Buddy Speaks Out About Hasty ‘One Life’ Exit

Marina Chavez/ABC

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — As we previously reported, “” was forced to replace with in the role of Cole Thornhart just one day after Buddy reprised the role for an upcoming storyline with ex-girlfriend Starr Manning (). Now the actor has taken to to apologize to fans for the sudden turn of events.

In a series of tweets dated Thursday, November 10, Buddy explains, “Hi everyone! I wanted to say that I am so sorry that I was unable to make a return to ‘OLTL’ as I intended due to personal family issues. I cherish the time that I had on the show and always will. The fans mean more to me then words can express. I’m devastated about this! Again I am so sorry! Thank you all for your love and support! It really helps me in times like this. Thank you and God bless!”

Buddy’s journey back to the set of “One Life” began in early August when he posted another series of tweets begging fans to help him get back on the show. “I want/need everyone to send in your love for cole! I’m tired of sitting around. Get me back on the the show so I can finish what I started. I love my fans/friends let’s go!!! No more f**ging around!!!!!!!!! Ok!!! Let me think! I hope I don’t get in trouble for this! …..standby! : ),” said the actor at the time.

Although both Buddy and the show are keeping mum on the specific reason as to the need for an emergency recast, Texas public court records from Travis County indicate that an individual with the full name Brandon Robert Buddy, which is the actors full name, along with matching birthday (verified by Soap Opera Network via district clerk), is scheduled to appear before a judge next month on charges of “INJURY CHILD/ELDERLY/DISABLE W/INT SBI/MENTAL,” or allegedly causing harm to a Child/Elderly/Disabled person with the intention to cause serious bodily injury or mental injury.

Buddy was reportedly involved in a traffic accident early last month. On October 8, he tweeted “So check this out! I was headed to Dallas for the Texas OU game yesterday and someone rear ended me going over 60 mph totaling my car. I had to climb out of the window to get out of the car! Craziness!”

While there is no reason to presume that Buddy’s personal family matter is in anyway tied to these reported legal issues, Soap Opera Network wishes Buddy nothing but the best as he works to get things back on track.

Meanwhile, “OLTL” is moving forward with Van Hughes in the role. The Broadway vet, who reshot all of Buddy’s scenes, taped for the first time with Alderson last Tuesday. In fact, she tweeted on Friday (November 11) that “Nic [Robuck],Van, & I have been working extremely hard for the #Jarr & #Sole fans! Having a lot of fun, can’t wait until you guys see what happens!”

  • This guy’s tweets and honesty do not go hand in hand.  About 18 months ago he tweeted that he was asked to leave “One Life to Live” and then he took that back and said that a fan “hacked” into his Twitter account and posted that.   And THEN he admitted that it was ABC that forced him to make up that lie about a fan doing the dirty work (gasp!).  This guy is like the little boy that cried wolf.  BTW, Brandon, I live in Oklahoma and trust me, OU Football is no reason to get into a car wreck.  Try watching soaps over football … it’s much safer … I think.

  • It’s too bad he can’t return—I don’t want to see Starr ride off into the sunset with a fake Cole recast—or worse, James.

    • It’s better he didn’t return. He is a horrible actor and doesn’t have a youthful look anymore. I mean this pic looks nothing like him anymore.

  • who cares how long are we going to hear about this .I don’t care about Brandon or Cole . James and Starr forever .

    • james an starr togetter makes me sick james just needs to leave an not cfome back

  • I really wish Brandon would  just stop talking . 🙂

  • He needs to keep his mouth shut. He can’t act anyway!

    • patricia

      I think is was a great actor and i wish he would come to GH as Cole.

  • My2Cents2

    IMO Brandon needs some serious growing up. It took OLTL one day to see this, and they brilliantly let him go before he could bring anymore attention to himself or the show. Yes I will miss Cole, however, he is an adult, and he needs to be held responsible for his behavior.

    • He didn’t do anything wrong.

      • My2Cents2

        Do you know BB personally Owen?

  • he sounds like a loser to me.

    • My2Cents2

      I followed him on twitter for 5 minutes and thought his attitude was horrible.

  • My2Cents2

    I don’t think he is a horrible actor. I was looking forward to his return. However, his maturity level, the chip on his shoulder, will need to change if he wants to stay in this business.
    I didn’t think abc let him go. I heard it was more his part wanting to leave and his father was quite ill. If he was so bad they wouldn’t have asked him back again.

  • Heather Spears

    Wow! You people are horrible, and all of you should be ashamed of yourselves. I’m here because I’m a fan of the show, and just wanted to know why the role was recast. It seems the only reason you’re here is to bash someone that you don’t even know. Get a life people. You make me sick!  

    • If the bashing bothers you so much, click the back button and avoid message boards in the future because bashing on them is inevitable. Use common sense.

      FYI: You really shouldn’t be telling people on a message board to get a life because those words can be thrown back at you especially since you are taking the bashing of a stranger personally not to mention pathetically told people that they make you sick.