‘One Life to Live’ Breaks Down a New Kind of Destiny


As you may, or may not know, ’s reboot of “” is currently recasting the roles of Matthew Buchanan and Destiny Evans, last played by actors and on the ABC version of the soap. According to a character breakdown Soap Opera Network readers had been discussing ad nauseam over the weekend, it looks as though Prospect Park may be taking the title of the soap a little more seriously as it gets ready to transition into its new online format. According to a summarized breakdown, the soap appears to be including profane words and apparently is portraying Matthew as a deadbeat father.

Note: While this is a summarized breakdown of roles currently being cast, this does not in any way mean that a finalized script for the characters will utilize such details nor can any character traits described be expected to appear in the final on air/online version of the series.


Matthew stops by Destiny’s apartment. It’s clear they’re not on good terms, as they’re somewhat short with each other. Destiny says it isn’t a good time, she’s expecting someone. She goes into the other room to change Drew and Matthew is shocked by what he sees on Destiny’s laptop – SugarDaddy.com. She tells him it’s none of his business and he says yeah it is, you’re the mother of my kid. Destiny says it’s no big deal, it’s not a crime to talk to them, entertain them, provide companionship. They show more respect for her than Matthew does. “You waltz in here when you’ve got a hard-on and then you disappear. And when you’re gone, I still have a child to raise, bills to pay, like rent, tuition, doctor’s bills.” He says “So rich old men give you money for sex? Some mother.” Matthew acknowledges that he didn’t want to be part of that but he’s going to draw the line, she’s exposing him to sick, twisted stuff. She says he doesn’t know anything and tells him to get out. Matthew says “You know, Destiny, I just realized you’re nothing but a whore.” She slaps him and says “Listen to me and listen good: you gave up any rights over my life when you chose not to have anything to do with our baby. So don’t you dare judge me.” She shoves him out the door and once he’s gone, she bursts into tears.

What Do You Think?

  • mamajj

    OH NO!!! I don’t like that one bit. I hope that is not the route they are taking.

  • Susan

    I think it’s a little too much of an extreme change for the character. Matthew may not want to be a part of the kid’s life but he would never disrespect Destiny like that. Also, I don’t think Des would become a hooker. Not with her upbringing. Too out of character.

  • Mathew wouldn’t call Destiny a whore. Hopefully by what the Notes section says it won’t be true..

  • I do not like this at all, I can understand if they need to recast the actors (not saying i like that) but why age these two? It showed on that picture of Thoms that their what I believe to be ages were listed as 30, while Dani was still 18. They cannot age Destiny and Matthew and not any one else. That is just weird, won’t fly. This is WAY out of character for either one of them. And for that fact, there is no way that Bo and Nora would let Matthew be a dead beat dad either. I hope they were just using this as a way extreme audition piece and not actually what they are going to do to these two. It says Destiny is changing drew, who was born a year ago, this will have to change to much of the history of the characters… If this is how the story is going to play out, please don’t age them!!

  • rashawn_gardner

    I don’t like this either. I want something like Matthew and Destiny raise their son and have some romance going on. Not Matthew be a dead beat father and Destiny is a hooker? Destiny is way to smart to be a hooker and Matthew should learn his lesson the first time when he ran away. Maybe they just saying this to make us mad.

    • I agree that isn’t Matthew and Destiny. I wish that they are still friends and raising their son like a family. Destiny and Matthew learn from their mistake. I cannot wait when the both All My Children and One life to Live debut on my laptap. Good luck to the future.

      • rashawn_gardner

        Agree, well I can see PP wants more drama going on between M&D but, I don’t want nothing like this. When Matthew gets his revenge from Nate? Maybe Destiny is going to make Matthew jealous and he makes him want to punch someone

  • Cyn Andrassy

    NO NO NO it was soooo uncomfortable to read why are they changing the vibe just because its on Internet now doesn’t mean the foul language can start flying and they shouldn’t adhere to the standards of network tv

  • Stephanie

    No way! I hope not! That will totally ruin the story line and everything that soap is… Yuck.

  • HATE it. Destiny is NOT that kind of character.

  • afunnyguy

    there is only one part of this entire scene I like…..Matthew with a hardon!

  • I hope the words used change, I want my soaps back…nt trash tv!

  • Edgier, yes.
    Sexier, yes.
    Stupid, no.




  • Bullsh*t. Bo and Nora (or at least Bo, since Robert S. Woods has signed on) wouldn’t put up with this kind of crap. Neither would her parents. Bad story.

  • For THIS, fans fought hard for a year and a half??? #NOT

    #ThisIsAPromiseNotAThreat #FailureToDoHomeworkInexcuseable #ScribesNeedToTalkToErikaSlezakInReHistory

  • This act constitutes, however unwittingly as it indubitably is, further insult upon injury to the now longtime, justifiably aggrieved OLTL fan base, and thus should wisely be rectified forthwith. It will not, repeat will not survive the scrutiny of well established character history, her core personality, and familial structure and strong social support structure arguments – that are now being raised, and will only prove more embarrassing – for the responsible pen — with each passing day should this story line remain intact. Please just make this go away as an early draft should; this is NOT the show the fan base saved – through their many arduous gallant efforts.

    • BigWordsDon’tImpressMe

      Another one in love with the sound of his own voice. “Aggrieved”? Can you just speak normally please? You sound like you’re writing a brief, and it’s ridiculous.

  • ABOMINABLE!!!! This approach degrades, distorts and destroys two of One Life’s quintessential characters. The Destiny I know LOVES Matthew, has self-respecting savvy, unwavering loyalty and a moral compass that would never point in the direction of sex for hire! Matthew, who has survived nearly insurmountable odds physically and emotionally, would not digress into deadbeat dad mode. Further, the vitriolic vulgarity is simply not consistent with either of these characters, no matter how difficult their circumstances may have become. This cheesy, amateurish, hack writing is a disrespectful hatchet job aimed at sensationalism, completely repulsive and cheaper than a two-bit whore running naked down the interstate! The writers who concocted this tabloid trash cannot be serious. Come home, (Ron) Carlivati! Llanview is lost without your literary genius!

    • BigWordsDon’tMakeYouSoundSmart

      Get over yourself, god.

  • in honesty I don’t like where they are taking this… it’s like they are trashing OLTL… If this is where the story line is going… best believe I won’t be watching it.

  • tink

    keep Destiny and Matthew the same, Bo and Nora would NEVER let Matthew be a dead beat dad. and Matthew wouldnt walk out on Destiny even if he only LOVED her as a best friend

  • LadyLinda

    Just before OLTL went off the air Matthew came to his sense’s and was there for the birth of his Son even named him…Destiny is no hooker either she had only been with Matthew. It may have been an unwise decision on both parts to have sex but they are far from where PP wants to take them.

  • This is disturbing, especially in light of Shenelle Edmond’s recent nomination for an NAACP Image award.

  • Frank

    I could see recasting roles but I don’t think they should make it smuttier. There’s no reason to use language. I hope they aren’t going change the characters that the find actors and actresses shaped into the people we know and love.

    • I think they have to use language. Do you mean (what you consider) bad language?

  • disheartenedlifelong viewer

    I totally hate what you are planning to do with this storyline, I cannot see any Buchannon ever being a deadbeat dad, and Destiny was a beautiful girl, with a beautiful heart and level head, and now youre planning on turning her into a prostitute????? From the sound of it you all really do not want this show to do well. If its going to be like this it will be a sad and terrible replacement for once wonderful and beloved series.

  • ThomRacinaIsHigh

    That’s ridiculous. Destiny would never do that, but more importantly, between Bo/Nora and her own parents and Shaun, she would never have to. Taking money from random rich men doesn’t make you a hooker, in my book, but it isn’t anything Destiny Evans would do.

  • Destiny’s mom is a socail worker…her mom would help her get some aid. Plus, go to freaking court and get some Buchanan child support.

    • And I’m pretty sure Greg has money stashed somewhere. He’s not using it in jail.

  • Sandie

    I can understand wanting to make some changes, but if they do not respect the history of the show, the fans will not watch this new incarnation. I don’t think Matthew and Destiny would be like that, and I think it is a huge mistake.

  • Sandie

    I can understand wanting to make some changes, but if they do not respect the history of the show, the fans will not watch this new incarnation. I don’t think Matthew and Destiny would be like that, and I think it is a huge mistake.

  • I don’t think I will care if it is not Eddie and Shenell playing the parts… I wonder if it is there choice not to be a part of the show..

  • Plus that break down is no where near what they are like… I am sure she will have plenty of $$ to take care of herself and the baby. The B’s will make sure of that. So stupid if they think we will believe that…. who ever the writers are need to go back and watch the shows…if they don’t then they do NOT need to be writing for OLTL

  • Tish K.

    I can’t believe this storyline..maybe if Matthew had no father or a bad father, but he had two great dads.. Sam Rappaport and Bo and neither of them would be proud of Matthew acting this way.

  • YUCK. This is a terrible storyline. Glad it’s not back on my TV, if this is the way it’s going to go.

  • Hookid

    This particular storyline sounds L-A-M-E. What kind of sense does it make for Destiny to dabble in in the world of call girls when Bo and Nora AND her parents said they would gladly step up and help out? They all but begged her to give the baby to them while she went to college.
    Secondly, Matthew had a change of heart after David gave him that stern talking-to right before Drew’s birth. And no way would he have ever called her a whore–not his best friend in all the world, the chick who stood by him when he was near death, when it was thought he might go to prison. This makes no bleeping sense whatsoever.
    Finally, I am definitely not feeling the new Destiny–nothing against the new actress. I understand that SE could not return, but the producers could have gotten someone who looked similar. Explain her sprouting up six inches and lightening up by two skin shades. I can only wonder what the new Matthew will look like.

  • malik

    I think they are trying to take storylines in a edgier way. I agree It doesn’t remind me of the characters we knew last year, I think the whole point is to say were doing soaps in a new way, It’s not just for daytime consumption anymore, it is for everyone. Those of us who like are adult themed cable shows this is too give them a run for their money. I say give them a chance, can always go off later.

  • Seriously?

    LAME! I don’t know why they recast Destiny. If Shenell Edmonds couldn’t accept the role, then they should have stayed with a similar type of actress. Destiny was on the short side, fuller figured, smart and wise in many ways. I was barely a few minutes into the first episode and was shocked to see the complete turnabout in the character. Destiny had a plan a direction and, even as an expectant mother, it was clear that her supportive family would help her stay on track. I sure hope that the new OLTL stays true to the beloved characters they have given extended life.