ON THE RECORD: ‘GH’s’ Kimberly McCullough Says Upcoming Exit Is ‘Not On Good Terms!’


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Todd Wawrychuk/ABC
Todd Wawrychuk/ABC

Fans of “’s” (Robin Scorpio) have no doubt been thrilled to see the actress front and center on the canvas as of late, but the sad cat has officially been let out of the bag: She’ll soon be departing Port Charles! But just how will Anna’s () daughter be exiting the canvas? Soap Opera Network spoke with the actress to find out!

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“Oh, it’s definitely not on good terms,” McCullough teases of her alter ego’s final days. “But at the same time, I don’t really feel that [headwriter] Ron [Carlivati] or [executive producer] Frank [Valentini] want to kill Robin Scorpio. In a way, it’s a very redundant. It’s overkill. And we just did that, so that’s not the direction that they’re probably going to take it.”

Ok, so big sigh of relief: Robin won’t be dying! And that means there’s a chance she’ll be back to the canvas in the future, which the actress says she hopes is the case. “It’s always tough to leave and come back, but at the same time, I get the best of both worlds, because I get to go off and do some of the other things that I love, but I also get to come home to my family,” she says. “I’m kind of spoiled that way.”

And what the actress loves doing when she’s not filming “GH” is directing. She’s been a part of a Disney/ABC directing program called Talent Creative Diversity for the past two years, shadowing directors and learning everything she can about the craft. “I just found out my next assignment is shadowing a director at ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ so I’ll be there in February,” she reveals. “And in May of next year, I’ll be shooting my first feature film, with cast as the lead. I’m really excited!”

Though McCullough is spending a lot of her free time focusing on directing, she assures fans that she’s not giving up on acting. “I like to balance,” she says. “I feel like I’ve put a lot of time into acting, and I feel like I haven’t put as much time into making movies and directing, so it’s not that it’s my main focus, it’s just that I need to learn more in that arena.”

Funny enough though, the more time she spends directing, the less comfortable she feels in front of the camera — which is something she experienced with her latest stint in Port Charles! “I had been shadowing a bunch of directors on a bunch of different shows, and for a year and a half, I had basically been quiet and sitting in the background, so it was really different for me to step in front of the camera again and have that kind of attention,” she admits. “Because literally, for a year and a half, I’d been playing that game of the invisible woman, like, ‘Don’t notice me! I don’t want to get in the way, I don’t want to bother anyone,’ and then all of a sudden, you’re being asked to say, ‘Look at me!’ So it’s a totally different mode.”

But it’s definitely one she hopes to be in again very soon: “I never say goodbye to ‘GH,” she notes. “I just say, ‘See you later.’”

  • Andrew Hass

    I wish Kimberly all the best in her acting career but she wants to concentrate on directing again.Plus i knew she wasn’t going to stay on GH long term.She came back to resolve the Robin is alive story and it’s on to the next phase ion the story.Plus i’m sure the show is leaving the door open for her to return.My guess is Robin leaves town because someone may need her help elsewhere and maybe to give Patrick space to resolve any feelings he does have for Sabrina.Plus if GH has the nurse’s Ball again this year then Robin could reappear then.

  • FarewellAgain

    There is absolutely nothing I like about the Patrick/Sabrina pairing (and I stress that its the characters together that I don’t like, it has NOTHING to do with the actors who portray them) and I was thrilled to see Robin and Patrick reunite. And while we knew KM wasn’t going to stick around GH for long, I just cannot believe Robin would willingly leave her family after having been gone (and presumed dead) for 2+ years. I could buy into her questioning/doubting her marriage to Patrick due to Sabrina’s pregnancy but I can’t imagine any storyline that I will buy into/believe where Robin willingly leaves Emma behind.

  • Georgette

    I like KMc, but I think its time for a recast. I think this last Robin storyline was very poorly written, but Robin needs to stay now. I don’t think there was any resolution and I cannot think of one plausible excuse for Robin to leave again after she fought so hard to get back to her family. If Patrick and Sabrina are reunited, I think it will probably be the proverbial straw and I will probably stop watching GH.

    • mel

      I agree, it’s time for a recast. I love KMC but if she can’t commit, the story shouldn’t suffer. Running out on Emma is just unfair.

      • Georgette

        So, I’ve thought it over and I want Eden Riegel or Jennifer Landon to play Robin. The show should not be held hostage to the actors schedules. Same for Jonathan Jackson. If he cannot commit as Lucky, Lucky should be recast. Nothing against the actors.

    • Jeff

      Imagine the complaining from people if they recast the role of Robyn. Can you imagine if they brought in a former OLTL actress to take over the role. KMC is the only one who should ever play Robyn.

      I also like how the title for this article is misleading. It makes it seem like KMC is leaving the show on bad terms when its her character

  • chevjuls

    I think her and Patrick is heading for a divorce.

  • Missy

    Nice interview.

  • Helch

    I am done with the leaving and coming back and forth leaving the fans hanging. Recast Robin and maybe someday she may want to actually stay on GH but I think not? We worked so hard to keep this soap on TV so I am disappointed that alot of the actors have gone but no one is irreplaceable?

  • Angela

    Love kimberlny McCullough but get so sick of the fact that she leaves the show then comes back then leaves again.I mean what is all the leaving and coming back only to leave again doing for the fans of the show who get all excited when she returns to the show only for her to just up and leave as quckly as she came. I know Kim is enjoys her other career as a director and stuff which is why they should just recast the role of Robin and give the role to someone who is pulled away by their other comittments so much and can actually stick around and play the role!