The Big Talk: Has ABC Declined Offers for All My Children and One Life to Live?

( — Daytime's biggest night was Sunday, June 19, but before the star studded "Daytime Emmy Awards" got underway there was talk around the Hilton that ABC had received offers from multiple unnamed production companies seeking to purchase the rights to "All My Children" and/or "One Life to Live" from the Walt Disney owned television network nearly three months since it canceled the dramas. This despite the network making it clear there was no longer a wide enough audience to sustain viewership and advertising dollars. Reasons for declining said offers remained unclear as Soap Opera Network went to press.

Since announcing the cancellations on Thursday, April 14, TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan revealed that network insiders were telling him that ABC was open to selling "AMC" and "OLTL" to anyone "that might be interested in picking up the shows or even taking over ownership."

An ABC rep declined comment.

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