Brandon Barash Announces Exit from ABC’s ‘General Hospital’

People Magazine
People Magazine

 has announced on Twitter that he’s departing ABC’s “.” In his message to fans, Barash tweeted, “With a bittersweet, heavy heart I announce my time at ‘GH’ has come to an end, as I have chosen to move on&pursue my NBA career. I love u all.”

The actor’s exit was confirmed to Soap Opera Network by his management team. A last airdate for Barash is unknown at this time, although the actor allegedly told fans at a recent event that he last taped at the series more than six weeks ago.

Barash joined “GH” in 2007 in the contract role of Johnny Zacchara, the son of Claudia () via a sexual encounter with Gino Soleito (a character from “”). He has been involved in popular pairings including those with Julie Marie Berman‘s Lulu Spencer and Lisa LoCicero‘s Olivia Falconeri.

Barash’s exit makes him the third actor from the popular band to depart the soap in as many months. (ex-Jason Morgan; now portraying Dyaln McAvoy on “”) exited in October, while  (Steve Webber) departs this month after his character is carted off to jail.

A spokesperson for “General Hospital” did not respond to requests for comment.

  • Why is Scott Reeves leaving? Miss his story line was so happy for the couple, now what is poor Olivia gonna do man I wanted her to be happy.

    • Mecie

      Scott has already left. He finished taping about 2 ago. His last scenes as Steve air through the rest of this month.

      • will miss him to but they did not give him a story line anymore and I wish him luck

    • Catherine Watters

      He was let go. He announced on his twitter that he was let go. Guess they want Oliva for someone else…

  • I am sorry to read that Brandon Barash will be leaving the show but happy that his character wasn’t killed off. Good luck to his next job.

  • Jennifer

    Scott was fired. I’m not sure exactly why.

  • Gary

    So many of the reasons I still try to keep up with GH are soon going to be gone. And my interest in the show dwindles more and more. I was one of the ones who loved Jason…now he is gone. Soon leaving are Steve and now Johnny. And I also read that the actress who plays Lulu is leaving too. I love some of the vets back but they aren’t on contract and I’m sure they aren’t going to be around long. Sorry but that sorry Sabrina on all the time and the terrible Connie who is also on all the time….can’t make me want to watch.

    • Catherine Watters

      Agree! Sad isn’t it. They are moving the mob out as well. Can you imagine Sonny’s character iff not in the mob?? He will probably be the next that “decideds” to leave.

  • Next to go? Bradford Anderson! And the foursome of Port Chuck will be departed! LOL! Maybe Spin-Ellie will go off into the sunset and get married!

  • Mecie

    This is sad news. He is the 3rd actor to depart the show within a 3 month span. First Scott Reeves then Julie Marie Berman and now Brandon. What is going on at GH?

  • I wish all the OLTL characters would stay at GH, so much more interesting than bringing back all the old has beens from 20 years ago. Love Roger as Todd, always good for a laugh. Return of Laura, Brenda (Yuck) Scotty, BORING! Seem like all the good young characters are leaving, just when GH finally go better stories.

  • I will miss johnny a lot Brandon is such a good actor

  • Catherine Watters

    LOL, GH has no comment because they are the worse execs the show has had. I know everyone is loving the vets, and so am I, but honestly what has he done besides that. Plus he cant even use the vets properly or give what they fans want. They refuse to listen to fans and very arrogant in responses to fans. While I understand that some are not very friendly or curtious, although its understandable considering what they have done to the show, they are in a position where critics are part of their job. They wrote Johnny in a corner and that was all because they needed Todd, their OLTL character to be front and center and they needed carly to do that. They pushed Steve Burton out as well, fired Scott out right. Hmmmm should Bradford Anderson be worried? They lost Julie Marie Brennan as well because, well Starr had to have a a place. General Hospital execs are beyond the worse right now. I will miss Johnny…

    • Dm

      I agree with you. The reason we lost the best actors so far on the show is because im sure they are sick of being the back burners. GH was the home of Johnny, Jason, Lulu, and Steve… isn’t one life to live it is GH and they are pushing the OLTL characters on us. Making Johnny go down hill to make Todd look good. Jason pushed aside so that John could be forced on Sam. I will miss Johnny also and Julie Marie Brennan as well as Steve Burton. I like watching the old episodes with Johnny and Lulu I miss those two together