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The Young and the Restless Mast Head by Soap Opera Network

Peter Randolph Kerr Photography
Peter Randolph Kerr Photography

While character and storyline details aren’t available at this time, actor Chris McKenna tweeted earlier this evening, “It appears I’ll be making a bit of a return to soaps. At least for a few episodes.” He tagged CBS’ “” in the tweet to his followers.

Last appearing in daytime in 1993, when his three year stint as Joey Buchanan on ABC’s “” concluded, McKenna has appeared in episodes of numerous primetime shows including “,” “,” and more recently TV Land’s “.” McKenna had a recurring role on The CW’s “” from 2011-2013. In 2014, he can be seen in the features “” and “.”

A rep for the drama series was unavailable for comment at press time.

  • Dee Havel

    I bet he’s the new Adam.

    • courtney

      I bet he’s not

      • Dede

        I thought it was reported that Billy was leaving at the end of Jan. didn’t hear about Adam. Is that “for sure”

  • Courtney Kay

    I would feel so bad if he Is the new Adam

    • Bexx

      Doubt it! I’m sure it will be awhile before they recast, and it will likely be kept quite.

  • Jessie

    He looks too old to play Kyle so my money is on the new Adam Newman. It’s too bad I’m not going to be around to find out. I won’t be watching as of Jan 30th

  • Billie Young

    there is sappose to be a relitive of the abbotts coming into play maybe its him

  • Lalah

    I hope this is just a few episodes.Last thing needed is ANOTHER new character!!!

    • Bexx

      He already said on his Twitter it’s only a few episodes.

  • Synthia Rose

    It would be awesome if he were the new Adam. Much more handsome and a great actor. I bet he’d gel well with his cast mates

  • lover

    no one is better than Michael muhney ive watched this show since I was a toddler and Michael muhney rocks his character wherever Michael goes I go