Revised ‘OLTL’ Cast List Includes Contracts for Shenaz Treasury and Roger Howarth!

Craig Sjodin/ABC
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Amongst the news of setting a premiere date for both “” and “,” the network also formally announced that had joined the cast of the online reboot of “OLTL” as his character Todd Manning. Previously,¬†Soap Opera Network had reported the news through official word by representatives for the actor and via “OLTL” co-star (Victoria Lord Buchanan).

Howarth will begin filming at the Stamford, CT studio of the soap on Monday, March 18. He will join the full cast of the soap for four weeks before returning to ABC’s “.” It is understood that “OLTL” will complete filming its first batch of episodes (reportedly 40) on Friday, April 12. “AMC” will resume production on Monday, April 15, according to “AMC’s” (Angela Hubbard).

UTV Motion Pictures
UTV Motion Pictures

A TOLN representative has confirmed to Soap Opera Network that (Rama Patel) has been bumped to contract status. The initial cast list released back in January only had the actress as a recurring cast member.

Below please find the revised official contract cast list for “One Life to Live”:

  • Melissa Archer as Natalie Buchanan Banks
  • Kassie DePaiva as Blair Cramer
  • Robert Gorrie as Matthew Buchanan
  • Laura Harrier as Destiny Evans
  • Roger Howarth as Todd Manning
  • Josh Kelly as Cutter Wentworth
  • Florencia Lozano as Tea Delgado
  • Kelley Missal as Danielle Manning
  • Erika Slezak as Victoria Lord Buchanan
  • Hillary B. Smith as Nora Buchanan
  • Robin Strasser as Dorian Lord
  • Andrew Trischitta as Jack Manning
  • Jerry verDorn as Clint Buchanan
  • Tuc Watkins as David Vickers
  • Robert S. Woods as Bo Buchanan
  • Shenaz Treasury as Rama Patel

Below please find the revised official recurring cast list for “One Life to Live”:

  • Nick Choksi as Vimal Patel
  • Sean Ringgold as Shaun Evans

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  • lulu

    So Roger is on contract for 4 weeks ?! lollllll now we have a new status : ‘guest contract role’ yeah..these soap suits are so funny.

  • mary

    what about jessica?

    • Katahdingirl

      i had someone tell me they saw her on a show on a Canadian station and they thought she must be on a contract with that show that she can’t get out of right now and that when she was able maybe she would come on here then.. Don’t know, just had a friend tell me this.

      • Kathy

        could be true she is Canadian


    • I agree with Pat Buchanan about the return of Jessica Buchanan. The actress who play Jessica is a winner. I love the way she was able to play three differ character in the same segment.

  • Michael Russo

    Where is Ilene Kristen? Bring back Foxy Roxy!

  • Kathy

    Roxy needs to come back…. what about Nigel? Also recast Jessica maybe Erin Torpey is available to come back…. and Nate,,,,

  • you need we need Trevor St John