In Development…Numerous ‘One Life to Live’ Stars Saying No to Potential Prospect Park Move

Disney/ABC Television Group

Developing at Soap Opera Network… a number of actors are privately and publicly confirming they will not be joining “” when it goes online via ’s Online Network.

Joining , who announced her decision via Soap Opera Digest, are , , , , , and .

More news to come…

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  • James Reed Johnson

    Bailing?  Or didn’t sign?  

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t sign!

  • I bet Farah and JP are off to GH as “Rex” and “Gigi”…

    • Why would you think they are bringing Rex and Gigi to GH?    I never read that rumor anywhere and don’t believe it for 1 second.

      • There were rumors back in April or May that John Paul-Lavoisier was under the impression that he would be a recast Dillon Quartermaine.  Which of course would make ‘General Hospital’ that much more difficult to watch.

      • My2Cents2

        I don’t either. Does JP even want to work with her again? I don’t believe they are going to GH at all. That was rumor.

    • GH is already being canceled. It ends in 2012. ABC already has a Steve Harvey talk show set to replace GH’s time slot.

      • GH will go to Prospect Park.

        • My2Cents2

          Who wants GH in the shape it is in now??

        • Anonymous

          Last I knew, The Hursley Estate still owned General Hospital and while it may be happening…none of the parties have made any statement to confirm this.  Although, I am hoping…

          • My2Cents2

            When PP took over, it had the leasing rights to AMC/OLTL/GH.
            So I do know GH is done.
            As of yesterday, AMC will no longer be. I think in the next few weeks, we will be hearing lots more of who is staying. The budget is more open now.  As far as GH going to PP, I wouldn’t bet on anything with anything at this point. OLTL is an ‘experiment’ in the works for PP. That is where there concentration is. If GH wants to go to PP, they better raise there numbers!

          • Anonymous

            I replied with the link that shows ONLY AMC and OLTL were licensed to Prospect Park, not GH.  But for some reason it still has not posted….

          • My2Cents2

            All 3 were licenced for PP. Which doesn’t mean a thing if AMC was ditched already.
            PP is new. They can’t commit to GH at this time, however, they have in the contract ‘rights’ to it when it leaves abc.
            If anyone thinks GH is not leaving abc, you are living in lala land. The show is DONE

          • Chantal

            No question. It’ll likely be off air by around Sept 2012. Frons has destroyed it, it is beyond repair. As to whether PP goes for actually broadcasting GH, I dont have much faith in that. OLTL would have to be doing astronomically well in order for that to happen, I dont see PP being able to handle more than OLTL…AMC is scrapped before it even started!

          • My2Cents2

            ditto on everything you said. Sad though, just the same.

  • Anonymous

    I also saw on ABC SID’s website that Shenaz Treasury (Rama) may not sign with PP because she has to balance her acting career with doing movies in Hollywood and in Bollywood.

  • My2Cents2

    The only one that surprises me is Mathew. (Eddie) However him & his family are off to California.
    JPL will be missed. Glad Farah won’t be back. I was hoping he would move back to NYC!

  • Oh, $20 says Farah is back to Days as Mimi in a storyline in which Adrienne is revealed to be Mimi’s aunt/Bonnie’s twin.

    • My2Cents2

      where is Days filmed?

      • California. If she does go back to days, she’s sure enough NOT to get a storyline, or be released within a year. LMAO

  • the only one of these i will miss at all is Bree.I would trade every one of them for one TSJ!!!

  • I will miss my baby Nic  Robuck he was the reason I started liking OLTL again . 

  • Rama won’t join OLTL 2.0???  There is a God! Please say Vimal’s sister won’t be coming either! Horrible acting there! Jack also but seems he’s signed on.

  • So by my count the only contract actors who haven’t (publicly) made a decision one way or the other are Roger Howarth, Robert S. Woods, Hillary B. Smith, Lenny Platt, and Mark Lawson. I think they are desperately trying to work out a deal with Howarth. I can see Bo and Nora bumped to recurring, if not totally written out. Nate could stay to anchor the teen scene with Dani and Destiny, especially with Matthew leaving. But with his two brothers out, they could easily take Nate with him. Poor Brody is probably totally outta there. The recurring actors (like Roxy and Nigel) will probably stick around.

  • Super disappointed in the news! I was hoping more actors would follow the leads of the amazing veterans (and relative newcomers alike) in moving on with Prospect Park! To say that they have not had change in a while is no reason to just leave. It’s a disappointment to their fans and to the show that gave them the opportunity to gain those fans. It is not a thank you for supporting me, it is a slap in the face. I understand wanting to pursue other opportunities, but what if the show had stayed on ABC? Would they have stuck with it? If yes, then this is just a cop out. They are basically saying they don’t trust Prospect Park, but moreover they don’t trust the loyal fans that saved the shows in the first place. They don’t think it will be successful online, and they don’t want to waste their time. That’s what I’m getting from what I read that Kristen Alderson said. I can understand the newer cast additions not necessarily moving on with OLTL, but I think that the actors that have been with the show for a while should have at least stayed on for a while, finish out the contract they would have had with ABC or whatever. I think it’s crap, and quite frankly, I think it’s rude, and I don’t wish them any luck or success. I do hope that Terri Conn and her husband do well in their future endeavors, and I hope that David Gregory does well in his future pursuits (although I will miss Ford terribly)–the same for Nic Robuck too. I am disappointed in Bree Williamson and the Aldersons though–although I can’t really say about Bree because I haven’t read anything on why she chose not make the move. I think John Paul Laviosier is not making the transition because his real life girlfriend wants to move back to LA–which leads me to Farrah Fath–she should give it a try. Bottom line–veteran OLTL actors that aren’t following OLTL to PP I am so disappointed in you. The rest of you–I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

  • Anonymous

    If Bree Williamson is not interested bring back Erin Topey.  Also, replacing Star and Matthew will be fairly easy – they are young and actors similar in looks could definitely be found.  I will miss Rex….

  • With the exception of Alderson, THIS IS STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL NEWS as I can’t stand any of those “actors”

  • what about nate will he stay or go

  • Chantal

    Damn no Nic Robuck! Well I guess they’ve stopped really giving him many scenes lately and his latest sl’s have been crappy and not inspiring for him to stay, so I can understand