Twitter Hoax Raises, Then Dashes Hopes for ‘GH’ Fans

Paul Skipper/JPI Studios
Paul Skipper/JPI Studios

Proving you can’t believe everything you read or see tweeted, earlier this evening a Twitter posting said to be by , who portrayed Sean Donely on ABC’s “” from 1984 through 1995 and again for a couple of episodes on “: Night Shift” in 2008, stated the actor would be returning to the soap after nearly a 20 year absence. The tweet raised the hopes of many fans only to have those hopes get dashed not too longer afterward. A spokesperson for the soap confirms to Soap Opera Network that the tweet was not by Reilly and that the handle is in fact a fake. “Not the real John Reilly,” the spokesperson said.

The tweet in question stated, “I can officially tell all my fans that I will be coming back to #GH by fall for extended run on #GH #GH50.” The handle added, “You can thank @valentinifrank for working out the deal so I could return to #GH #GH50.” Going a step further, the handle stated, “I can confirm that is headed back to GH with me #GH #morevets.” Wyatt portrayed Tiffany Hill Donely on the soap during the same time frame, but according to a 2011 feature by “Inside Edition,” the actress had half of her jaw bone removed after an operation relating to osteonecrosis. It’s unclear as to whether the actress is willing or able to actively pursue acting jobs.

Since making the fictitious tweets, the Twitter handle pretending to be Reilly has since been suspended.

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  • Hudson De Witt Kelly

    you do not know how valuable life is until you go through situations such as these and she was awesome on GH

  • Joanne Depina

    l,m was sorry to hear that sharon watts had to have half of her jaw removed .and probably wo,nt be able to resume her acting career .she was a talented actress. she will be missed.all of gh fans like myself send her our prayers and our love .may god bless you.

  • Sharon Jesse

    OMG that’s just awful, How could anyone post something so awful and untrue at the same time. I guess some people really don’t have anything better to do than spread ugly lies and gossip. Wow!!!

  • Sharon Jesse

    Oh lord I missed the video portion of that. She doesn’t look anything like Tiffany. So very sorry such an awful thing happened to her. My prayers are with her, God Bless you Sharon, may you be well soon.<3