Lisa’s Take on GH: Friday, November 16, 2012


Port Charles is always filled with excitement and Friday’s episode was no exception.

AJ made bail due to Monica putting the mansion up for collateral. However, he is wearing an ankle device to keep him at home. Tracy used this to her advantage to set him up by pretending Sam called that there was an accident involving Michael. Of course, AJ was right there when Tracy *received* the call and took his ankle bracelet and raced to Sam’s to find Michael. Michael was just leaving as AJ got there and knew right away he was set up. I love the comeback of AJ and the fact that the Quartermaine’s have a front burner storyline again.

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Robert and Lulu were able to reach Olivia at the hospital to get help on who “Duke” really is. She gave a description from her vision and Elizabeth drew the face of Faison as a result. So Robert will certainly not let this go now.

Sabrina was talking to Elizabeth about her “crush” on Patrick and he overheard and after being put on the spot by Patick she said her crush was Steven Webber. Patrick was understanding and compassionate upon hearing this and it made her crush on Patrick bigger; if that is even possible. I love the newfound friendship of Sabrina and Elizabeth and hope that it grows and that they make the Nurse’s Ball a reality again.

Maxie finally revealed to Spinelli that she was in love with him. Spinelli didn’t have too much of a reaction except sheer surprise, I just hope he doesn’t hurt Ellie. I think Ellie and Spinelli make a super couple. They are funny, loving, and compatibile.

Anna arrived early for her date with “Duke”. Faison managed to stall her and charm his way to dinner and they shared a deep kiss. I just hope this storyline ends soon and Robin and Anna are both saved.

Have a great weekend and take care!

  • I loved Friday’s episode – lots of excitement – and having Faison and Robert and Anna all on the same episode – with the real Duke hidden away at Clinic in Switzerland where Robin is – makes you know one day there will be a big explosion on General Hospital. I am one of the fans awaiting this episode with anticipation!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!!!

  • I have to say Spixie makes a much better couple…Spin and Ellie may be compatible, but on a soap that adds up to boring. And boring on a soap means less screen time because no one tunes in to see dull… Bradford deserves to be on more and now that Kirsten is back, we see the spark that’s between them….they make Spixie fun and special! I’ve never shipped a couple as much as I have Spixie….they each have that quirkiness that makes Spixie Magic…and opposites do attract!! Thanks!! 😉

  • Renee

    Spnelli and Ellie are too much alike. Ellie is too nice, you just know there is an axe murderer lurking deep down inside of her. I would be curious to know what happened to that ex she was talking about.

    Spin and Maxie are opposites but that’s what makes them work for me. BA and KS has the best chemistry.

  • Christi G

    I understand why alot of people feel Maxie doesn’t deserve Spinelli.. she has hurt him so many times. But I feel like Spixie is a really special love story that doesn’t come around very often… there is such a complexity to it… I love how Spinelli and Maxie have both had to do battle with insecurity.. both of them feeling like they are not good enough for the other. I think alot of their problems stemmed from this.. Spin trying to be someone he’s not, and I personaly believe Maxie subconsciously self sabotaged her relationship with Spin, not because she didn’t love him, but because she did and felt she wasn’t good enough.. and then she burried her love for him, because it hurt too much to look at it. I think she married Matt because she DIDN’T love him… it was a “love” she could deal with..

    I love the conversation Spin and Maxie had on 9 12 08 ….

    Spin : “ Like any great work of art it is the … it’s the absense of perfection.. the contrasts between light and dark that make a real masterpiece.. “

    Maxie : “ You think that I’m a work of art? “

    Spin : “ Real art.. not like the one dimentional perfections seen in the pages of Crimson.. no disrespect to Maximista’s chosen carreer path.. but you are so
    much more dynamic and complex than the.. smooth .. boring.. women in the pages of Crimson.. you have a special heart.. and soul.. “
    I think Spixie is a work of art. Friday broke my heart… I just hope before too long Spixie are back together as a couple, but this time to stay!!!!

  • I know this is counterintuitive, but I’m loving all three sides of the Spixie triangle. Although Spixie will probably be the result, I’m glad that Spin grew a spine, and watching Maxie squirm is fun-she blew it, and doesn’t know how to handle it. I just hope Ellie doesn’t get sacrificed in all this