‘The Talk’ Celebrates ‘The 40th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards’ With After Party

Sonja Flemming/CBS
Sonja Flemming/CBS

On Monday, June 17, CBS’ “” will celebrate “,” with a special after-party that will include appearances by several of the nights biggest winners. This marks the second consecutive year in which “” pays tribute to Daytime Emmy Award winners from across all dayparts invited to appear live on the show following their industries biggest night.

Hosts , , , and will also welcome the cast of “,” with appearances by series stars , , and .

“The Talk” is nominated for Outstanding Talk Show.

  • Harlee

    This will be great, I loved last years show….I know many gets irate because I have fallen in love with TT, but doesn’t mean I don’t miss ATWT… like all the time. I wouldn’t watch the first 2 years but got to support CBS lineup, grew up with nothing but CBS and love how they have interweave the whole lineup again. I still won’t watch LMAD, I was a “Lighter” and they was our show in our house and it was truly a grieving period when GL was cancelled.

  • Angela Margot

    We all know the ratings of this cheap show are bad as hell – much worse than what ATWT delivered year after year – but isn’t it kinda exaggerated to copy and paste those ridiculous CBS press releases twice per page??

    Do you really think that’s the way to ever get ratings to the level that good soaps can achieve – and still are achieving – again??

    If CBS had done ANYTHING for ATWT and GL (except from waiting for the writers/producers to ruin them), these two shows could be in the exact same position today as the remaining soaps.

    Shame on CBS for cancelling ATWT after only one year slightly below the 2.0 household mark, without ANY effort to turn the show around with better writing!!

    We want our favorite soaps back!!!