‘AMC’ Vets Share Thoughts on New Faces, New Format and the Future of Pine Valley

Chapman Baehler/TOLN
Chapman Baehler/TOLN

There are lots of questions surrounding the Monday, April 29 launch of “” on The OnLine Network (TOLN), the main one being, “What can we expect?” (Angie Hubbard), (Jesse Hubbard) and (Adam Chandler) took that question by storm during the show’s first official photo shoot in February, and while they couldn’t reveal storyline details, the three stars did open up about the high number of new and young faces on the show, how the shorter 30-minute time slot will affect their acting and how they feel about the women who hold Pine Valley’s future in their hands.

Chapman Baehler/TOLN
Chapman Baehler/TOLN

First thing’s first: Fans aren’t the only ones who have noticed that there are many brand new faces on the rebooted version of the show; the vets are quite aware that they’re sharing the pool with many daytime newbies — including (JR Chandler), (AJ Chandler), (Celia Fitzgerald), (Cassandra Foster), (Miranda Montogmery) and (Peter Cortlandt). “Television is usually geared to a younger audience nowadays, and it was certainly in the minds of the new production company to infuse [“AMC”] with a little more youth,” explains Williams of the shift, adding that rather than bringing in a ton of new characters, it made sense for the producers to age familiar ones that already existed. “It’s called ‘All My Children,’ and that’s what it is turning out to be.”

But if you’re a fan who’s worried that the soap will more resemble a TeenNick show than the Pine Valley you’re used to, Williams says not to worry: “You have to have a sort of even balance, and if you’re going to run the show properly, you have to keep that balance.”

And if anyone can seamlessly integrate the youth-centric storylines with the classic stories soap fans love, Williams and Morgan say it’s their new executive producer, , and the show’s creator, , who’s back to help with story direction. “It was a shame and a sin for [Agnes]… not to be able to have her participation and her input into the show [for such a long time while it was on ABC],” Morgan shares. “And now, to have her back with us, we really feel okay. We know we’re going to succeed.”

Adds Williams: “We’ve got our captain at the helm… Back to basics, back to her wonderful storytelling. And we’ve also got Ginger Smith executive producing… and she is so excited about this.”

Chapman Baehler/TOLN
Chapman Baehler/TOLN

But what about the show’s new 30-minute per day, four days a week format? It’ll be more manageable for fans to digest — and Morgan says it’ll be easier for Canary to digest, as well. “It [means] a lot less lines for him to memorize!” she says with a laugh, prompting Canary to pipe up and joke: “Maybe I could root for a 20-minute show.”

But in reality, the new format and shooting schedule has been a bit of an adjustment, especially for those who have been on the show for many years. “I’m loving this, but it’s hard work,” Canary admits. “And the older we get, the harder it gets.”

But that’s not necessarily a complaint, because Canary, Morgan and Williams are just happy that “AMC” is back — hectic shooting schedule and all. “I can’t tell you how unbelievable it is,” Morgan says. “It’s like the stars all in alignment.”

  • great article!

  • cindercity12

    Is this really a problem with people? There are only 5 new young contract actors, as compared to the 15 new and returning older actors. How is that a high number? And why would that put it in danger of resembling a TeenNick show? That’s about the same amount of young people the other shows have.

    • You wouldn’t think this would be a problem, but to a lot of folks-it is. I’m not going to criticize something I haven’t seen yet, but a lot of folks, they feel that it is their birthright to do so. If these shows fail because of people’s unrealistic expectations, the people that criticize will have noone to blame but themselves. Haters, heed my warning

      • Well said. And AMC was known as the first soap that did focus on youth storylines equally with adult ones, Many of its best stories from Nick/Tara to Cliff and Nina, to the beloved early 80s which were very heavy with the high school set–Tad/Angie/Jesse/Greg/Jenny/Liza, even Bianca’s coming out were youth oriented stories. The difference is there was balance–adult stories as well, and the youth stories involved adults, as they should. AMC has suffered with balance (and with its younger characters) in the past decade, so I think it’s wise to address this, and if they do find the right balance–and I have faith they will–I think it’s simply classic AMC. Plus since this is meant to be “five years later”–really, if the soap had run five more years, we’d probably see the same amount of recast and new faces.
        I have a question about the time–is it 30 mins including the fewer online commercials, or not? Because 30 min soaps like Bold currently have about 18 mins of actual content–hour soaps without commercials run about 37 minutes, so if it will be 27-30 mins of *content* online, we’re barely losing much.

  • Um its 5 days a week.

    • No it isn’t, AMC will be four days a week, Fridays will be a recap.

    • No, it will be 4x a week, with a week in review on Friday

  • By the way it’s spelled Jesse….

  • Tammany

    love it

  • Jean

    Will the shows be archived on hulu? I can’t be available for the noon show… and I typically would record…

  • will i be able to watch it in the evening on hula? dont know anything about hula.

  • Cali

    So HAPPY My AMC Family is Back! Welcome Back, Old & New! Love You Always <3 ….a fan from day one