‘DAYS’ Recasts Child Actors

Robert Erdmann
Robert Erdmann

Beginning in February 2013, fans of NBC’s “” will have to get used to seeing a new set of faces portraying the role of Sydney DiMera, Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ’s (James Scott) daughter. According to website Jason47.com, twins Nadia and will assume the role from twins Isabelle and at that time.

The Hartounian twins recently appeared in an episode of “” as Lucy Messer, daughter of characters Danny () and Lindsay Messer (). The two are five months younger than the Roberts twins.


  • Mary Lou

    Some think NBC will drop Days, but I don’t think so. Days has loyal viewers such as myself who continue to watch and support the advertisers. Ratings are down on alot of shows and NBC knows it’s viewers are loyal!