Oprah Winfrey Statement on OWN Picking Up ‘AMC’ and ‘OLTL’

George Burns/Harpo, Inc.
George Burns/Harpo, Inc.

“For 2 years u posted, tweeted, Facebooked me..I heard you. Starting 7/15, we’re having a summer fling w/ the soaps!” read ‘s tweet to her more than 19 million Twitter followers shortly after news of OWN picking up both “” and “” for a limited engagement this summer. Both soaps begin airing Monday, July 15, for a Monday through Thursday run, with “AMC” airing in its old 1:00 PM ET timeslot and now PT as well, while “OLTL” will air at 3:00 PM ET/PT.

OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network

OWN picking up “AMC” and “OLTL” comes at a time when the network is experiencing a resurgence. The network recently premiered Tyler Perry‘s “The Haves and the Have Nots” to record ratings as the Tuesday night drama series has become the networks most watched scripted series. Former “OLTL’er” Tika Sumpter stars as Candace in the dramatic series which follows the enviable and wealthy Cryer family (which, behind closed doors, is a dysfunctional clan on the brink of losing their fortune), and their hired help. Sumpter’s character is the estranged daughter of the Cryer’s maid — and also the paid mistress of the Cryer patriarch!

  • Janet Novak

    thanks oprah

  • Barbara Mule

    I just know if Oprah takes it on it will be awesome, I Love my soups and miss them and the lives of the characters on these shows…Good Job O….<3

    • whatwhat


  • Barbara Mule

    Opsie I mean Soaps….lol

  • LLSinSCV

    you Oprah – finally! Someone, some cable network is STEPPING UP and
    in doing so, will be increasing YOUR viewership with all the loyal SOAP

    Since I heard it’s starting with the OLD shows, I can’t wait to watch the RE-RUNS of the former (orig) OLTL shows.

    also watch the “new” episodes once (as had been announced inthe last
    1-2 wks), writers begin to CLEAN UP their act & the scripts, and
    reduce the swearing and soft porn and drugs & clubbing. Which I
    think was used to attempt to gain NEW, YOUNG viewers, but ended up
    offending or turning off many of the long-time viewers.

    As someone else wrote on another FB page, I’d be watching MTV if I wanted to watch that kind of show.

    • Steve

      It is only the shows that hve been online. They will not be airing any episodes from when it was on ABC.

  • Kristen Crithfield

    YAY About time can’t wait to watch them!

  • Angela Margot

    Yes!!! Oprah is wonderful, and she gets it. The big upward trend of all the remaining soaps and the huge online success of AMC and OLTL make it strikingly clear:

    We want ALL of our favorite soaps back – they are the ones that bring long-term growth for daytime lineups, if networks, producers and writers make smart investments and listen to the viewers and fans!

    There isn’t any other genre that has an audience with such a strong emotional bond to their favorite shows – except any show of any genre hosted by Oprah or with Oprah’s participation, of course!!

  • Tara Gray

    Only took 2 years =/

  • I am sooooooo happy to hear this!!!! THANK YOU OPRAH!!!!! 🙂

  • Christie Schaaf

    Yes!!!!…Ohh this is fabulous………Can’t wait thank you !!!

  • rschiel50

    There IS a God!!! 😉

  • Debbie Crawford

    Now all she has to do is put Paula Dean on and her network will take off, the soaps and Paula,

  • Amanda Hernandez

    yay you go OPRAH and maybe you can help Paula Deen also she needs our help too but thank you for our soaps

  • Amanda Hernandez

    thank you thank you

  • Ginger Tilton

    Thank you Oprah, Can you help Paula Deen ? She seems to be truly sorry, she was honest … She didn’t lie like some people would had. She told the truth !!! But thanks again for All my Children and One Life to Live….

  • Ruth

    What about us in Canada …. we get the OWN channel but we don’t get “The Haves & the Have Nots!!” So will we miss out on the Soaps to? 🙁

  • Skater boy

    Now Susan Lucci has to come back as Erica Kane. Oprah has supported Lucci and the Erica Kane character for years; Prospect Park and Lucci need to get on this and quick. Surely Devious Maids and Deadly Affairs can see how this would benefit their shows as well!

  • Darla Simcox Decker

    Thank you so much Oprah for listening to us…We love our soaps and so glad they are back and you are airing them on OWN….

  • JJ

    Finally can unblock the Oprah channel on my Dish. TY

  • Faye

    Thank you, OPRAH, for AMC. We Love it. And we love YOU.