Sex! Sex! Sex! How TOLN Plans to Reignite the Daytime Fire

The OnLine Network/TOLN
The OnLine Network/TOLN

Taboo as the topic of sex might be, it’s one subject that never fails to demand rapt attention. Sex sells, and daytime dramas have always known it; the term “love in the afternoon” didn’t spring from nothing! But just how much more provocative will TOLN’s online soaps, “” and “,” be now that they’re no longer under strict network regulations? Soap Opera Network sat down with some of the show’s stars, all of whom were none too shy to open up and reveal the naked truth about the new love in the afternoon!

“It’s very edgy,” previews “AMC’s” (Griffin Castillo) of what’s to come in terms of sexuality and illicit language on both shows. “We’re trying to push the envelope a little further.”

But just how much further will they go? “OLTL’s” (David Vickers) says fans had better hold onto their seats! “The viewers are guaranteed to hear more dirty words and see us in much less clothing,” he teases. “And we will partake in much more incendiary storylines.”

Chapman Baehler/TOLN
Chapman Baehler/TOLN

Adds (Blair Cramer, “OLTL”): “We’re out from under the umbrella of network television… And I have a feeling there are going to be some liberties and freedoms through the acting and through the production that are going to be exciting.”

But if you’re one of the fans feeling hesitant about the amped up sexuality and use of profanity, “OLTL’s” Erika Slezak (Victoria Lord) urges you not to worry. “It doesn’t mean that Viki is going to start using four letter words,” she says, adding that “OLTL’s” co-headwriter, , is a woman of class, so the storylines aren’t bound to get overly raunchy. “[It’ll be] within bounds of good taste.”

But at the same time, as she enthusiastically points out: “There are no restrictions… Hell, we can do anything!”

And “anything” includes a seriously sexy scene in which “AMC” newcomer, (Peter Cortlandt) strolls out of the shower . “Wow, does he look good without his shirt on,” raves (Opal Cortlandt) of her onscreen son. “There he was, standing on the set, and [one of our directors said], ‘Jill, stop looking at your son like he’s something on the menu!’”

Chapman Baehler/TOLN
Chapman Baehler/TOLN

Shocked? Don’t be: As (Dixie Cooney, “AMC”) points out on her blog: Skin, smooches and sensuality have always been daytime staples. “Do you remember when the soaps were mostly love stories, all leading up to the big moment when the characters would make love?” she asks. “Weren’t those fun stories to watch? It wasn’t disgusting; it was beautiful. I don’t know where those moments went, but I am sure happy they are coming back. Passion is important!”

And her co-star, (Brooke English) agrees, especially considering the fact that the shows are now competing with non-network television in addition to other soaps. “There are a few things that Standard and Practices probably wouldn’t be giving their approval to, but you need it,” she says. “You need more of an edge. That has to be accommodated.”

So yes, both shows are going to be a lot sexier and push the envelope like never before. But “AMC’s” (Bianca Montgomery) assures fans that the edge they’re going to see won’t be coming out of left field. “It’s very real. It’s not jarring at all,” she previews, adding that sexual elements are the essence of what has made daytime so great and what has kept it going for this long. “When I was reading [the new material], it seemed very honest and in character for those people who are using words that we couldn’t say on network television. It’s not done just for the sake of, like, ‘’All My Children’, now we’re going to be raunchy!’ No, it’s… the exact same show, with the same intent.”

Chapman Baehler/TOLN
Chapman Baehler/TOLN

Her “AMC” co-star, (David Hayward) agrees that the provocative material doesn’t cross over the line too far. “There’s a desire to bring in a new audience… so I think they have to address it and walk that fine line,” he says of Prospect Park’s decision to bring in more sexual elements. “But for those who are staunch viewers of the show, I think they will be very happy with what they see, without question.”

Whether you’re looking forward to the amped up sexuality, or if the thought just makes you cringe, Watkins hopes you’ll keep an open mind and not immediately tune out. “It may take some time to get a footing, but stick with us,” he urges. “Stick with us while we gain our footing, and we’ll all create something together.”

  • In wonder if Part 2 will have the younger cast members of both shows’ comments?

  • Jen

    I don’t believe it will be any more edgier than it’s been in the past

  • You would like that enrique

  • abbysee

    I’m glad they will be edgier. The old staid model is passe. No I don’t want ‘Victoria’ using the f bomb, but Nicki would! I cant wait to see the evolution of soaps!

  • cindercity12

    Makes sense. In the age where soap opera-esque serialized dramas on FX, AMC, HBO, SHO, Starz and Cinemax are the most popular shows on television, have no to very little restrictions and offer similar forms of storytelling, the tameness of Daytime dramas isn’t going to cut it anymore. Hell, even primetime network shows make Daytime look juvenile.

    Those shows offer ongoing stories revolving around love, family and intrigue like Daytime soaps, but they’re allowed to be more realistic in terms of sex, language and violence (if they so chose). They’re also infused with political and social elements that Daytime tends to sidestep.

    I’ve watched soap operas since I was a kid in the 80s and I’ve enjoyed them since then. I prefer serialized long-term character-driven storytelling over procedural or episodic plot-driven drama. 15-20 years ago, that was only found in Daytime drama and the few primetime soaps like 90210, Party of Five and Melrose Place.

    Nowadays, you have all these other shows that are heavily serialized and character focused that extend to genres beyond drama. And as much as I love OLTL, AMC, ect., if I had to chose, I’d have to pick shows like Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, Banshee, Boss, Magic City and The Borgias. Again, they’re shows that offer the same type of stories and storytelling, but without the hindrance of Daytime sanitation.

    • There is some really good Internet only programming now… where the stories are interesting, they definitely are sexier than network but not trashy. And because they don’t have a budget for a lot of effects/location shooting the plots have to have more substance in order to keep viewers watching.

  • I don’t watch soaps for skin show or swearing … I really hope it will come across naturally like they say, instead of being gratuitous.

    • Agnes Nixon is still consulting I think and they’ve brought back some of the writers so I think it will be in proper context.

  • willy garza ( partywill )

    Aye Dios Mio !

    I <3 the new edgier take the shows are taking this Spring ..what a ComeBack ..Wahoo !!

    From a Fan , Writers perspective I commend all of you taking this daring feet ..David Watkins , Honey I would follow your sexxy self anywhere ..

    Vincent and Jordi too..

    Welcome Home ..

    #Oltl & #Amc

    • Raise your glasses and Lets Toast ! •

    Thank U !

  • I hope it isn’t just the young ones, I would rather see Hayward, Zach and Griffin coming out of the shower..:-)

    • AMEN!!! 😉

    • Bella

      I couldn’t agree more. VI coming out of the shower can never be a bad thing. IMO.

    • Franny Wright

      They’re the ones I want to see emerging from the shower too! Bring it on!

  • Adding a “Sexy” new edge to #OLTL or #AMC doesn’t bother me as long as it’s tasteful! which I think it will be. No worries! bring on the Drama! Bring on the Sex, in others words, just BRING IT!

  • I hope that the people at ABC start screaming at themselves for letting the two show being throw off the air. Good luck to the future.

  • Long Time Soap Fan

    The thought of it makes me cringe and I’m a long-time soap fan. IMHO soaps have already gone too far on TV … if we’ll be seeing less clothing … and edgier sex scenes … then I doubt I’ll be watching the online shows very long. Sorry … but they don’t sound like the shows I knew and loved.

    • If they’re anything like other new “Internet” programming, it’s not any more edgy than night time soap-like shows.

    • Keep It Clean

      I was really looking forward to having my two shows back… Now, I doubt I’ll even tune in. GH once tried a night time version (can’t even remember the name now ???) It was WAY Too Over The Top. I watched it once and never turned it on again. I Love GH (during the daytime) and I USED to Love AMC and OLTL. I am very disappointed in the direction they’re going.

      • General Hospital: Night Shift was great. It was better in the second season, though. Don’t judge the shows until you actually watch a few episodes.

    • Oh waaa-give me a break-you’re the one hiding under different names to promote your own anti-soap agenda, so your opinion doesn’t count. I can’t believe the Puritans on these boards, it’s been publicly stated MULTIPLE times that TPTB know the lines they can’t cross. What’s it going to take to get through to you people? I’m sick and tired of all the bitching and complaining before one single episode has been shown. So, your ears get burned by bad language, or you see more skin than you used to? WHOOP-DE-DO. It’s time to adapt or perish-or to put it another way-grow the hell up.



  • Alot of people who have seen the cast photos on FB think they are trashy already; we’ll have to see how “edgy” goes over with the long time fans. Too much focus on the younger cast members or showing skin might make them lose viewers..

  • As long as it fits with storyline, I am all in. Love our soaps! And this says a lot for the potential of Internet television. (I already watch a lot of the Hulu only shows as well as Netflix original programming).

  • I’m afraid, after all these years of watching I will probably not stay too long. I don’t care to see that kind of show. You may gain a few viewers, but some, like myself, who watched from day one, will most likely be lost forever.

  • Marisadanielle

    I’m afraid you may lose a lot of viewers. I for one prefer my TV and movies more romantic, less sexy. Shut the door, we know what is happening. Looking at Cady McClain with her hair like that in her underware may interest guys- I’m a woman. And Kelly Missal (OLTL) with that over the top makeup looking like a hooker, is not what I watch I enjoy. I am very worried.

  • Kathy

    I appreciate the stars anticipating and addressing potential
    concerns from the viewers regarding what could be considered inappropriate viewing. Many new folks that tune into the soaps are teens and I would not want to see programming that was not appropriate for all ages.

  • We definitely better see Zach (TK) in some of those sexy scenes!!!

  • Franny Wright

    I’ve been a long time viewer & the soaps’ new edge sounds just fine to me! I’m so glad we’re getting the shows back & can’t wait to see what’s in store! 🙂

  • Suri

    My god people. We’ve fought for almost 2 years to get these shows back and all people want to do is complain about every little thing. The actors are telling you it isn’t a big deal or a huge leap! If you’re already “offended” by the promo shots, please do us a favor and DON’T watch. These shows have to now compete with cable and network shows. Have we forgotten the network model did not work for these shows? Please just tune out if you feel the need to complain already and let us real fans have our shows.

  • chatcher56

    Bianca has never had a deep sexual relationnship. We never saw any action.
    This happens in real life gay couples.