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“All My Children” and “One Life To Live” are back which means more jobs for soap writers!

“AMC” is returning with Marlene McPherson and Elizabeth Snyder as the show’s Co-Head Writers.  Their writing staff will consist of former “AMC” writers: Chip Hayes, Lisa Connor, and Rebecca Taylor.  Former ABC Daytime executive Sue Johnson is also part of the writing staff – this will be her first soap opera writing gig.  Hayes, Connor, and Taylor were with “AMC” when the show ended in 2011.

The duo of Thom Racina and Susan Bedsow Horgan will lead the “OLTL” writing team as Co-Head Writers. Their writing staff will consist of: Jessica Klein, Alex Douglas, and Jeff Wilber.  Klein was Head Writer of “As The World Turns” in 1997.   Douglas and Wilber are daytime newcomers.

At “Days of our Lives,” David Cherrill is replacing David A. Levinson on the script writing team.  Cherrill is returning after writing for the show from December 26, 2008 – June 29, 2011.   And over at “The Young and The Restless,” script writer Teresa Zimmerman was let go.

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  • trent tyler

    You referred to the ONE LIFE TO LIVE scriptwriters as daytime newcomers. Hmm. Considering the show will be airing online, I think soap opera newcomers would be a more apt characterization. Not being snide. I’m trying to be helpful. The press frequently refer to soap operas as daytime, but with the arrival of these two online soaps, a new way of describing them should be adopted, I think.