UPDATE REPORT: Prospect Park Owns Licensing Rights to ‘General Hospital’ Should ABC Decide to Cancel

Prospect Park

UPDATE 10:46 PM ET: According to sources, Prospect Park does hold licensing rights to “GH” should decide to cancel as reported by the Times. “The rights includes both online and broadcast rights,” is what we’ve since been told since our previous update.

PREVIOUS 9:39 PM ET: According to a report in , highlighting tomorrow’s launch of “” and “” via , Plus and , the gold standard publication revealed that Prospect Park, the company behind the new “AMC” and “OLTL,” also holds the licensing rights to “” in the event ABC decides to cancel the soap too!

In the Times reporting, which mentions the lawsuit between Prospect Park and ABC, Inc., they state, “the companies remain in business together, since Prospect Park is paying an $8.5 million annual license fee for the shows and ABC will share in any profits made by ‘One Life to Live.’ Prospect Park also owns the rights to “General Hospital” in case ABC ends that one, too.”

Also mentioned by the Times is word that Hulu helped get the ball rolling with the important unions.

“First, though, he sought more than $25 million in funding. Hulu, which has been hungry for more original programming, was a pivotal partner: it guaranteed a minimum amount of ad revenue to Prospect Park — the companies wouldn’t specify how much — that in turn helped the producers get financing late last year from ABRY Partners, a private equity firm based in Boston.”

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  • General Hospital is not only an ABC icon, but it is a television institution. I have literally been watching and enjoying this show since its birth 50 years ago. It is one of the only reasons I continue to support ABC.

    • I have absolutely no reason to watch ABC at all except for Once Upon a Time on Sundays, which now, both of these shows are also on Hulu streaming, but only a day after airing on the network. So, it’s like watching a DVR recorded episode the next day, who needs ABC when Hulu keeps it turned on and PP is the rescuer of cancelled shows. ABC can go to __ double hockey sticks.

  • Tristin Rogers mentioned something about this in a podcast. It only makes sense that PP would want to strike a deal like this. I wonder if PP is mad that GH is still on the air.

    • pau

      maybe now ABC will NEVER cancel GH in order to stick it to PP !! lmao

  • Nancy

    I would say good luck ABC. Now GH will stay no matter what. Unfortunately ABC still makes money off the cancelled shows. Now even if GH goes to PP they make money. It’s like they will haunt us forever. I do not miss watching anything on their broadcast network. Gh is it so whatever ABC. People hate ABC permanently.

  • Well of course ABC is going to cancel GH. It’s only a matter of time. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.

  • TheRalph

    I’ve know this for months, hell, years now. I’ve said this on multiple posts, as it’s been reported in the press waaaay before now.

  • Yes, that’s what I have been waiting to hear! Prospect Park is my hero for saving my favorite soaps from that Dreadful Unnamed soap-killing network that I soon will have no reason to watch anymore. Thank you, Hulu and Prospect Park. Now if you can only get an online store going so viewers can buy some of that soap opera merchandise after watching the shows.