved watching this character in so many facets. I liked watching her beautiful friendship with Chelsea. All shows need drama, heartbreak and tragedy but they also need really good friends to keep things light and give fans something to enjoy. The long lasting relationships threads that go down through the decades. I thought they could have written Chloe losing it and her relationship struggles with Chelsea a bit better after all the time they built into that friendship. Chloe also had a beautiful relationship with Mrs. C. The loss of another talented actress was too much for this show. That and Billy Miller and Michael Muhney so close together really left so little room for great Chloe storylines. The death of Deliah felt like a waste that it basically came to a halt just as it started to get really good (because of all the key actors in that story leaving).

    I also followed her romances with both Philip and Ronan and felt Elizabeth’s acting drew me in to to those romances. I was never a huge Kevin/Chloe fan and sort of just saw them as great old friends without much of a spark. I’m sad that all her romance stories never panned out and that they would always introduce another person into those stories for her love interest and then those would abruptly end as well. I wish they put a little more thought into the writing.

    I even enjoyed Elizabeth acting when she had someone to dislike. Chloe’s rival with Paul’s daughter was great.

    I think this is a smart move for Elizabeth…. this show has changed too much, lost too much and the head writer needs to go. I had stopped watching not long after DeeDee’s death and the actor bleeding that came with it. She is another great one to add to the list. Maybe come back to the show when there is something to come back to and they can actually write something properly for Chloe. The writing has been on the wall for a while that they are not investing the time into her stories.

  • paladen3

    really gonna miss you, good luck

  • dureen

    Glad she is leavin

  • Jessica Melancon

    will miss chloe! Was hoping to see her and Kevin become a real couple and not just to keep her outta prison or rehab

  • pappa4

    just wrote in…have to start over….I will Elizabeth immensely ! I love the Chloe from the beginning…and I love her with Kevin….please come back soon! also…I miss Michelle/Phyliss….please bring her back…I don’t think I will like the new actress, just not the same never is….I am now watching GH so I can see Michelle Stafford….you can do without…..Loren and Jill….send them to paris forever to start a new shop…love Michael and Victor…Nicky….if you are grooming her to be the next matriarch, she will never be another Catherine…Cricket…has a stick up her ass, Paul is comforting…miss Eileen Davis as Ashley…and by the way….nicky’s MS…please….don’t insult those of us who have a real neuro muscular problem…she, too sweatly, too lame , Victor can do better….I am 59 and have been watching Y & R from day one! Oh and the jewel thing…get it over with already….and send what’s his name back to Australia and send Ian with him!

  • anna falzone

    Elizabeth Hendrickson you will be missed, good luck in you adventure and life a head XOXO Anna Falzone

  • Anna falzone

    To many good actors are leaving the Y&R they will be missed, I miss Billy Miller and Michael and Michelle and know Elizabeth God Bless you all!!! You all will be missed. XOXO Anna Falzone

  • leslie albright

    Dear Elizabeth, you are sooo adorable. And not getting to see you on [email protected] leaves a big hole in my daytime joy. Hope to see you in something soon that is a great success for you. Love you.

  • dislocatedcajun

    Dear Elizabeth,
    I already miss your character in the Y&R. Your acting is very good. I am hoping to be able to watch your work again. It would be great if it is in the Y&R. but if not there, then please announce where it will be. The last time I saw your character in the Y&R was when you showed up to pay your respects to Mrs. C. You showed your pregnant belly at that time, making me believe that you might come back to Kevin with a new born baby, however I now know that is not to be. I would not put it past the Y&R to introduce Kevin’s child in a much later show with your character then living in Paris or perhaps introducing your demise once your child is introduced. This is of course the scenario, only if you do not come back somewhere in the near ( or later) future show. What ever happens I wish you the best an do hope to see you in some other venue and soon!! MY BEST TO YOU