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executives and have confirmed to Soap Opera Network that the production company has signed “” cast members (David), (Cutter), (Tea), and (Destiny) for the online version of the ABC soap pending final Guild agreements.

In a statement, the company said “After the ABC television network finale airs in January, ‘One Life to Live’s’ David, Cutter, Tea and Destiny will be reunited with previously announced characters including ’s Victoria and ’s Blair Cramer.”

With the signing of Watkins, Kelly, Lozano and Edmonds, Prospect Park has now signed a total of 13 current “One Life to Live” cast members including the aforementioned Slezak and DePaiva. On Friday, September 30, Prospect Park announced deals with (Natalie Buchanan Banks), (Danielle Rayburn), (Shaun Evans), (Jack Manning) and Jerry VerDorn (Clint Buchanan). The company previously announced the signings of (Thomas Delgado), (John McBain) on Tuesday, September 6.

In addition to signing 13 actors to the soap for its January 2012 launch online, Prospect Park has already signed executive producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati pending Guild agreements as well.

, the Online Network, will be the home of “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” when they premiere online in January 2012. Fans can register to receive the latest information and news at or

Stay tuned to Soap Opera Network as this story continues to develop.

  • Tea! Now I just need TSJ to sign (Sorry RH Fans) I don’t care if he’s Victor or Todd I just want my TNT….or TNV.

  • My2Cents2

    Always good news when we hear our friends will be reuniting on this new venture. I am not asking for much, either Todd will do, but can OLTL survive without a Todd on the show?

  • Anonymous

    How will Josh Kelly signing over to PP affect his role in that MTV pilot he signed on a couple of months ago? Will his role be recast, or will the show not get picked up, or can he do both shows at the same time?

  • My2Cents2

    Y’all know Marcie is preggers in real life, don’t you?? 🙂 What was the reason for the short visit? Did they give one??

    Todd’s line about daytime talk shows…..I was ready for him to say soap operas….but he didn’t. I can’t agree that Jack is a bad actor! He is a mentally corrupt kid. IMO he plays the role perfect.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE baby Ryder. I LOVE how that baby loves the actor!!

    Yea it was good today the show. Why is OLTL so good?? Because its moving along. Everyday we get a treat. Who was Todd looking at?? Any guess’s?? We know of 3 bad ass’s returning, which one is it??

    Still no word on a Todd recruit for PP. That worries me.

  • I’m so relieved to hear that Josh Kelly is staying! Cutter is one of my favorite characters because he’s so fun to watch and very attractive. I hope he doesn’t go soft. Hopefully, Kim will stay and they can explore their strange bro/sis relationship. I’m also happy about Tuc Watkins signing on. It would be nice to have Dorian for David, but he should have some great scenes with Viki and Clint.
    Cooperate with PP, unions! We want a smooth transition!

  • I’m glad Florencia (Tea) signed on. If there’s Blair (which I’m thrilled about), we need Tea as well! They’re one of best duos ever on OLTL. I honestly couldn’t care less now which ‘Todd’ signs on. Personally, I prefer Rh… but whatever. It would be cool if they could also sign on Bo, Nora, Dorian, Echo, Roxy, and Tina. Then, I’d be over the moon. I hope they air this on TV, and when that happens, I will cry out of joy. This is everything we worked so hard to save! And it’s saved!

  • My2Cents2

    How awesome is it that Victoria, Clint, David, Tea, Blair, Tomas, Dani, Destiny (Mathew?) & Cutter are for SURES!!
    What about Todd?? What about Roxie & Nigel?? We need them too!!!!!

    • Gary

      Why did you guys resurrect this old topic from 2011? none of these stars have signed on again — at least not yet. You guys are reading and commenting on the first project. You need to go to the new article.

      • My2Cents2

        Who is resurrecting the news?? Look at the date on my comment.
        It was from over a year ago.

  • Anonymous

    Yes!!! I was watching oltl since it started, also general hospital… The way to go Prospect Park..
    We need all the casts from both soaps. Hope they all follow. They are all are like my family. I recored oltl every day, and watch it before I go to sleep. I’am big FAN..

  • Anonymous

    I read from SOD magazine a couple of weeks ago that Bree Williamson (Jessica) is not doing OLTL online, and will be moving to L.A. after the show wraps production for ABC.

    • My2Cents2

      Yes, Bree made that announcement months ago. Not sure if they are recasting or what.

  • Christina

    Are they talking about now? Why are they saying after the finale in January? I didn’t hear that Erica sleaze and kassie deprivation signed yet

  • stella

    Wait a second…while all of this is fantastic news. Will Blair, Tea still make visits to Port Charles, hopefully Todd will remain on GH love him in Port Charles.

  • dee

    cant they work with g.h and we all win.! everyone get to be happy, all soap fans will get all they ask for.

  • Linda Gross

    Don’t they mean 2013????

  • What about Matthew Roxie & Nigel Bo Nora Gigi Rex and Shane