‘B&B’ Co-Stars Weigh In on Ronn Moss Departure

Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Hours after word broke that would be departing,” fans of the CBS daytime drama series took to in order to share in their disappointment and they weren’t the only one’s. Moss’ on-screen partners (Brooke Forrester) and (Taylor Forrester) also shared with fans their feelings over the sad news of Ridge Forrester’s (Moss) upcoming departure.

In a conversation with @itsjustdouglas, who hoped she was doing okay after learning Moss would be leaving, Tylo (@TaylorMade4U) stated she was “cool with whatever Ronn feels he wants to do. He definitely has his own mind and knows where he wants his life to take him!” Meanwhile, in response to @TriciaJones10, who informed her fellow Brooke and Ridge (aka: Bridge) fans of what happened and revealed “we are all crying together!” Kelly Lang (@KatherineKellyL) agreed and said, “I am crying too! I hate this!”

  • I wish Ronn Moss any luck in the world, but: RECAST ridge and good is! Ridge is a fiction character and no matter who is behind the name! As a LONGTIME viewer i accepted it by “THORNE” 3 times and i did it by “bridget” ,too! Ronn is a real live human beeing and he is free to do what he wants to! But Ridge Forrester should stay as carachter on BB and get recast! Maybe than he would change into the man he was when he was with Taylor and their kids! This show is to oneside now and maybe RM had enough, cause maybe he is, unlike BELL, reading fanvoices how sick many of them are of the bad storylines on BB! So lets wait a few days, and hoping that “RIDGE” will not “die”!