Carolyn Hinsey’s It’s Only My Opinion: ‘OLTL Will Be Back’

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In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, which just happens to be the mags annual Best & Worst issue, columnist Carolyn Hinsey (“It’s Only My Opinion”) shared her views of the best and worst of 2012 in the world of daytime soaps. While you can read her input by picking up your own copy, it is her statement that “OLTL will be back” that peaked our curiosity.

There were no dogs in the classy good-byes this year, another encouraging trend. The year started with signing off in perhaps the best soap week we’ve ever seen. ‘There’s just one thing we have to do to keep [our soap families] in our lives,’ counseled Viki: ‘Tune in tomrorow.’

We weren’t able to do that with OLTL, but GH has thrown us a bone by crossing Todd, John and Starr over with a smittering of Blair and Tea until the show is resurrected. And mark my words – OLTL will be back. There’s no way ABC can stick with its current dog of a daytime lineup (exceptions: and GH) in the face of stellar numbers for the Dallas reboot … 21 years later on cable.

While we do understand that it is Hinsey’s own opinion, and that “OLTL” may or may not be back in some form or another someday, the wording by Hinsey is just off to us. It reads like ABC is displeased with the performance of “,” which is clearly the show she refers to as the “current dog” of ABC’s daytime lineup. This of course couldn’t be further from the truth, despite how one may feel about the cooking show. In fact, “Chew,” at half the budget, is performing on par with “” during the comparable weeks season to date* (September 24 through November 23, 2012 for “Chew” and September 20 through November 21, 2010 for “AMC”). “Chew” is averaging a 1.8 in households, which ties it with “AMC” and a 0.7 in Women 18-49 rating vs. 0.9 for “AMC.”

Additionally, while “Dallas” performed exceptionally well last summer when it premiered on TNT, the numbers routinely fell below four million viewers and under a 1.0 in the Adults 18-49 demo factoring in Live+SD. Besides, you can’t compare a daytime soap opera on broadcast television to a primetime cable series on a top ranked cable network in 2012.

*”All My Children” aired for a single week during the 2011-2012 television season and a fair comparison could not be made between it and “The Chew” using those numbers.

What Do You Think?

  • Jenna

    Exactly. She’s being very disrespectful to OLTL fans by giving them false hope. There are no reports of ABC developing scripted drama for daytime. None.

    As for Dallas, it’s ratings are not great. They’re just OK to good in comparison to other basic cable fair.

    • CTwildheart

      Hope is neither false or true, it just is.

  • IF she says that OLTL will be back, then I say it will be back. ABC made a a mess of its daytime program by putting these talk and cooking shows in place of our soaps. I love that someone is keeping hope that this great soap will be back, but lets hope we can do the same thing with AMC as well.

  • SZima

    ABC will NEVER bring back any canceled soap! Too much time has passed, the actors and crew have moved on, the sets are gone…now it’s time for fans to MOVE ON. I hated to see AMC and OLTL (and AW back in the 90’s) get canceled, but it’s done and that bell can’t be rung again.

    To have a columnist keep on harping about how a show “will be back” is doing a disservice to all fans!

    • Comments like that is only going to push Soap Fans even more to get them back on the air and to get ABC to admit their stupid mistake. I say that there is still a chance as long people say there is.

      • Jolie

        I agree Jason. I don’t even want them to admit they were wrong just swallow your pride and put the dam shows back on the AIR!!!!

      • Chris

        Yeah, there’s a chance all right- 0% that they come back.

        • You underestimate the power that the fans of Soap Operas have. They can bring the show back and I’m pretty sure they will, if they don’t want to lose any more audience.

  • cyn

    There is no way ABC is going to bring back either one of their soaps. Disney doesn’t care about the fans or the age range soaps are mostly targeting. It really makes me sad that even though AMC has always had better ratings then OL, AMC is the forgotten one. AMC was destroyed by ABC, with the hiring of horrible writer after writer. Lorraine wasn’t given the chance to get the poor show back on it’s feet. So even if ABC brings back OL that doesn’t mean a thing to me, because as it is I don’t care about them bringing back OL on GH. I don’t watch either. Oh and the Spew is doing well because it takes the first 15 minutes of GH’s ratings, since there are no ads between the end of the Spew and GH. I suspect the show wouldn’t look as good if it didn’t hijack ratings from the soap.

    • With all the soap fans on ABC’s back, they’ll bring them back for sure.

    • Chris

      Just so you know, The Chew was still doing well even when the poorly rated Revolution and the lower-rated GAA were airing after it last January through September. Like it or not, The Chew has cultivated an audience for the show to stand on its own. If you don’t watch it or have any interest in it, that’s perfectly fine. But don’t spoil it for and put down the people who do watch and like it. Different strokes for different folks. You soap fans are not so far above everyone else as you seem to think. And grow up already with the juvenile title name-calling, which is beyond tired and unfunny. (The Spew!! Oh, how clever and original – NOT!!) I don’t think you soap fans would like it one bit if someone referred to a soap’s title by a vulgar gutter name, would you?

      • There’s just one problem with your statement. The shows that they replaced the soaps with are stupid and are not doing as well as ABC claims. They are stupid and they need to go.

        • Chris

          Sorry to disappoint you, but The Chew is not going anywhere. And if it’s really not doing as well as ABC is claiming as you say, then prove it. For crying out loud, do you really think that ABC is actually making up ratings? Sounds like nothing but sour grapes from you.

          • If they wanted good ratings, then they should of promoted the soaps more. Same with the money. Lots of people have stopped watching ABC other then GH because of what they did. If ABC wants to be as popular as they were before, then they need to get rid of the stupid Spew, and put the soaps back on. At least they got rid of the Revulsion.

          • The numbers don’t lie. The Chew is on its last legs. We know the truth…

      • CTwildheart

        Just so you know – it doesn’t spoil it for anyone if I call it a funny name. I don’t put down anyone who chooses to watch it. I have not met one soap fan who thinks they are above anyone else. And the daytime dramas have ALWAYS been put down and called by disrespectful names!

      • doug

        It hasn’t performed “well”, it has brought in enough viewers to keep ABC from canning it-for now. There have also been reports of friction behind the scenes and that some of the hosts may be replaced (ABC still meddling!!!!!)The Chew has also been heavily promoted by the network, which they didn’t do with the soaps. The horrible way all of this was handled will bring ABC less revenue in the long run, believe me. If ABC was smart they would bring OLTL back and along with it, have some AMC characters/storylines on it as well. It’s not the fact that they cancelled these shows, it was the way the fans were treated. 2-3 million still watched and that’s a huge number of people to alienate in today’s world of 500+ channels. Brian Frons is a idiot, and after his meddling stopped the ratings began to rise. Do you honestly think GH’s ratings would have gone up if he was still in charge at ABC? This network is clueless, so I will not invest my time in watching any shows on ABC! THE BOYCOTT CONTINUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    Carolyn Hinsey seems to be stuck in the past and just refuses to face reality. I wonder- how can Soap Opera Digest even survive much longer with just 4 daytime soaps left and likely just 2 or 3 in the near future?
    There is ZERO chance that AMC and/or OLTL will come back to ABC, and no other cable channel or outlet has one ounce of interest in them. It would not make economic sense for anyone. Like SZima says above, too much time has passed, the sets are all gone, and everyone in front of and behind the cameras has moved on. It’s long past time that obsessive fans do the same thing. Yes, it was certainly sad to see AMC and OLTL go. You may not like ABC’s decisions and that’s fine, but they’re final and you have to accept the decisions and MOVE ON already. TV is a bottom line business, not a nostalgic scrapbook and daytime soap operas are not entitlement programs. With very few exceptions, they are $$ losers for networks these days. AMC and OLTL were not the first long-running TV shows, let alone daytime soaps to ever be axed, and they certainly won’t be the last.
    Like it or not, The Chew is performing well by today’s daytime standards and is growing its audience. ABC seems to be very happy with it. It’s right on par with AMC toward the end, but at a fraction of the production costs. And comparing the ratings for a daytime soap that airs 5x/week year-round on a broadcast network with a primetime cable series that airs 15 episodes per season is like comparing apples to grapefruits. What exactly does the Dallas revival on TNT have to do with ABC’s daytime situation?
    Sorry, but Ms. Hinsey seems to be a clueless soap shill.

    • At least she’s standing up for the soaps, unlike what I’m seeing in your comment, and with the way ABC has been doing, it will be back, along with AMC.

      • Chris

        What did I type above that’s not true? The major problem with so many of you soap fans is that you can’t handle truthful comments. You think that anyone being the slightest bit negative and not a soap cheerleader to the nth degree is a “hater”, which is pure BS. I have nothing at all against the genre, but I’m merely being realistic. Hey, if you want to bury your head in the sand and pretend that the state of daytime soaps is wonderful, then go right ahead. The joke will be on you then.
        And AMC and OLTL will come back to ABC when pigs fly. You’re completely delusional if you think otherwise. It would take tens of thousands to merely rebuild the sets alone.

        • No, he major problem is some of the people on ABC are doing stupid stuff that is hurting their network, like getting rid of their soaps. AMC and OLTL will come back, once those stupid heads up there will see that the shows they are trying to put on are stuff that people don’t want to watch. They will come back, and people will be happy for that,.

          • Chris

            You’re right. AMC and OLTL will come back- when pigs fly.

          • Luckily won’t be flying when the shows come back and ABC admits their stupid mistake.

          • And DIS stock will go back to its highs when pigs fly, too.

    • doug

      Wow ! A cheerleader for The Chew!!!!!!!!!! You forget, however, that even if The Chew comes close to AMC’s daily live numbers, I doubt that people tape, Tivo , watch it on Soapnet or watch online. How many folks watched like AMC like that???? One hell of a lot I’d bet. Brian Frons constant meddling in the storylines of all 3 ABC soaps had a big hand in the lower ratings, and One Life to Live had ratings higher than GH, but it gets canned? Then let’s not forget that phony Prospect Park fiasco meant to take the heat off the ABC execs! Oh and how about the $$$$ millions spent on Katie. They could have produced both soaps for a year with what that cost. How’s that working out for ABC?????? What a joke that network this is!!!!!!!!! It all comes down to a complete lack of respect for the viewers,which is why they will never get us back! No more ABC for me, enjoy The Chew, I’ll be watching Days on NBC or a movie on NetFlix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mike

        And why do soap fans like you honestly think that people only DVR the soaps? Are u honestly so full of urself that you honestly think the only shows people DVR or Tivo are the soaps? I TV sporting events, The Chew, The Talk, reality shows, soaps, — anything that I don’t have time to watch or want to watch. It might suit your purpose to preach and try to get people to believe it but honestly folks get real. Take a look at You Tube there are videos on there of talk shows and even of The Chew with many views to them. And if SoapNet was so big why do over half the shows on it never get above a .1 rating even before the affiliates started dropping it. I love soaps but I am not naive enough to believe some of the stuff that is being preached on the Internet.

        I love The Chew and I don’t care who knows it. I DVR it every day and watch it each night along with Y&R and B&B. I DVR Y&R, B&B, The Chew, The Talk and The Price Is Right. sometimes Lets Make a Deal but not as often. Depends on my time.

        • WE’re not saying that. We are saying that they are worthy of being DVR’d. Now I can’t say anything on the Price is Right, considering its been on longer along with the soaps, but the other stuff is not working at all. People want stroies, and that’s what AMC and BB do along with AMC, GH, OLTL, and Y&R. Like we said, if the networks wanted more ratings, then they should of promoted the soaps more then what they did. Then they would see that these awesome iconic shows can do some great things.

        • Jolie

          You can find ALL soaps on Youtube so what is your point again???
          Soapnet is the channel to catch up on your weeks worth of shows, where you can watch Another world again, Luke and Laura era GH, you can still see OLTL and AMC re runs, plus One tree hill, 90210, etc, shows that fans still love to watch!!!!

    • You seem to be stuck in the past, Chris. 11/9/12 from Bloomberg: Walt Disney Co. (DIS) dropped the most in 15 months after reporting fiscal fourth-quarter sales that missed analysts’ estimates amid an ad-sales decline at the ABC network .
      When the stock tanks because of ABC, that means something is wrong. Remember DIS’s fiduciaryresponsibility is to the shareholders. If the revenue slump continues (which they will), those shareholders are going to be yelling or selling. Or better yet. Shorting. Yummy.

      • Mike

        Oh yes and that is really going to save your soaps and bring them back. If revenues keep going down and people sell and the money isn’t there. Where do u folks think ABC is going to magically come up with the money to bring ur expensive soaps back? The first thing they are going to do is cancel more high priced shows in favor of lower to produce shows. There are already rumors that ABC is thinking of getting out of the daytime business all together and giving it to the affiliates. Then they won’t have to pay for daytime programming at all. The affiliates will have to pay for it. That means local news and talk shows or reruns all day long.

        I think there is merit to it esp. after the release this week that ABC is working on the real life GH. Another syndication program that affiliates will have to pay ABC to air.

        • Then maybe they should of thought of that before taking the soaps off the air, because once they did that, that’s when their money problems started.

        • Jolie

          Our expensive shows? Really?? OLTL always came in under budget! GH is the ONE that ALWAYS comes in OVER BUDGET! So please cut your crap Mike really!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Thanks Errol Lewis. I wish more of the online soap opera press would speak the truth and quit feeding the stupid illuisions of some of the soap fans out there. Soap opera fans for years have been labeled as crazies and wackos — sadly many of the AMC and OLTL fans have proven that this last year. So many soap operas have been cancelled in the past and yes there was a minority of fans who acted in such ways, but now most of us are judged on the actions of the few now. I have lost dozen of soaps through the years. I miss them but I moved on. I never told anyone that their show deserved to be cancelled or never acted as if I was the only person entitled to keep my show. I am to the point I don’t belong to any soap opera boards any longer. I don’t even visit places like Daytime Confidential, Michael Fairman, Soap Opera Digest, cancelled my subscription, etc. just because I am so tired of hearing it. All soap opera fans have lost shows. And we have all had shows to replace the ones we lost. Some fans need to put on their big girl panties and get over it.

    • If you say that, then youare not a soap fan at all. People want the soaps to stay on, because they are awesome thing to watch to escape reality. People don’t want daytime talk shows or reality shows anymore. There are too many of them. People want stories, and Soaps provide that.

      • Chris

        If “people don’t want daytime talk shows or reality shows anymore”, then how come the ratings across the board prove the exact opposite? Please explain that.
        Have you looked at the numbers that Judge Judy still gets on a regular basis? Also- Dr. Phil, Ellen, Live with Kelly & Michael, and Maury all draw more daily viewers in syndication than every soap except Y&R. The View continues to be highly rated, and The Talk and The Chew are both growing.
        It’s very clear that there seems to be a disconnect between what the small segment of bitter online soap fans watch and what a large majority of daytime viewers watch these days.

        • CTwildheart

          Show me your stats…I’ll show you mine.

          • Jolie

            Chris doesn’t!!

          • Jolie

            Did ya notice that the shows he said air in the morning or late after noon! Dr Phil Ellen are on AFTER DOOL

          • Mike

            Not everywhere. Maybe where u are but the beauty of syndicated shows is that they air any time of the day. Here Days and GH compete against The Talk on our CBS affiliate, and then against Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown on our CW affiliate, and against Ellen Degeneres on our Fox affiliate. All of them get higher ratings than Days or GH.

            Katie here doesn’t even air on the ABC affiliate. It airs on NBC 2 hours after Days of Our Lives.

          • Maybe if the networks started promoting them more, then they would get a lot more ratings. People love to watch soaps more then you think.

        • Because there are way too many that’s why, and they want to keep piling them on, when people don’t want any more. They want written stories now.

        • Have you looked at the stock chart for DIS lately? The stock went down due to loss of ABC ad revenue. It’s come up a little since the Nov. 12 debacle, but it doesn’t want to go back to its highs. Dude, the Street has spoken.

        • Chris, you can stop your anti-soap agenda at any point. We’d all appreciate it

      • Mike

        And who died and make you the all powerful one to choose who is a soap fan and who is not. Keep believing what you want. I know many people who watch the talk shows and reality shows for the same reasons. They are exciting and they are entertaining. Maybe if the soaps were all you said they were then they wouldn’t all keep being cancelled. Many of the talk shows are getting better ratings than they have in years. Look at how well Live with Kelly and Michael is doing.

        But if it makes you feel better keep believing the bull. The rest of us will continue to live in the world of reality. Obviously you can’t handle that so maybe you should tell Mama it is time for a diaper change and a bottle.

        • If there is one person that says that OLTL can come back, then there will be a lot of people that say OLTL will come back. Talk shows and reality shows don’t give what soaps do. They give stories that keep you on your feet and wonder what will happen next, plus the fact that all the characters are mixed into each of the stories. Talk shows and reality shows just show the same thing each and every time. They will never be as big as Soaps are, and if ABC is smart now, they will bring them back.

    • CTwildheart

      The difference between those other shows and what ABC/D did is HUGE. The powers that be decided it wanted out of the soap business – fine. But instead of just cancelling shows, they purposely wrote crappy story lines and they had all the staff take pay cuts on both shows. Still claimed not profitable, and with declining viewership (due to tptb management) moved one show across the country while denying the show may be cancelled. And then less than one year later cancelled.

      So it is not the fact that these shows were cancelled – it’s HOW it all went down. ABC/D LIED to their own employees, advertisers, shareholders and fans. I don’t give my business to companies that treat their customers or employees that way.

      • Mike

        Well CT I guess u had better quit watching TV. Ur so naive if you think it was only ABC that did that. P&G has been screwing soap fans over for years. CBS and NBC replaced soaps long before.

        And all 3 networks screwed game show fans over years ago. In favor of the soaps which were more profitable at the time all game show fans lost their shows just so the networks could make them longer. What if game show fans had been big babies and tuned out the soaps.

        AMC and OLTL fans need to grow up. We’ve all lost soaps. They were all cancelled due to bad writing and stuff that drove fans away. Or the networks just didn’t want them anymore. Look at what NBC did to Sunset Beach and Another World fans.

        I felt sorry for you folks int he beginning but after a year of whining and complaining I’m over it. You are no better than any other fans who lost their shows.

        The networks have been and will always be in the business of making money. It is nothing new. They have been screwing fans over in many ways for years. Some of us are just more grown up and know how to handle it.

        • Then ABC, along with NBC and CBS, should be able to see that if they promoted their soaps more, then they would be able to make the money that they want. The Soaps are a great thing to watch, to help people escape reality for a bit. We don’t want more shows that keep us in there.

          • Mike

            I guess the 8 million plus people that tune in to Judge Judy everyday would disagree with you. Or many of the other talk shows that have a whole lot more viewers than the daytime soaps do. But I guess those networks are making up their ratings too.

            Or what about the millions of people that tune in to Fox news everyday. Even the shows on there often have higher ratings than the soaps do.

            People watch what entertains them. That is all it boils down to. I know in your perverted world of reality that means that everyone wants to sit and watch soap operas everyday. But in the world of reality it is far from the truth.

            I can see why though you think that because you are clearly not in touch with reality at all on this one.

          • And talk shows and Reality shows don’t provide the type of entertainment that shows do. Fox NEws has nothing to do with this because its an all news channel. People love soaps, and if the stupid ones that are working at the networks would see that, then they would make their networks a lot better. The one who is not in touch with reality is you, because people don’t like to stay in reality all the time.

          • Jolie

            First Mike Judge Judy is NOT a talk show! It is a court show ((that is kinda why she is wearing that black robe)) Bring some proof that the talk shows have more viewers than soaps do!
            HA you watch FAUX news! Nothing more needs to be said from you Mike, that pretty much says it all!
            WOW what a reality expert you are! Perverted Reality? And you have the nerve to talk crap about others and try to be sarcastic! Boy you know the world? Wow what a busy bee you are! <—-that is sarcasm!

          • Mike

            Again you proof how much of an idiot you are. I never said I watch Fox news, I just know what its numbers are. If you took your thumb out of your mouth and read some actual news sites like TV By The Numbers you might know something too.

            This weeks ratings idiot for the soaps:

            Total Viewers

            1. Y&R 4,378,000 (+35,000/-154,000)
            2. B&B 3,206,000 (-118,000/+18,000)
            3. GH 2,759,000 (-48,000/+302,000)
            4. DAYS 2,347,000 (-72,000/-190,000)

            Some of the talk show’s ratings from this week’s syndicated ratings:

            DR. PHIL SHOW (AT)




            All 4 of them are higher in viewers than all the soaps except for Y&R. Dr. Phil is even beating Y&R.

            And before you say that those air in the morning or afternoon. They don’t air in the morning and afternoon everywhere. They actually compete with soaps in many places.

            These numbers are from TV By The Numbers.

            And thanks for all your wonderful sarcastic comments at the end. You just keep proving what an idiot and b***h you are. I can’t believe I tried to be nice to you at first. You think you are a true soap fan. If being a true soap fan is being like you then I am glad you said I am not one.

        • CTwildheart

          You have definitely proven how grown up you are.

  • CTwildheart

    I personally don’t care if these shows never make it back on ABC – as long as they sell the rights back to Agnes Nixon (or someone interested)! I know that I will watch these shows in any format I can. I don’t care if they become 15 minute webisodes online or like telenovelas. There are still a LOT of people who watch (many are not counted by Nielsen) and want scripted drama – not reality.
    And the ratings for that cooking show (see Chris – no name calling!) have not been stable recently, showing signs of diminishing viewers.
    AND you are correct, the title of her column is IT’S ONLY MY OPINION – it is called that for a reason!

  • Darlene

    I stopped watching ABC when they stopped caring what the people want. It was all for greed. I still watch GH, but sadly have given up several ABC shows that I enjoyed. I know that I am just one voice, but I stand strong.

    • Jolie

      Your not the only one Darlene you are not a lone voice!

    • CTwildheart

      I am standing with you Darlene.

    • standing with you as well

    • Count me in, too, Darlene.

    • LaLa

      I stand beside you Darlene you are not along GH is the only show I watch on ABC also.

  • Jolie

    First of All Zima! The sets are NOT GONE what do you think they threw them out?? There is nothing to getting the actors back and crew it is CALLED HIRING A NEW CREW!
    ABC and Disney care about MONEY they lost a lot of it when all the BIG NAME SPONSORS walked out on ABC/D for their stupid decision to cancel 2 shows that have been on the air and MADE MONEY every year for 40 + years. Those sponsors are not back and some have said that they will not be back as long as them shows are gone! Do you have any idea how much money they lost? How many viewers both daytime and night time they lost because of them canceling them shows?? Millions of viewers, NOT GOOD FOR BUSINESS!
    They are all using the “Spew had the same ratings as AMC in the last month of the show” OH HIP HIP HOORAY!! They should be proud that they have as many viewers as the show they completely ruined a year before! Funny how you don’t see them comparing the SPEW to AMC say 5 years ago 10 years ago or 20 years ago and ya wanna know why because they could be on the sir for 50 years and never have them kinds of ratings!!!
    PPL are tired of Reality and cooking shows! Their are 2 channels for cooking and if you want reality LOOK AROUND REALITY IS EVERYWHERE! TV and movies were designed to let ppl leave REALITY for a couple of hours! OLTL was ALWAYS underbudget! ABC did not lose money on OLTL so they can take that crap and shove it! Their afternoon line up is CRAP! Including GH! If they want the MONEY then they need to bring back AMC AND OLTL the sponsors will follow!!

    • Mike

      The stars of One Life To Live even posted on the Internet on several blogs that the sets were destroyed. Catherine Hickland wanted to buy them but couldn’t because they were destroyed.

      And they lost one sponsor.

      As Errol Lewis said The Chew is getting the same ratings that AMC got on less of a budget. They are even growing each week now. Setting record highs.

      Katie just set a record high. But it is syndicated anyway so it doesns’t matter.

      ABC only has 3 daytime slots now since they gave away GH’s time slot.

      With The View, The Chew and GH all doing okay in the ratings they would be idiots to replace them with a soap they would have to start all over building new sets and all for.

      • The Chew is doing a little better because of the holiday season. After the holidays, watch the ratings plummet back to their lows.

        • Mike

          The Chew has been doing better off and on since the start of this season back in September. The last week of The Revolution it got the best ratings it had since last year. It went down the first few weeks that GH was in the new time slot but even a few weeks when The View was down The Chew still did okay. Last week or the week before it even beat The Talk again in most demos. And that was with The Talk doing better than it has in a long time. Both The Talk and The Chew are having good seasons and even closing the gap between them and The View.

          • But they are doing no better then the soaps are, since they don’t bring something new, or intense or exciting to keep people watching. That’s what soaps do, and ABC did the wrong thing when they pulled them off the air.

          • Aquaria

            You missed the important part: The Chew gets the same ratings BUT COSTS LESS for the networks to put on the air.

            Try to keep up.

      • There’s a little word I would like to introduce you to. Its called, rebuilding. And they would be smart to start rebuilding them, and get rid of the Spew, and get AMC and OLTL back on.

        • Aquaria

          There’s a word I’d like to introduce you to: REALITY.

          The REALITY is that the viewership for soap operas is in the toilet. The REALITY is that the shows are expensive to produce in comparison to talk shows or The View Chew whatever they put in the old slots.

          The REALITY is that the network will ALWAYS try to put in a show that costs less, even if it gets the same ratings. The REALITY is that it’s more profitable for them, and REALITY these days is that businesses only care about profit.

          This is all REALITY. It’s up to you to deal with it, cupcake.

          • CTwildheart

            The REALITY is that AMC and OLTL ARE coming back…

      • Jolie

        ONE SPONSOR? That just proves that you have no idea what you are talking about! Hoover and Hershey’s bailed and that is 2 of the bigger ones that left ABC/D. Sponsors were disgusted at what ABC did. If you actually think that they destroyed the sets well that is you, BTW how did they destroy the sets when PP was to use the sets of both shows, and since ABC does not get the rights to OLTL back until January they would have no right to destroy them sets. Funny Mike you keep saying all this and yet have to put up any proof of it what so ever! Everything that I can find all say the same thing. Ratings hit new lows, Chew not doing as well as expected. Every holiday their ratings go up not by much and when the holidays are over so are the ratings. Katie’s show is a joke just like the Revolution, and GMA in the afternoon! ABC has always had 3 daytime slots just like NBC & CBS. So yea they have the time slots to put them back on!

        • Mike

          If you just go over to the Soap Opera Network forums you will find that most of what you believe to be true is false. Catherine Hickland (former star of One Life To Live) is the one who posted on her blog that the sets were destroyed. It was posted on this very site you are on.

          If the sets were still there why in the world did GH have to build new Llanview sets?

          The sets were destroyed after the Prospect Park deal fell through. They had to get rid of them as the studios had to be cleaned out so they destroyed them. Many fans were angry that the sets were not given to the stars. Catherine Hickland was mad because she wanted to save them but ABC told no one they were destroying them.

          Go over the TV By The Numbers and even to that soap biases site TV Media Insights — both have recently reported on The Chews rise in the ratings. Berman even had a post about The Talk and The Chew closing the gap with The View.

          And as to Hershey I never heard that. Thanks for the info. But that is still just 2 out of the many that advertise on ABC daytime. You can’t say that all sponsors were disgusted by it.

          You say I post without proof. Where is the proof of what you posted? Can you actually prove for a fact that all sponsors were disgusted by what ABC did or have you just heard that?

          And also it was reported right here on this site, on TV By The Numbers and many other sites. ABC gave away the GH time slot to affiliates. That slot no longer belongs to them. Even if Katie is cancelled ABC will never get that slot back.

          All that ABC has as far as slots in daytime now are the slots where GMA airs in the morning and the block from The View, The Chew and General Hospital.

          GMA is not going anywhere. And unless The View collapses it is not going anywhere.

          You can believe what you want but ABC does not have those slots anymore. So if OLTL came back it would be in the place of The Chew and GH. And right now both are doing okay.

          And as far as the holidays. The Chew has been up this year long before the holidays. Look it up on a ratings site and you will find the truth.

          This is about the first full week of November and it had been coming up before then:

          “The Chew” delivered its most-watched week on record in Women 18-34 (195,000) – ranking among the week’s Top 5 daytime programs in the demo (0.6 rating) – and with season highs, registered its most-watched week in 10 months in Total Viewers (2.48 million) and in close to 9 months in Women 18-49 (474,000) and Women 25-54 (620,000) – since weeks of 1/9/12, 2/20/12 and 2/27/12, respectively.

          That is from an ABC press release over at TV By The Numbers

          • Jolie

            GH built new OLTL sets??? For what???? You do not see Llanview on GH! Took them 10 months to to get to it’s most watched week!! OMG dude really???? You think you know so much! Did Kathrine see them destroy the sets?? I highly doubt that! So which is it you know for a fact or they never told anyone! Dude your contradicting yourself at dam near every turn! ABC has lied about everything but you wanna listen to them you go right ahead but the one thing you need to know is DISNEY OWNS ABC and if they say your going to do this ABC will do it or they will lose. And again they could not have destroyed something that was part of the deal with PP and how long was it before it “fell thru” ABC just let them sets sit there and had no problem with it but as soon as the deal “fell thru” then all of a sudden they had to be destroyed! 9 & 10 months is what you consider “doing good”?? Hahaha you are funny! When they announced the cancellation of these 2 iconic shows they said it was because of the “non consistent” ratings and money. Well the SPEW has not had Consistent ratings since it went on the air so why is that SPEW on???? And please enough with the money as OLTL always came in under budget….So which is it dude this site is Inaccurate or this site is the holy grail??? See you contradict yourself trying to prove “points” you never prove, you say go to such and such well why should we have to do that bring the proof with you!
            Your going to believe a press release from ABC! HA you are funny!!! If they told me the sky was blue I would have to look!!!!
            The selling of the “time slot” I can’t seem to find ANYWHERE! But it is on MANY sites right???

          • Mike

            Jolie, Sorry I have come to see that you are just a b****h that I won’t nothing to do with. If you were any way nice at all I would help to show you the answers. But you come on calling me a non soap fan and foolish, etc. I have no desire to show you anything. I could care less whether you believe me or not. I know what I read and what was reported. As far as me believing ABC who cares. I would believe them over anything you say or your fellow soap loons say. You say stuff and never show any proof of any of it just like the rest of the loons. So to me you are no better than ABC. And by the way what reason in the world would there be for Catherine Hickland to lie about the sets? Good grief get a grip.

            As to not seeing Llanview on GH where do you think Heather went and was when she worked as Tea’s nanny. Tea’s house is in Llanview. They rebuilt Tea’s house. Over at Daytime Royalty they were even mentioning how much different it looks from Tea’s actual houe when it was on Llaview but is supposed to be the same house.

            It was even mentioned several months back from one of the Daytime Columnists who gives our insider stuff and spoilers that they were building Llanview sets.

            And when you start bringing proof with you then some of us will too. But even if we brought proof you wouldn’t believe it anyway. All you want to believe is what the loons say or what fits with what you want to believe. Even something Cat Hickland says has to be a lie. Get a life.

          • Jolie

            I never called you a non soap fan, See you are attacking so many posters on here you can’t keep them straight. It’s not my fault that you make yourself look foolish and a walking contradiction, that is all you pal! You have no desire to show me because you HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW! Again bring the PROOF! I have disputed you time and time again with PROOF. If ABC is bitching that soaps cost all this money then don’t ya think that it would have been cheaper for them to keep the sets ((since they would have known MONTHS in advance that they needed them for upcoming story lines)) instead of destroying them only to spend more money building replicas???? Soap loons?? HA that is funny…..So I am no better than ABC? WTF does that mean? What a dufus! Where did I say that she lied??? All I said was I highly doubt if she saw them destroy the sets, which would be the only way she would know for a fact that ABC did exactly that. All she had was ABC’s word for it ((according to you but who knows you love to do that flip flop)) And we all know what ABC’s word means, well ppl with Brains know.
            I have brought proof you are the one that REFUSES to! And all you want to believe is what the voices in your head are telling you!

          • JolieIsPathetic

            Jolie, you’re stupider than dirt. Yes, they destroyed OLTL sets and sold off the costumes. It made mainstream media. Many of the actors including KDP and JVD have mentioned it in the press. Frank Valenti discussed in the press that they were building two new Llanview sets. Please stop arguing. You’re wrong. As far as “proof” about ratings–Media Insights is a professional news source for television ratings and reported much of what others here have been trying to tell you. Just because your cognitive dissonance keeps you from functioning in reality there is no reason to torture the rest of us. Get some professional help.

          • The sets were destroyed, so they say, yes they are building them back up, or if they lied to us, they are placing them back up. The ratings had gone through the roof on GH recently and with the sweeps coming I am sure it will get better. Katie Couric IMO sucks. I never liked her. And don’t forget she lied to us, telling us she would never take a soaps place, and she did. AMC and OLTL are coming back, via HuluPlus and iTunes. The cast from OLTl are many, AMC still needs more. PP wants Michael Easton, Roger and Kristen back, if only for a bit. Roger is hesitant on the matter. I don’t think they want to go back. They are still under contract with ABC. And REALITY of it is that we fought long and hard and they are returning. And hopefully someday, back on TV and viewership has gone up and guess what females between the ages of 18-49 are the ones watching. Didn’t ABC say Neilson Ratings demo was females from 18-49 that were not watching? Once again they lied! But the REALITY of it all is the viewership is not in the toilet. I rest my case

          • Mike

            About the time slot thing, I can’t link to it as it is not allowed here. But here is a direct quote from Errol Lewis — the author of this article. He posted this in the Katie thread on SON Forums:

            “The ABC affiliates group wanted an hour back from ABC. The network
            compromised by giving them the slot if their affiliates heavily
            considered adding Katie Couric’s talk show to their syndication lineup
            and air it at 3:00 PM. They agreed, however, not all ABC affiliates will
            air Katie at 3, nor will all ABC affiliates air the show period.

            Once the deal was in place, and following the cancellations of All My
            Children and One Life to Live, ABC was then left with 3 hours of program
            time to fill (instead of four) and four shows to air. The View was
            safe, and will always be as long as it keeps its current audience, which
            left The Chew, The Revolution and General Hospital vying for the
            remaining two slots. With The Revolution bombing, General Hospital was
            saved and given a definitive reprieve until at least its 50th
            anniversary in April 2013.

            If Katie bombs, as stated above, the time period will remain in the
            hands of the ABC affiliates unless there is something written in the
            agreement that provides an out for ABC and gives them the slot back at
            some point, which isn’t likely.

            ABC gave back an hour of its schedule to affiliates in order to get Katie on the air in the top markets.”

          • Jolie

            Gee first it is this site is unreliable and now it is the holy grail again! You are remarkable!

          • Mike

            Idiot, I never said they were unreliable u did idiot. I was the one that said use them as a source and told you to look. I forgot that is too hard for an idiot to do. Open your idiot mind. Done with you idiot. I gave you the numbers. Go look them up yourself. Or get your mama too if she can stop feeding u long enough. Knowing you even if you are able to find the numbers you will think someone made them up.

          • Jolie

            OMG LEARN TO READ DUDE!!!!!!!!!! You said this site was unreliable and then turn around and praise it for the info they give out!!!!!! I never said anything about reliability of this site!

          • Jolie

            My mama???HA what a loser you are! Like that is going to get me all in an up roar! What a dork!

          • Mike

            Oh and about the ABC press release. Those same numbers were reported on other sites. ABC can boast about the ratings in their press releases but they can’t change the numbers. Those come from Nielsen. You can choose not to believe them all you want but the numbers are the numbers. Even Marc Berman who would love to see The Chew off the air too reported the same numbers. You can’t lie about those — but of course you guys would say they would.

            And sadly for some of you that O.6 in the 18-34 is a very good number. It was good enough to put The Chew in the Top 5 programs for the week out of all of daytime — not just talk shows. ABC had 3 of those that week in the 18-34 — GH, The View and The Chew. You think ABC is going to give that up. The other 2 in the Top 5 were on CBS — Y&R and The Price Is Right.

          • Jolie

            And what are these other sites?? and if you are proving a point why not bring the proof with you????
            And again bring the PROOF!!!!! I won’t hold my breath while I wait!

          • hojo66656

            Dude. You need medication.

        • ABC Soapfan

          Well the shows are coming back online. If your name is a nod to that couple you better brace yourself.

  • ShutHerUp

    Carolyn Hinsey is a hack. She’s irrelevant. She’s in a fight to the death to save her professional life. She’s works at a dying magazine focused on a dying genre. She’s out of touch, in denial and out to lunch. Let’s stop letting one obscure soap columnist send us into a frenzy. OLTL WILL NOT BE BACK. We may be able to see some kind of GH/OL hybrid but that’s it. Next.

    • CTwildheart

      We already have a “kind of GH/OLTL hybrid NOW! And why do you care WHAT she says?

      • ShutHerUp

        I don ‘t care what she says. She’s pathetic. I care that she feeds people’s hopes with her irresponsible “journalism”. Her time would be better spent encouraging fans of OL and AMC to tune in to GH and write their support to FV and ABC execs. As far as a hybrid, three characters does not a hybrid make. Stop being so literal. I know for a fact from a GH writer that if ratings continue to rise we will continue to see more OL characters join the show permanently.

        • Jolie

          So you know a GH writer huh? Then you must also know that they are under a clause that bans them from discussing anything associated with the show with ppl outside the company……

        • CTwildheart

          Her hope apparently was founded…OLTL and AMC are going back into production.

    • Yes it will be back, as long as there are soap fans dedicated to help bring it back. Soap fans are not going anywhere, and we’ll show that these two shows should be back to where they are supposed to be.

      • Chris

        AMC and OLTL are not coming back anywhere ever, not to ABC nor anywhere else. What part of that don’t you understand? MOVE ON ALREADY.

        • As long as Soap Fans are here to help get the shows back on, we won’t be moving anywhere. AMC and OLTL will be back, period.

          • Chris

            Yeah, AMC and OLTL will be back, when the tooth fairy brings them. What a sucker you are.

          • Its a little thing that’s called being a true fan. I’m pretty sure you would understand something like that, if you have a favorite type of show, and wanted to save it.

          • Aquaria

            It’s called being DELUDED.

          • No, its called being a loyal fan to the shows and genre.

          • Aquaria

            You’ve all been screeching for it for a year, all 5 of you, and guess what? NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

            When you keep doing the same thing but expect a different result, that’s called INSANITY.

            The canceled soaps ARE NOT COMING BACK TO the networks where they were once home.

            Deal with it, rather than continuing to annoy the f out of us with your whining.

          • CTwildheart

            I personally know more than 5 people who have been working on this for two years and guess what? THEY’RE COMING BACK! Deal with it.

  • The ratings for AMC were at an all-time low when it went off the air because of the crappy writers they had–so saying The Chew is on par with AMC isn’t saying much. I loved AMC, but the writers the last few years it was on were talentless hacks–which was a shame, since AMC was a great shoe. I hope Hinsey is right.

  • Marilyn

    I stopped seeing the chew the view good morning America live with Kelly abc nite line all the abc news all the nite time shows I would see abc all the time but what they did to our soaps it was so so wrong first all my children then my all time soap one life to live I was crying when that was gone but for g/h that is the last soap on abc one life to live and g/h wear the soaps I would see the most some times all my children in till they bring are soaps back and keep g/h on the air there is no why I well bee seeing any abc only on that’s g/h

  • Mike

    I give Carolyn Hinsey credit for one thing. In an increasing climate when magazine sales are down she learned a way to sell them. Give false hope to a bunch of naive soap fans. She has been a washed up has been for years. Knowing her she probably believes the crap she writes.

    As to many of the other comments I just love how the ABC soap boycott is supposed to be working when this season esp. ABC daytime seems to be doing better than ever. GMA is winning. The View is up mostly. The Chew has been setting ratings records. GH is doing better. Even beating OLTL in its own timeslot a year later.

    Katie which does air on other channels beside ABC just set it’s highest rating ever.

    Modern Family and many of the comedies are doing great. ABC is often beating the Fox animation and CBS on Sundays.

    Friday night is doing great for ABC.

    Grey’s Anatomy has even set some highs this season. Sure they have their stinkers and down like many of the other networks in categories. But nothing as catastrophic as the ABC soap fans want people to believe.

    With ABC’s daytime lineup feeding off each other as well as it is right now. I don’t really see ABC making any changes. I figured they would still cancel GH this year but I don’t even think that anymore. What they have seems to be working for them and I think they will stick with it for awhile.

    • I hardly beleive that Anything that ABC is producing is doing as good as they say. And if they were promoting more about the soaps like they are right now of their shows, then they would of survive, but no. Frons just wanted to get rid of them, no explaination at all. The only thing they are wanting right now is money, and if they wanted that, they should of promoted the soaps more, and then they would see the money coming in.

      • Mike

        I guess you would even go as far as saying that they are making up GH’s ratings too. Probably according to you they are making GH’s ratings lower while making everything else higher.

        Keep drinking the crazy Kool Aid man. Ur not even a worthy opponent to discuss things with. You have no facts — just what you believe and have been told. You can’t even prove any of it.

        I love all the power you all give Frons. Folks the man was not President of the whole network and he didn’t own Disney. Frons didn’t get rid of the shows all by himself. He didn’t cancel them alone. Yes he was part of the problem but only a part. If Frons was so powerful he would still be there folks. And if he hated OLTL as much as OLTL fans said he did, he would have never moved OLTL characters to the show he loved more than anything.

        You guys have told so many lies they don’t even make sense anymore. I don’t even know if you guys even know what is true anymore and what isn’t.

        • Actually he was the president, of ABC Daytime, and he got rid of two soaps for two shows that no one wanted. GH is doing better because they are making its a good soap. And maybe if they would of done the same thing with OLTL and AMC, they would see a better network and people cheering for them. You think there are people that want to watch reality and talk shows all the time, think again. They would rather have stories that let them escape reality, and soaps do that. talk shows and reality shows keep them there.

        • Jolie

          Actually Mike GH had the WORST RATINGS IN ALL OF DAYTIME when Amc and OLTL were still on and ya wanna know why? Because AMC and OLTL had all the ratings! The ONLY reason why GH is doing as well as it is, IS BECAUSE OF ALL THE OLTL FANS WATCHING GH TO SEE OUR OLTL CHARACTERS! With out the OLTL fans GH’s ratings will be in.the toilet where they are used to being, If GH keeps up with the crappy writing and ruining the OLTL characters they will lose the OLTL fan base. BTW the reason why the ratings are up is because of the alumni they brought back! Maybe you should try being a soap fan and you would not look so foolish!

          • The reason why GH was failing at the time was because it was mostly mob, something people were getting tired of, no thanks to Guza. Carlivati and Valentini helped managed to get it out of that slump.

          • Jolie

            Actually Jason they did HOWEVER they also ruined very popular couples re~writing OLTL history for GH ((Connie and the DID storyline)) for example! Ron and Frank suck too!

          • All the soaps were doing that when they all on the air. Like with Cole telling Markko that they could hear him and Langston in Pine Valley. Plus, Everyone was getting tired of just seeing mob after mob. Not to mention, the show is in a bright light.

            ABC need to follow Ron and Frank and help produce these soaps, which is why they need to put back on AMC and OLTL.

          • Mike

            Maybe you should try to stop being a b***h and you won’t look so foolish. Go to the ratings archive here at Soap Opera Network and you will find sadly that you know nothing of what you speak. You call others foolish while you look more foolish than anyone. And don’t get all high and mighty and cry that I bashed you. You got ugly first. So I will give it back.

            When OLTL and AMC were cancelled GH was far above them in the ratings. GH only started dropping in ratings after the 2 shows were cancelled.

            As far as GH is concerned I quit watching years ago under Guza, but I will not ever be back as long as the OLTL characters that are on there now are there. I quit OLTL due to them and due to the writing there. So I have no desire whatsoever to watch them on GH.

            Funny that you say that GH’s ratings would be in the crapper without the OLTL fans watching. When did the OLTL fans suddenly decide to start watching. Cartini and the OLTL characters have been there since February. GH’s ratings have been in the crapper all year long. It wasn’t until recently when from what I read that the emphasis was put back on GH characters and not the OLTL characters that GH’s ratings took off.

            You state that in your post which makes u look foolish as you call it. Which is it? Are ratings up due to the OLTL fans or the alumni they brought back. Foolish — which is it?

          • Jolie

            I’m a bitch! Wow did you think of that all by yourself or did you need help! I’m sure you needed help!

            This is what is called bringing the proof! You said that GH was FAR ABOVE Both AMC and OLTL, Well you are WRONG yet again Big surprise there!
            This is from last year matter of fact May/June of last year long before the end of OLTL

            “The ratings are out for the week of May 30th-June 3rd, and it was an abysmal week for General Hospital!
            The only ABC soap that will remain in the ABC Daytime line-up come
            2012, hit rock bottom of all the soaps and landed in 6th place. Several
            things are most concerning for this legacy soap with the ratings stats:
            1) It hit a new all time low in total viewers 2) It hit new lows in key
            female demographic age groups.

            Obviously, the powers-that-be at
            GH and ABC have felt for awhile that the show was needing somewhat of a
            creative redirect and thus named Garin Wolf to head write the show, and
            are bringing in to the fold just announced OLTL headwriter, Ron
            Carlivati come next year. On the converse, the canceled OLTL remains
            again firmly at number #3, and has been consistently performing well,
            even through the decision of its axing from the ABC Daytime lineup.”
            They had been below OLTL for a LONG time in the ratings so keep coming Mr Foolish!!!! When the ratings for GH started to go up was when the OLTL fans started watching, they got a Boost in the ratings when they had alumni come back for SWEEPS! Is that simple enough for you?
            You quit watching OLTL because of the Characters?? Then why are you on here!?? If you don’t even watch the shows and haven’t in years but you come on here like some “insider” at ABC with all your “Matter of factly” Attitude and commentary! Dude really your boring and have proven that you know not of what you speak!
            Gee RC started January 9th 2012 wrong yet again! And more contradiction you said that GH was FAR ABOVE AMC & OLTL when they were on and have stated how GOOD they are doing and have been doing…..And now it is they have been in the crapper all year long and it is only recently that they have had a “ratings Take off” so which is it Mr contradiction?

          • Mike

            Ron Carlavati’s first show to air with him as Headwriter did not air until Feb 21, 2012. He was hired before that but his first actual airdate was Feb 21 — so I was not wrong. You were.

            GH’s ratings have been mostly down this year. They hit a peak at the end of May then between May and September at one time they were down over 160,000 viewers in the 18-49 key female demo. Their ratings were up and down the whole time. Their first week in their new time slot they went down quite a bit. That was in September. It was after that when the story with Duke/Faison started and the ratings started to go up reaching their highest points when Duke first aired and then during the week Jason was killed.

            I don’t watch the show but I follow the ratings threads each and every week. And I read what people post about what is happening on the shows and why the ratings went up or went down.

            As to all your other stuff you still didn’t prove anything again. I said that when the cancellations were announced which was in April — the decision was made in March to cancel both. They were coming off the lowest ratings that AMC and OLTL had in quite a while. Look at the ratings archive here at SON. Every month is there for several years.

            GH was on a high at the time due to the Sonny and Brenda wedding. But after that the story got so convoluted that the ratings crashed in the summer. OLTL and AMC started going up but both had already been canceled at that point.

            EVen in June 2011 that you mentioned GH was still ahead of both shows in the demo that matters most to ABC and to advertisers. Here’s from the week of June 13-17, 2011Women 18-49 Viewers

            1. Y&R 977,000 (+49,000/-76,000)

            2. DAYS 693,000 (+98,000/+18,000)

            3. GH 651,000 (+23,000/-78,000)

            4. OLTL 649,000 (-8,000/-5,000)

            5. B&B 535,000 (+33,000/-77,000)

            6. AMC 504,000 (-3,000/-72,000)

            Women 18-49 Rating

            1. Y&R 1.5/10 (+.1/-.1)

            2. DAYS 1.1/7 (+.2/+.1)

            3. GH 1.0/6 (same/-.1) <—- ties low (4th straight week)

            3. OLTL 1.0/6 (same/same)

            5. AMC 0.8/5 (same/-.1)

            5. B&B 0.8/5 (same/-.1) <—- ties low (7th straight week)

            In total viewers OLTL had moved ahead of GH by this point, but in the key demo that matters most in cancellation GH was still ahead.

            This is what ABC was looking at when they were making their decisions about which show to keep. The week of Feb 28 to March 4, 2011 this was the key demo rating:

            Women 18-49 Viewers

            1. Y&R 912,000 (+38,000/-247,000)
            2. GH 811,000 (-63,000/-48,000)
            3. DAYS 694,000 (-45,000/-172,000)
            4. B&B 572,000 (+53,000/-128,000)
            5. OLTL 543,000 (-127,000/-195,000) * <—- new low
            6. AMC 469,000 (-107,000/-262,000) * <—- new low

            * OLTL previous low: 570,000 (February 14-18, 2011)
            * AMC previous low: 497,000 (February 14-18, 2011)

            Women 18-49 Rating

            1. Y&R 1.4/10 (+.1/-.4)
            2. GH 1.2/8 (-.1/-.1)
            3. DAYS 1.1/7 (same/-.2)
            4. B&B 0.9/6 (+.1/-.2)
            5. OLTL 0.8/6 (-.2/-.3) <—- new low
            6. AMC 0.7/5 (-.2/-.4) <—- new low

            Both OLTL and AMC had dropped to new low ratings in the key female viewers. They were both at the bottom of the barrel.

            They had to have made their decisions in March 2011 as they were announced around April 15th. So those had to be the numbers that were on their minds at the time.

            By the end of March OLTL had recovered a little but AMC was still at the bottom. GH was still in 2nd place at the time in the key demo.

            So I still stand by what I said. At the time of the cancellations, GH was still ahead of them in the ratings esp. in the rating that mattered.

            As to what you said about the ratings starting to go up when the OLTL fans started watching. GH hit a high the week of Robin's death in February. The day after her death with Robert Scorpio was the highest rating. When the next day that it shifted focus to the OLTL characters, the ratings dropped and stayed down for awhile. They did not hit another high in the key demo until the end of May.

            Here are the dailies for the week that the OLTL characters first came on. Week of Feb 27 to Mar 2. The Wednesday of that week was the day of GH vets. The Friday was the first full day of OLTL cast influx.


            Monday: 1.9/2,404,000
            Tuesday: 1.9/2,509,000
            Wednesday: 2.0/2,575,000
            Thursday: 1.9/2,526,000
            Friday: 1.6/2,001,000

            And here are the dailies for the first full week of Todd, Blair, John and Starr in Port Charles. GH was down in every category that week. It was the week of Mar 5-9, 2012. They were last in every category but 1.

            Monday: 1.9/2,615,000
            Tuesday: 1.8/2,382,000
            Wednesday: 1.8/2,284,000
            Thursday: 1.8/2,302,000
            Friday: 1.7/2,138,000

            Until September GH was on a ratings rollercoaster esp. in the key 18-49 demo. The only demo consistently up was male viewers but advertisers don't even care about it — so much so that SON doesn't even report it anymore.

            I don't watch GH anymore. Quit OLTL in 2010 due to the writing not the characters. I said I did not like the characters he brought over. When I watched OLTL it was for other characters. I don't like those characters thus I am not going to watch GH to see them. I quit OLTL due to the writing. I do not like Ron C.'s style of writing. I tried to stick with OLTL as I loved it as a soap. But after Michael Malone left and then later Gary Tomlin left, I just never cared for the writing of the show as much. I hated Dena Higley's writing and the Spencer Truman years. But when Ron C. just kept going so over the top with his writing I just had to quit. So to me there is just nothing for me to tune in to see on GH anymore.

            But I follow the ratings and the ups and downs of them of all the soaps. But sorry I don't need your permission to come on here and post. As I said to someone else I came on to read the story about Carolyn Hinsey and what stupid mess she is involved with now.

            But you guys would just love to run off anyone who has a contradictory opinion to yours. Well sorry it is not going to happen with all of us.

            I don't know about you as to if you did or not. But it sure doesn't stop some of you to say that my shows ATWT and Gl deserved to be cancelled and some of you that say that never even watched them. But that is okay because you are entitled to your opinion but the rest of us are not.

          • Jolie

            You said Ron and them came on in February! YOU ARE WRONG YET AGAIN! This round and round with a simpleton like you is BORING! YAWN!!!!!!
            OK so on top of being an Authority on Everyone in the world and what they want to see and watch on tv, you are also an authority on what demos they focused on which according to you was ONLY ONE no other demos came in to play? Women over 49 don’t count they don’t watch tv? Men don’t count either huh???
            So you don’t get confused your opinion has nothing to do with what I think about you! You are a pompous little ass that believes he is some insider or has some insider info and knows all when in truth you are nothing more than a jackass that makes assumptions about ppl what they think and say, acts like you are ENTITLED and your opinion is the only one that counts.

            “I don’t know about you as to if you did or not. But it sure doesn’t stop
            some of you to say that my shows ATWT and Gl deserved to be cancelled
            and some of you that say that never even watched them. But that is okay
            because you are entitled to your opinion but the rest of us are not.”
            Put the weed down dude really!! WHAT^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
            ATWT and GL were not even apart of this convo at any time!

          • Actually Mike is right. He is speaking of RC first air date, not getting hired as head writer. Perhaps one needs to breath a bit and re-read the comment. It was announced on December 1, 2011 that Carlivati would be taking over as headwriter on ABC’s one remaining soap, General Hospital effective January 9, 2012. The first episode with Carlivati as head writer aired February 21, 2012.

          • ABC Soapfan

            You really are a mess. GH was saved because Brian Frons and his cronies grew up watching the show. lol

          • Watching to see OLTL actors, ah three of them doesn’t make OLTL fans watch, Blair hardly ever on, Tea was a brief stay. So ah no!

        • Honestly Mike, I think Frons didn’t care about OLTL, which is why I think the ratings started going up in the last two years. I think (and yes, I am speculating) he already had plans to cancel OLTL, so just left them alone, and in doing so, their ratings went up. From what I have heard, he was trying to save AMC, but all of his interference and the crappy writers he hired buried AMC, so that when it came time to pull the plug on OLTL, he HAD to pull it on AMC too. I’m not an industry insider, so I don’t know if anything I heard is really true, but it sure did look like that from the outside.

          • Mike

            I don’t think he cared about them either. But not sure where you got that the ratings went up for 2 years. The ratings only went up the last few months of the show. In 2010 the ratings on both shows went down but on OLTL more than the others. That is why there was the major cast purge that angered so many fans in the fall and winter of 2010 on OLTL. The ratings dropped and Frons and all blamed it on the gay stories that were being told. All of them and the new black characters were all fired and written out.

            In the big Feb Sweeps of 2011 AMC and OLTL were ranked 5th and 6th out of 6 shows and GH was still in 2nd place. GH had not been #2 without tying another soap since 2007.

            I heard so many sites and reporters say that ABC wanted to get rid of all 3 shows, but Frons fought for GH. He used the Feb sweeps numbers and GH’s demos to back him up. And the numbers and Frons fighting are the only things that saved it. Anne Sweeney was esp. said to want all 3 shows gone.

            I agree with you that I don’t think Frons liked OLTL. And that is why I don’t think that even though he was on the way out by then if he had all the power people give him he would have never allowed the writer and producer from OLTL to go to GH and blend it. And he is even still associated with ABC in some way, and he doesn’t still have any power. It was more than just him that cancelled the shows. He could only make a suggestion — the others on the board and above him had to approve it.

            As to your other comments. They don’t go along with what the other soapers say though. They say that Frons was the reason for the crappy writing at all 3 shows — that the writers were doing his agenda. Well to me just reading about some of the stories over at GH now, they still ring with the Frons agenda esp. in their mysogynistic nature.

          • The reason I say that Frons wanted to save AMC, aside from what I have heard, is that he is the reason they moved from NY to CA. It would have been far more cost efficient to leave them in NY and just cancel both NY shows at once, rather than pour literally millions of dollars on a move only to cancel the show a few years later. It was speculated (a lot) that the move was a last ditch effort to “save” AMC and yet another indication that OLTL was the red-headed step-child.
            Considering that it takes a while for story’s to play out, the ratings for OLTL did start to rise once Frons stopped sticking his nose into the storylines and focused on AMC and GH. By the time OLTL ended, they had the top ratings on ABC of the three soaps. I do think he had a hand in leading to the downturn in all of the soaps, but once he left OLTL to its own devices, it improved. The ratings were on the rise BEFORE the cancellation was announced.

            If you are not watching GH (or any soap??) now why are you coming over here to attack those of us that are still watching, support the genre and actually enjoy some of the storylines now being played out? And before you start spewing venom at me and calling me some nut job, I suggest you read what I wrote in a post above, because you will find that I happen to agree with you about the chances for OLTL/AMC coming back.There are ways to make a point without being nasty or putting people on the defensive.

          • Mike

            Did you even read any of my posts. I said I tape and watch Y&R and B&B every single day. Not enjoying Y&R right now but I still DVR it and try to watch it. I gave up on OLTL during the gay story when it went out there with the big gay wedding and stuff. It was just too over the top for me. Quit watching GH shortly after the Metro Crisis. Tried to watch early this year but I just hate Ron C.’s over the top writing. Gave up on AMC several years ago.

            And yes you are right about the venom part but some of these people and I hvae a history. A few weeks ago one of these good folks here wished death upon someone on this site simply because they didn’t like GH under Ron C. Also I was trying to be nice until I was called not a true soap fan and called foolish and called names. And then yes if someone wants to act that way I will return in kind.

            As someone else said today if you offer a contradictory opinion then you are called all kinds of names. I tried to be nice and felt compassion for those that lost their shows last year. But that compassion in turn was met with responses of well your shows deserved to be cancelled but mine doesn’t. Or I watched people willing to sacrifice other’s shows just to save theirs.

            I can tell you right now that many of these so called folks who say they love soaps would not hesitate for one minute to throw GH under the bus if they could get back OLTL. Many of them tried that last year. Well to me that is no better than the stuff they accuse ABC or Frons of doing.

            Sorry I have just seen and read too much from some of them and I just don’t buy into the hypocrisy anymore.

            As to coming here I came here just to see what stupid thing Carolyn Hinsey was saying now. I don’t buy or read SOD anymore but I love following her antics.

            As far as being put on the defensive. The same could be said for the other side as well. I just came on to state my opinion. I gave it and never called anyone any names or anything just stated how I felt. Then I was called first a hater. Then not a true soap fan. Then I was called foolish. It was only after that in which I got ugly. And I do not apologize. Just look how Chris was attacked simply because he stated he liked The Chew.

            We are attacked when we say we like The Chew, but all over the Internet ABC soap fans have admitted openly their love for The Talk. That happened to replace my show ATWT. I don’t attack people for watching The Talk. If it had not been The Talk it would have been another show. But I do resent soap fans calling me not a true soap fan because I watch The Chew but then brag about being a fan of another show. But because they feel ATWT deserved to be cancelled, they have no problem with it. And I definitely just shake my head at folks who bash Katie because it got GH”s time slot but then brag about how great Steve Harvey is. Steve Harvey is airing in GH’s time slot in many areas of the country with Katie on after it. Many of these soap fans are so hypocriticial but yet they come on boards and tell us we are not true soap fans because we don’t support them in their hypocirisy.

            As I said I am just tired of the hypocrisy of many of the fans and sadly they just happen to be ABC soap fans.

          • Jolie

            The big gay wedding? what are you a Homophobe? Ron C’s over the top writing but you said how good the writing is, so which is it?
            Please cut it out with the “poor little me routine” you were IGNORANT as hell to Jason and he was not Ignorant to you at all not once so you wanna try that one again!???? I have not seen ONE person on here saying anything at all about them soaps being cancelled so you can get off that too!!!!

          • Jolie

            The gay storylines that were being told! There was ONE gay story being told and many fans actually liked them and the S/L as OLTL was tackling a serious issue gay couples and them raising children! So yet again you are wrong! The new black actors were all fired? OMG seriously?? Gee I guess Layla, Destiny, Her WHOLE family were all white! WHEW thanks for the info!
            Funny I can’t find anything to support your 2011 Feb sweeps comment…..But that seems to be a frequent thing with you, trying to find your “proof” and being unable to!
            If Brian Frons is still associated with ABC it must be a secret cause ya can’t find anything about that either!

          • Mike

            Open your eyes b***ch and you might see them. The Feb sweeps numbers are posted for you right here in this thread But I guess your too dumb to see them. If you tried to look you might find them.

            And as to one gay story what about the mass gay wedding or Dorian marrying a woman to try to win the election. Or making the whole mayoral race about the election.

            Here’s a quote from an article at AOL:

            “Despite the fact that the pair had an on screen attempt at a wedding, which was the culmination of a well-developed romance, the show has continued to sink in the ratings. That’s not all the fault of Kish, but they haven’t helped.”

            Also fired at this time was Scott Clifton — not a new black character. The new black characters that were fired were the new Rachel Gannon who had just returned. Destiny’s uncle. There were others fired. One of them was the lady that Dorian pretended to be married to if I remember correctly. All that was left was pretty much Destiny, Layla, and Destiny’s other brother or uncle. And Layla didn’t have a whole lot of story from what I remember after that.

            There are even articles over at Soap Central under Two Scoops about all the changes that were made on OLTL in 3 weeks trying to get the ratings back up.

            AS usual you will believe what you want, but the facts are the facts whether you want to accept and believe them or not.

            As to you I am done responding to you. One thing I won’t do is try to deal with a loon and you definitely are one. You prove that when ratings numbers are posted right in front of you and you can’t even read them.

          • There is no reason for anyone to be calling someone a bad word. If you can’t watch your language, then the thread will be closed.

          • Jolie

            Don’t worry about it! I have been called worse by better people! I ain’t sweating nothing!

          • Mike

            I appreciate that you come in to moderate the thread. More sites need those. And I apologize for resorting to childish behavior. But I also say that I see where priorities lie around here and won’t be coming back. You come in to moderate when some calls someone a bad word but nothing is said a few weeks back when someone wished someone dead. Not just once but twice. Great site you are running here. Being called a bad word is bad but wishing death on someone doesn’t even illicit a response at all. I guess as long as you are praising soaps for every little thing they do you can do and say whatever you want.

            Don’t worry about banning me, I won’t be back. I don’t want to be a part of any site that thinks it is okay to wish someone dead.

          • Jolie

            BUH BYE MIKE BUH BYE!!!
            BTW if you were so OFFENDED a few weeks ago why did you come back? You are a hypocrite and a pompous little Ass!

          • Jolie, there is no reason to act this way. You can agree to disagree with someone without resorting to such childish tactics and comments.

          • Jolie

            Sorry I call it as I see it and I will not apologize for what I said to or about him! You should go read the horrible things he said to and About Jason Aldridge I believe his name is and maybe you will see why I will not apologize and why he got what he deserved!

          • Mike, we do not necessarily moderate the comments unless we receive reports. My comment wasn’t necessarily directed at just you re: language even though I responded to you. Also, if there were death threats made awhile back, no one alerted us of this. I’m sorry that it occurred, but we were not aware of them.

          • Jolie

            And again Gomer! You showed one Demo and insists that is all they want to see and look at it, Because you again you have some inside info no one else has or gets! Yea right! And if you could actually read you would have seen my response to that post DUH!!!
            The mass Gay wedding? You have a problem with gay ppl don’t ya? Dorian marrying a woman to win the election was funny as DORIAN IS NOT GAY! Kish ARE GAY!
            “or making the whole Mayoral race about the election” UM OK!
            WOW an article from AOL, Boy AOL and Faux news you are all set on info aren’t ya!??
            Yes Scott Clifton was fired and what does his color have to do with anything??
            Rachael Gannon left because her story line was over. Destiny’s one uncle was her father and Greg was on the show for a WHILE, plus her uncle Shawn and her parents/grandparents…..The woman Dorian married is what is called a throw away character, Well maybe you should have stayed watching cause you are making a fool of yourself!
            Yup and you believe ABC and soap central of all places LOL….
            A loon? Your such a dufus!

        • Jolie

          Mike…….”The actors follow former OLTL executive producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati, who began their new jobs at GH earlier this week.”
          Dude just stop making a fool of yourself you are the one that has NO IDEA of what you speak!!

          • Mike

            What in the world are u talking about. I think it is you who has no idea of what you speak.

          • Jolie

            Very simple Mike I made you look fooish yet again These are your words “And if he hated OLTL as much as OLTL fans said he did, he would have
            never moved OLTL characters to the show he loved more than anything”
            And I proved you wrong yet again with “”The actors follow former OLTL executive producer Frank Valentini and
            head writer Ron Carlivati, who began their new jobs at GH earlier this
            Is that simple enough for you??

          • Mike

            Not it’s not Miss Queen of the Foolish. The President of ABC Daytime would have been overseer of that type of decision. Brian Frons was fired in December. His announcement came on Dec 2nd, the day after he fired Jill F. Phelps and demoted Garin Wolfe.

            The works for putting Valentini and Carlavati at GH was already in the works under his watch. he would have still been in place during all this planning from them. I don’t know when his last official day was as ABC Daytime President but he was still involved with ABC for awhile after that. The Prospect Park deal had also fallen apart before that.

            Frons was a big supporter of Jill Phelps and I still hold that if he had all the power that the fans supposedly say he had, he would have fought Cartini going there to replace Phelps who was supposedly playing out his vision of GH.

            So once again you still didn’t have the full story.

          • Jolie

            OMG dude really READ WHAT YOU TYPE BEFORE YOU SEND IT! You might catch all your contradictions…….
            OK so what are you saying Brian was the President? or he wasn’t? Trying to figure out what you are trying to say is exhausting! He fired Jill or he was a BIG supporter of hers???
            And once again you talk out of your ass and believe you have some inside link to everything ABC!

    • Mike, that’s a bold faced lie-and you know it. The View is down considerably-and while The Chew has shown growth, GH’s performance has exposed it as the weak link in the lineup. ALL of ABC primetime is struggling. In short, quit lying in order to promote an anti soap agenda

      • Jolie

        Nice Troy!!!!!!!!!

    • CTwildheart

      Well it is two months later and guess what…she was right. OLTL is coming back.

  • I’m sure Errol can explain how the ratings work, better than I can, but TV viewers often don’t understand exactly what they mean. First of all, unless you are a Nielsen Family and you either have a Nielsen box attached to your TV or you are keeping a “diary” for Nielsen, YOU DON’T COUNT, so it doesn’t matter what you watch or don’t watch. The only way to affect The Chew’s ratings (or GH) is to become a Nielsen family, and you can’t just volunteer. Second, due to just plain unfairness, daytime ratings are calculated differently than prime time ratings, so when comparing ratings for a nighttime show to a daytime show, it’s more like comparing in-season, sweet, juicy apples (nighttime) to out-of-season, bottom of the barrel, wormy apples (daytime.) Yes they are both still apples, so it’s not really apples to oranges, but it’s still not a fair comparison. Third- while it is nice to get a boost from DVR and taped shows for ratings purposes, advertisers know that when we DVR or tape a show, that 99% of us will fast forward or entirely zap through the vast majority of commercials, so therefore the advertising dollars they just spent were wasted–so delayed viewing, really isn’t helping our soap watching case.

    Having said all of that, I would LOVE for OLTL to come back, but the chances of that happening are about .01%. I think what does have a chance of happening is that GH and OLTL will merge, much like they are now, but to an even further extent. I also think we may have some AMC characters eventually make their way to Port Charles. Too much time has passed and too many things have happened since the soaps ended that would make it, at best, extremely highly improbable to bring them back.

    If some OLTL/AMC viewers continue to wrap themselves up in their own little world and to only listen to other OLTL/AMC soap viewers who spin wild theories and fantasies and don’t face reality and accept that we will never again have our shows back, all that will happen is that those outside of that community and those that have accepted reality will grow tired of hearing you and will tune you out and label you as a loon.

    It may not be easy and it certainly isn’t fun, but it is time to drop the campaigns and the hand wringing to bring back two shows that have next to no chance of ever coming back. If you want to try to support something that could actually happen, then watch GH and voice your opinion that you want to see more of Blair, Tea and other OLTL characters. Tell them that you want to see some of the Pine Valley doctors start practicing at GH. Dr. David Hayward would be a WONDERFUL addition to the GH staff. I know some GH viewers will HATE this suggestion, as they already think OLTL has taken over their show, but again, unless they are a Nielsen family, it really doesn’t matter what they think.

    • Well then its time to get rid of this stupid ratings system. WE need a new one anyway. And we’re not just AMC and OLTL fans. We’re soap Fans, meaning that we also want GH and the rest of the soaps to do good as well.

      • Jason- I agree that it is a stupid ratings system. I thought that 20 years ago when I had to study it for my Broadcast classes in college, but during that 20 year span, things haven’t changed, except that Nielsen has gotten bigger and even more powerful. They are the only game in town, and until advertisers and networks demand changes (and there has been push back, but not enough) we are stuck with this system.

        I can tell that you want all the soaps to do well, but if you stand back and try to look at the situation calmly and rationally, you will see that there really is very little hope of getting OLTL or AMC or any other cancelled soap back. So, wouldn’t it make more sense and give you more purpose to concentrate your efforts towards something that might actually happen? Write to Carlivati and Valentini and let them know how much you enjoy seeing OLTL characters on GH. Post to your Twitter that you wish you could see some AMC characters appear. Write to the head honchos at ABC and tell them you are so glad that they haven’t canceled GH and you are excited that they are adding characters from the shows you so dearly miss. Because while the squeaky wheel may get the grease, if it keeps squeaking, it will eventually just get replaced. If you go at them with positives and praise and suggest things that would bring even more praise, then maybe you can get your voice heard. I’m not saying that any of this will work, but the screaming has gone on so long, that they no longer hear it anymore.

        • Well then we’ll have to make sure they hear that. BEcause if they keep up putting on shows that no one wants to watch, the only thing will do is turn away their viewers. I have looked at the situation, and with the way The Spew is, and how the Revulsion and GAA failed, I still see a lot of hope for AMC and OLTL coming back.

          • I will leave you with one more platitude–Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. If they do come back, I will gladly come here and admit I was wrong.

        • Jolie

          There is one thing wrong with your plan! ABC does not CARE About what the fans want or what they like!

        • Aquaria

          The system isn’t stupid, YOU ARE, for not understanding how stats work.

    • StopHavingSexWirhYourCuzzin

      Wow. Sense. Refreshing.

    • Aquaria

      Oh good grief, you are too stupid to be breathing.

      The ratings are SAMPLES of a cross section of the American television-watching populace that are very carefully selected to meet key demographics.

      Just like surveys, that tend to be extremely accurate about what the majority of people are doing, when they are done well and right, as they are with Nielsen.

      THEY WOULD NOT BE USED IF THEY WERE NOT AN ACCURATE REFLECTION OF VIEWERSHIP! The networks would throw them out in a heartbeat.

      My household was a Nielsen household, back in the 80s. I had the box, the diary, and everything. To see what effect I’d have on the ratings, I watched nothing but PBS during primetime for one full quarter. And yet I didn’t make the ratings for even that station jump up one iota. Because I wasn’t the only person in that viewing area who was a Nielsen household! There are many, many others, and they were watching other stuff. I was an outlier, so of course I didn’t affect the ratings.

      Go get your GED so you can go to college and take a fricking demographics and/or statistics class. How surveys (including Nielsen) work is among the VERY BASIC things that non-ignorant people know.

  • avmasala

    I, too, believe that OLTL will return. Not necessarily on abc, though. I actually hope that it doesn’t return to that network and finds a more respectable home at a network that is more viewer oriented. ABC was cancelled in my household on 1/13/12, and I can honestly report that I haven’t missed it at all. I would hate to have to return to it just for OLTL, but I would if necessary!


  • rocklesson86

    I still watch ABC, but I only watch GH, Suburgatory, and Revenge.

  • Mebaby

    I only watch GH on ABC now. I am boycotting the network after what they did to all of us. I had to stop watching a couple of other of my favorites but I just cannot support them. I will read instead!

  • over4tea

    Why are some fans giving up on OLTL and AMC? This is no time to give up and be negative. What good will that do? There is no question in my mind that a half-hour each of AMC and OLTL would do better in the ratings than The Chew if they were promoted and produced properly. They would also be a better lead-in for GH. I see no reason why most of the actors wouldn’t jump at the chance for a steady paycheck again. If they can build a new Llanview set for GH, they can build new sets for OLTL and AMC. The money is there. We’re talking about Disney. They constantly put their money into big-budget movies and usually reap big benefits. They can afford to buy the licenses to the biggest franchises in movies. I don’t understand why they use the opposite principles for TV. Either they should sell ABC or use it to generate profits by investing in quality programming. At the very least, they should sell the rights to AMC and OLTL in January. If they’re so happy with The Chew’s performance, why not? Viewer loyalty means nothing to them, so what do they have to lose?

    • Jolie

      Great post! I completely agree!! This is not the time to give up! Disney does NOT like to lose money and ultimately they did because of a decision that ABC made….A friend of mine got a recording of a Disney share holders meeting, ((talking about ya know where their stocks are blah blah and then they took questions)) Someone asked about the cancellation of AMC and OLTL and Disney said that ABC makes all the decisions on what to put on TV and what they don’t! Sorry but that part did not fly with a lot of ppl, There is no company that is going to let a company they own lose them money and not step in and do something about it or let the company go! The actors would come back in a heart beat! I agree Disney has the money!

  • Donna

    They built new sets for OLTL on GH. They had to,OLTL was in New York and GH is in California.

    • Why would they build new sets on GH for OLTL? they do still fly back and forth. They have enough money to do so with.

  • I hate The Spew and am waiting for that nastiness to be cancelled. I do not know if One Life To Live will ever return.

  • Granny y

    After watching AMC since day one I will NEVER watch another ABC show other than GH. They made a huge mistake ignoring the AMC & OLTL fans. The Chew is a poor excuse for a replacement….hope it fails just like the Revolution did…greedy Fromm needs to also find another job. He certainly turned so many of us away from ABC. Maybe next time they will listen to the fans. I’m getting a lot done in the afternoons now that ABC cancelled their daytime shows. Thanks.

  • Delina

    The problem here is that LOWLIFE Carolyn Hinsey WILL SAY ANYTHING FOR ATTENTION!

    There is NO TRUTH TO THIS. ABC didn’t spend the time and effort it spent on sabotaging OLTL to bring it back. Just a dumb thing to say — for attention.

    • CTwildheart

      Except, now she has been proven correct. OLTL is going back into production.

    • Prospect Park took over, they are going online, unless something else goes wrong

  • Dean

    I never watched OLTL until i started watching old episodes of 2009. Now i get up at 4:30 every morning. And at 5:00 i’m watching OLTL on soapnet it’s my favorite show on T.V. I really wish they would bring it back to ABC. T.V. I’d be a faithful viewer. I love this soap.

  • Alicia

    I hope that what I’m reading online is true,that OLTL is going online to Prospect Park and will begin shooting in the first quarter of 2013 at studios in Stamford,CT…AMC, as well..Not sure where that show will shoot…