THE FINAL DAYS OF SOAPnet: How To Watch ‘General Hospital’ Post Cable Network Demise


One thing we’ll soon find out is how much of an effect ’s demise will have on “,” if any at all. In a new promo touting the multi-platform availability of ABC’s sole remaining daytime soap opera, the network wants to make sure its viewers have every opportunity of catching up with the latest happenings in Port Charles.

In the promo, viewers are treated to the phrases “More Sizzle, More Secrets, More Twists, More Heart Stopping Action,” as they are subsequently informed that they can view “GH” weekdays at 2e/1c/p on ABC and anytime on , which includes Watch ABC on and mobile app on iOS and Android enabled devices.

In addition to the aforementioned platforms, you can also watch “GH” on, which proves that SOAPnet was no longer necessary in today’s world. The series is currently unavailable on Hulu Plus.

  • angie

    personally I think it stinks that soapnet is going off the air, I have been watching old general hospital episodes that I tape from 3-4 am to catch up on the years I had to work, watching them when I can on a big screen tv is a lot better than watching them on a small computer screen in an office chair!

  • Debbie Pennepacker

    i think this is bullcrap, if we miss an episode of our favorite soaps, this is the go to channel to keep up with them, no more beverly hills 90210? been a favorite of that since it first came out as a series, and old all my children? when i can’t sleep in the middle of the night i watch that……what do we do to keep that channel running? this is a very big upset for us soap fans….i am so disappointed and saddened by this dreadful news……

  • Lee Roberts

    ABC could have kept SoapNet. All My Children and One Life To Live could be the anchor shows and they could have rotated some shows, but oh well what do I know I am just a stinking soap fan whose shows are gone and what is left is horrible.

  • AdvertiserAlert

    There Disney/ABC go again treating the daytime genre that draws by far the best ratings in the key sales demos like crap.

  • CTwildheart

    And yet the last line of the article says, “The series is currently unavailable on Hulu Plus.”

  • CTwildheart

    I watch over the air or online. Bought a stand-alone DVR so I can record it.

  • Nancy

    I am pissed! Don’t tell you that on-demand is a day behind! Hulu . Com is not free Disney you suck!!!

  • This is crap. There was a youtube channel that had all the episodes of GH going on for a few years. It has been removed for copyright violations. wth

  • carol

    I’d like to watch the original episodes from 1963… anyone know where I can find them? Or if they even exist online?