THIS WEEK: General Hospital Puts New Style on Old Faces

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With the returns of , and (as new characters whose names are currently unconfirmed by ABC, although at present we’re hearing the character name “Jordan” for Alderson) to the canvas and the debut of as Ava Jerome (first airdate scheduled for Wednesday, May 8), the drama is only getting hotter on ABC’s “” this week.

In a promo released earlier today, fans of Alderson, Easton and Howarth got their first glimpse of the actors in their new roles. Interestingly, to distinguish the three from their “” counterparts (Starr Manning, John McBain, and Todd Manning, respectively), the show opted to slightly cut and comb back Easton’s hair (similar to his initial role as Father Michael Morley on “Port Charles”), dye Alderson’s hair darker (same length, however), while dyeing and cutting Howarth’s hair where he kinda looks like a Ken doll or a beach boy with his blonde hairdo.

You be the judge…

What Do You Think?

  • Bambic

    Spare me.

  • Gigi

    What a royal joke GH has become. Sometimes you just have to know when it’s time to let something go.

    • watcher5000

      What everyone needs to realize is that Roger, Michael, and Kristen all had contracts with ABC that needed to be honored. With PP keeping them from using the OLTL characters, Ron and Frank had no choice but to be creative and use the actors in some way because they had to. If it were up to them and the actors, nothing would have changed, but I am sure ABC is putting pressure on the team to avoid three additional lawsuits for breach of contract on the part of the actors. It is not ideal, but lets see what Ron can come up with before we all tear him and Frank apart.

      • Philip

        No. Many actors have had contracts with shows in the past and writers and producers have not felt they had to honor those contracts. Many have been fired or let go before their contracts run out. The job of Frank and Ron is to do what is best for GH. This is not what is best for GH. They could have let all three actors go and the show would have still gone on. Frank and Ron knew when they hired the three actors that the characters belonged to Prospect Park. So they can’t yell that they didn’t know. Sorry but many actors have been fired and let go. Neither three of these actors were any better than those.

        • Bex

          Exactly! They have released other actors from their contracts before, however why was this time so different? Because ME/RH/KA are their little pets. Why the hell did they work so hard to keep these NEW people while many of our favorites who have been around way longer were just casually let go? No amount of defending their actions will make us forget.

        • OLTL has always been my favorite soap. It has had the best characters if not always the best story lines. The characters are what kept me loyal. The three characters in question as played by the three actors who played them are no exception. They tried replacing Roger Howarth once and it never worked for me. Roger IS Todd. Alderson began playing Starr when she was just a very small child. Now you try to make it sound like these three are just so easy to replace. I don’t think so. You are right tho about actors being let out of contracts. ABC was just being a hard a$$ and refusing to work with PP so there was no other choice but the one that’s happening. I don’t feel any loyalty to Alderson and Easton because as I understand it , they didn’t want to go back to OLTL. If it works for them , great, if not they will find another soap or primetime or movies or something. Personally , I think it will seem really dumb seeing them as different characters in the same soap. I always hated those good/evil twin storylines. AND WHO IS FRANK AND RON?

  • Jackie

    Horrid and bound to fail if the reactions I’ve seen today are any indication. WOW. This show is a punchline these days. SMFH

  • Wow… ABC is even more stupid than we thought. First they kill our soaps and bring The Chew and Whatever (I can’t even remember the name of the other show). Now they do this? They deserve to die of 1000 cuts. (google it).

    • Bex

      More like RC and FV catering to their little pets.

      • I agree.This is why I quit watching the crapfest known as GH.Thank God JMB jumped off this Titanic.

        • Bex

          I was actually loving all the screen time that Elizabeth is getting, because she’s always playing the plant at GH. Now with the ‘big three’ coming back I fear her airtime will diminish greatly. I wouldn’t be surprised to see other actors walking.

  • Bex

    Do they really think viewers are that stupid? So they think giving them all new hair cuts changes everything? The only one who could remotely sell it is RH, but KA and ME? KA (Starr) looks like she’s gonna be some bitchy character and ME looks like Mr. Rogers. Viewers today on Facebook were asking why they all had new haircuts. LOL What they should have done was just leave them off the show, and take the extra money and rebuild GH with the vets, and their current cast. Oh well.

  • SMH with bringing them back because I really, really don’t think the show is hurting at all to the point they need to be brought back. The only thing I can come up with why RC/FV is fighting so hard for these new characters is because they have no idea how to write or are not interested in writing GH characters currently on the show that have a deep rooted GH history so they would rather introduce new characters. GH right now needs better, more concise storylines with better dialogue instead of more characters being brought on the show. But what I have learned from watching GH under RC is that he might know GH history on paper, but he clearly does not understand it.

  • Philip

    This has nothing to do with ABC IMO. This is all about Ron C. and Frank V. and their love for these three actors. I knew all along they didn’t care about GH. They are putting their egos and their love for these actors in front of what is best for GH.

    • Jackie

      This is the big issue. Them so desperate for stunts and wanting to keep three actors when they’ve let others just walk without half the fight. They’ll be front burner and involved in all the stories, even in ones they don’t belong in and as usual, fans will be forced to just accept it. Not this one. Too many years of Ron and Frank’s nonsense from OLTL and now on GH. Over it.

  • Time to drop GH. At least I got OLTL back.

    • OLTL is not as good as the original.

      • SoapFan4Ever

        Hi John!! Be careful, they’ll jump ya’ .. lol

    • oltl fan for life

      Well Said

  • Sue

    I won’t be watching

  • I got no reason to watch GH anymore. It wasn’t my favorite when they had the big three going anyway. Now that Steve Burton and Julie Berman have left as well hasn’t made it any harder. It’s gonna suck not seeing Kris playing Starr. I remember when she was a little trouble making kid lol.

  • ms

    I’m excited to have them back.


    I plan to watch and enjoy, if for no other reason than to spite those of you here who whine incessantly about everything on GH, lol.

    • You will be in the minority.

    • Bex

      Because an opinion is whining? Grow up! Yours isn’t the only one that counts.

  • I can’t wait to learn their new name and what kind of storyline that they will get on General Hospital this Friday. I hope that it will be a good one. It will be interested to see how Roger will keep his Todd appear and his new GH look at the same time.

  • Nancy

    You people are upset over hair? This is the most screwed up group I have ever seen. This is a show and they are actors. Get over it. Watch or don’t but it makes no sense to have a fit over the way they look.

    • Jackie

      They’re actors? No kidding. We have a right to our opinion like you have a right to yours. Deal with it.


    WOW – I thought I took my soaps seriously, but you guys! I agree that ABC is daff that was made clear when they dismissed OUR Soaps, as well as those of us who watched them like gum stuck to their shoe (& the show that came with the Chew was the Revolution with Ty Pennington – Ang!)
    I like everyone else do not like the fact that the sooo called grown-ups at ABC an PP couldn’t do a better job for the three in question, but AGAIN at least we got our soaps back (to a degree)
    I use to come home and watch Dark Shadows (dating myself;-) that changed to Edge of Night then to Loving/Ryan’s Hope & then nodda
    – but I NEVER IN MY WILDEST THOUGHT I’D SEE THE DAY WHEN THERE WAS NO MORE AMC & OLTL – NEVER & well you knw WE DID – it has been a year and so wht watching a jumpy screen, which flicks in & out for comm’s or not being able to watch cause the stupid machine keeps saying “not connected to internet” when I know damn well it is – making a so called thirty minute view session A HELL OF A LOT LONGER on top of then having to watch the WE LOVE VICTOR FESTIVAL!!!!! – gag.
    Yet, I would do it all again an again because I LOVE THE SOAPS
    – GH since 15 although I stopped watching this last year because of ABC and then when they changed the time for KATIE (who apparently had a fetish to be OPRAH all this time – who knew! LOL) I thought that is an end of an ERA – then (even though unlike CBS you can’t fast forward past the lame comm’s) I started to slowly check GH out on Primetime on Demand, which allows me to watch all week’s worth at once – which I must say I like a LOT!
    I just wrote the book above to say – I agree with the others GROW UP OR GROW a SET! We are apparently lucky to have our soaps including GH & yes the writing has slipped – the plot notions/dialogue/storylines etc. – really Kate/Connie – I kept wondering who was she friends or sleeping with to get so much attention & then the obvious steal from OLTL Vikki/Jess story-line, but ABC cancelled the show – WOW!!!! Considering these Reality (BitesBigTime!) non-script TV people have a hold of them & viewer loyalty means diddly to them WE ARE LUCKY to have GH and luckier still to have the reboot of AMC/OLTL & they are lucky anybody watches ABC during the day – PERIOD! IMHO

    • Philip

      Well I for one count my time more worthy. The producers and writers at GH are not paying me to watch the show. They are getting paid the big bucks. It is their responsibility to put on a show that is worthy of my viewership. If they want to continue making their salaries then they must please the people. And right now they are counting on viewers like you are just willing to watch anything just for the sake of having the show on. Well if Ron C. and Frank V. love these three actors so much that they are willing to do a stupid stunt like this then they can all enjoy the unemployment line together. I will not support this and no one on the Internet is going to guilt me into supporting it either. Ron and Frank wanted this so they can deal with it.

      • VKCMO

        Yes it worked so well for AMC & OLTL who’s ratings and shows were what the fans wanted, but some lame non-script vs. script suit didn’t care & yet they get paid either way!
        I made my stand and turned my back (for sometime) on GH, yet had to own – it wasn’t the show but the network.
        Watch or don’t, but to diss GH (or these three characters) for what the actors and fans apparently have NO CONTROL OVER is as lame as the suits who put the soap genre here
        – as for what I’m willing & unwilling to do or watch & why – it goes deeper then that for me where the soaps are concerned, but for sure where former Todd, John & Starr are concerned – they deserve support overall, I will miss the characters I have invested in, but I have had to adapt to characters before – it is what soap fans do best!;-) Thanks for the reply though Phil.

        • Philip

          How do you determine that the ratings and shows were what the fans wanted in regards to OLTL and AMC?

          As far as ratings go, the fans can’t determine whether the ratings are good or not for a show. Each network has a baseline rating for what they have to have on ratings for a show in order for it to stay on the air. We can look at ratings all we want but we have no way of knowing whether the show is making money or not.

          As far as the shows being what fans wanted. Do you even visit message boards at all. The boards were full of fans who were upset with the shows before they were cancelled. Many people hated what the writers were doing to both shows. Not every fan was happy. Many fans had even tuned out because they didn’t like what was going on.

          And I totally disagree with you about fans having no control over. If fans tune out and don’t watch, you just look how quick storylines will be dropped and things will move. Look how quick Ron C. made changes last year when some new characters were not working. They were fired. The mob princess story when Kristina returned was one of those. It ended very quick because fans hated it.

          Have you even heard of the viewer panels they use at times? Fans have a lot of control. Fans just need to learn to use their voices and send a message that we want quality and tired of the b.s.

          • VKCMO

            As I was basically speaking for myself apparently somewht less subtly then intended – I guess!

            I do not disagree with your assessment of wht some fans felt & yet people were watching and they did denote that the ratings were improving prior to the decision and announcement to yank them – for me I liked the stories on AMC & the move they made to CA to improve it! I love OLTL although I do not always like the storyline or the character – that’s SOAP life – i.e. can’t stand Victor, but love Todd & Dr. Doom Hayward grates on my last nerve, Stewart yes Adam in spourts, the many Kendall’s & how long it took to bring Jessie and Angie back – you see where I’m going.

            Yet Philip even with the dissatisfaction (some PEOPLE were upset about) the abrupt move to cancel the soaps regardless wasn’t swayed by the FANS – even though yes in the past FANS did stop somethings or changed others, yet in the society in which we presently live it seems AGREE with me or else is the way things go, which means they DON’T GET SOLVED & apparent entrenched bitterness ensures!

            As for the Kristina story it was mod – the reality tv crap (of non-script which appears even more so scripted because they try to make it not so) & her wanting to get back at her father that way is/was wht a immature teenish daughter would do – so not outside of the relm of being a story with potential – at least for the young set & made a place for her young suitor and the Joe story to come together by the way – otherwise it had no legs to bring that aspect of the plan of Jerry and the rest, but as long as some people got their way, I guess it’s all good huh – story be dangged & young actors unemployed – Kristina not on the horizon when that character was a major player for decades!

            So again wht I meant to convey & thus end the convo was that as a FAN I will support these three & GH with wht is apparently at this moment inevitable with the character issues, understanding that no matter wht WE think is (like I said) CONTROL-ABLE sometimes you get heard, but mostly NOT!!! When I said outside of the actors & the fans control – I believe you understood me rightly so – to the degree that it is control-able that is, yet to the degree that they run the show – NOT SO MUCH and WE have seen that happen too – so before I get some back paddle comment

            – I stand by what I said, yet will add that I was speaking for ME as a FAN and viewer – as much of wht I said was re: me! Yes, I am new to message boards etc. but thanks for the info and the conversation – I like a good conversation;-) even when it may turn into a LAST one!

      • Curry-girl

        Totally agree.

  • Davius

    Give it a chance people. You have not even seen them as the new characters and your already complaining. Just like GH did a good job with the vampire storyline, im sure they will do a good job bringing in these actors in new roles.

    • Jackie

      The vampire story being good is your opinion, not fact. And you using it as a reference tells me everything.

      • Jackie, be nice. But I agree with you on the vampire storyline on GH. It just did not work for me either.

    • VKCMO

      Agreed – as I watched Port Charles – I agree about how they wrote that for the characters who play Sam & John but esp. MY LUCY!!!! I didn’t like it then but the campness of it as they brought Lucy back for some who may not have known her character worked – FOR ME – as apparently one must qualify their comments so specifically;-)

  • I just hope Starr comes back to OLTL

    • Kayla

      Kristen Alderson has not signed with PP so for Starr to return would have to be a recast

  • I can’t wait to see the debut of the three actor in their new role. It will be interested to see how the GH/The Chew segment will go. I got a feeling that the show will end in a tie with Tracy going crazy. I hope that Starr Manning will return to OLTL. I know that the show must hire a new actress in the role. Good luck to the future.

  • JR35

    And what happens when RH goes back to film OLTL? Another dye job? 🙂 And then yet another… then another…

  • This will be good. At least Im hoping it will.

  • KKG

    how disappointing I was hoping Kristen would come back to gh as starr I love her and Michael together

    • Kayla

      Not able to return as Starr that is why the writers had the dreaded phone call where Starr broke things off with Michael

  • meme

    YIKES!!!! do NOT like John’s hair!!!

  • THey still look really good!! Kristen Alderson is beautiful!! She is talented. Todd is a hottie. He started out acting pretty young. He is a trip!! He is very talented as well. MIchael Easton is cute too!! I like his hair slicked back!! He is a good actor!! Id like to see him settle down. I was disappointed when he and Blair didn’t hook up!!

  • I cant wait till they come aboard the show!! I know they will all be a great asset!! Kristen Alderson is a great actress. Michael Easton doesn’t look too bad. May’ve needed just a trim. Where”s my pic of Roger Howarth? He is a hottie!! They are all very talented!! I watched all 3 on OLTL.

  • Eh!

  • Vallontina

    I love all 3 actors but I am soooo confused. I guess I’ll have to watch more regularly to understand what’s going on.