Second Life for ‘Body of Proof?’

Bob D'Amico/ABC
Bob D’Amico/ABC

The revival of “” and “” could be just the start of cancelled network shows finding new homes in other places. Not only will “,” a popular comedy Fox cancelled in 2006, continue on Netflix starting Sunday, May 26, but ABC’s recently cancelled ‘’ may get a similar second chance!

According to Deadline Hollywood, the series — which stars “’” — is being considered for pickup by TNT, USA and WGN America, and here’s why: The show picked up 8.6 million viewers last week alone (several million more than ABC’s “” and “,” two shows ABC decided not to cancel).

But why did ABC even axe the series if the numbers were strong? Soap Opera Network took part in a press conference with ABC President in which he hinted that the network would like to draw a much younger audience overall (something “Body of Proof” has not been doing) and that its branding itself with soapier “upscale” dramas like “” and “Revenge.” But the exec wished the drama well, despite. “I would love to see ‘Body of Proof’ find a good home for itself,” Lee said. “I love Dana Delany.”

Look for the final ABC episode of the cancelled procedural to air on Tuesday, May 28 at 10:00 PM ET/PT.

  • TheMom

    ABC is garbage anymore. They have a couple of good shows but the rest are going towards the dumbed-down younger generations who graduated from high school without ever learning to THINK. They prefer shows that cater to their base instincts, urges, and desires. If they have to ponder subtle nuances or use their imagination in anyway other than basic sexual pleasure, they tune out and turn off. That’s why so many well written, intelligent, high-level entertaining shows get canceled before they get more than a half-dozen episodes on air – the kind of shows that are appreciated by people with IQs above room temperature.

  • Older and Wiser

    Older and Wiser:

    I would like to know what is ABC doing to all the more popular shows? Why do they have to cater to the younger people? They have a lot of loyal people that watch a number of TV shows and they are true blue die-heart fans. I myself look forward to seeing my shows I watch every week. ABC keep canceling out shows and you will lose those fans because the younger people won’t be watching TV at all.