‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’ Top the iTunes and Hulu Charts in Debut Week


released the following breakdown showing how popular “” and “” were during their debut week on and .

The OnLine Network/TOLN
The OnLine Network/

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The OnLine Network’s (TOLN) “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” topped all charts in its debut week and earned rave reviews across the board. The shows maintained an average of #2 across both iTunes and Hulu, along with 4.5/5 star audience review on all platforms!

Below is a summary of key statistics:

Day One (Launch Day):
· “AMC” #1 on both iTunes TV Seasons (dethroned “Mad Men” from #1 position) and #1 most popular episodes on Hulu
· “OLTL” #2 on iTunes TV Seasons and Most Popular episodes on Hulu

Day Two:
· “AMC” #1 on both iTunes TV Seasons and #1 most popular episodes on Hulu
· “OLTL” #2 on iTunes TV Seasons and Most Popular episodes on Hulu

Day Three:
· “AMC” #2 and “OLTL” #4 on iTunes (dethroned only by “Dexter”)
· “AMC” #3 and “OLTL” #5 on Hulu

Day Four:
· “AMC” #2 and “OLTL” #4 on iTunes
· “AMC” #5 and “OLTL” #6 on Hulu

Recap shows air today and numbers are strong heading into the weekend as viewers are likely to binge view.

  • Mary Amos

    Why aren’t we hearing the total number of viewers?Noone is saying how many is wathing the soaps

    • Streaming services never release numbers to the public, so we won’t actually know how many are watching. PP will probably let us know if the shows are hitting their target or not, but they aren’t going to give us any total number of viewers. That always remains private.

  • idnarb

    Great I love both AMC & OLTL, I don’t watch ABC any more, especially since the canceled my favorite shows! Now I am watching BRAND NEW EPISODES OF AMC & OLTL ON HULUPLUS!!! I will take those online episodes before I start watching GH just because ABC makes me! The Chew is a joke, and ABC has showed that they don’t care about the fans, only the $$$. So off to Hulu I go!

  • I loved both shows and am so glad they are back!! We love you Prospect Park!!

  • Y&R_Fan

    Thanks for posting these. I am happy both shows are back. But why are the ratings later and later each week. You used to count on SON to report them in a timely fashion each week. You knew if you logged on Thursday you would see the ratings. And then they just got later and then even more sporadic. I wished they would get back on some timely schedule or some other site would get them.

  • Rebecca Welch

    SO excited to have these shows back! The actors, sets, productions are just great! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Keep up the good work!!

  • I am so pickled tink & will watch each one several times, still in disbelief! There are still people we need to spread the word to out there, that heard the soaps are back, but don’t know it’s online 24/7 with convenience of watching shows at their avail time, anytime! Let’s keep the shows trending at the top, anyway we can! Each ratings is also a slap in the face, to ABC who claimed “nobody’s watching” or wants scripted drama! Like “Horton Hears a Who”…”WE ARE HERE, WE ARE HERE, WE ARE HERE!!!… “

  • Philip

    I am so happy to see my AMC at #1. And just think according to all the hype from last year it was the one nobody wanted to see anymore. So glad to have my AMC back.

  • Shirley

    Prefer OLTL but watch AMC to support both shows. Admit I am also a GH fan now since the addition of the 3 OLTL actors. It has been so boring without them. Can’t wait until 5/10 I am hoping they have crated good characters for all three!
    To support OLTL & AMC I never watched The Chew or what ever was originally put into OLTL’s time slot that was my only way I could protest them being canceled. Since I now what GH I obviously watch the OLTL time slot.

  • Great week and I am so glad tomorrow is Monday! Welcome back OLTL and AMC! Yay, finally! and Yes, I too, went back to watching GH because of the three OLTL characters going on it last year! So very thankful to have these great iconic genres back into my life again!! Thank you PP!!!! Anytime, Anywhere, Anyday – it does not get any better than that!!! 🙂

  • Terri

    Can’t wait for a new week. I am glad they are doing well. We need them i our lives again!

  • Susan24

    Thank you Prospect Park! It has been so weird and just plain sad without AMC! I am thrilled they are back…. I will never forgive ABC for that stupid decision to cancel! Love watching whenever I want and I never have to use my DVR again to watch missed shows! Also, I would sometimes miss a show if local news broke in with a story …now I can always count on watching every episode!

  • Kudos to producers, writers, actors. Was afraid they would go overboard with ridiculous storylines, since they’re online. They have continued the excellence they presented to network tv. Before naysayers go off, I didn’t say storylines lines were credible/reality, they just follow what you would see if you were watching network tv.

  • Sunnyberta

    I knew America would be signing up for HuLu Plus once the announcement was made! I sure subscribed! Love them, both shows are terrific!

    • You don’t have to use Hulu PLUS. You can see it on regular hulu for free.