Clearing Up the Statements: What Will ABC Daytime Look Like in Fall 2012?

Disney/ABC Television Group

After news broke today that ABC would be bumping “” from its long time 3:00 PM ET/2:00 PM PT timeslot beginning in September 2012 in favor of a new talk show, the network was forced to calm the nerves of fans who are still reeling from the cancellations of “” and “.” Unfortunately, the network is just delaying the inevitable to placate fans from believing that their favorite soap could be next.

“As you’ll note, we went out of our way to state that we continue to support the show,” Disney-ABC Television spokesman told . “We have a long time between now and fall of 2012, so fans should be encouraged to continue watching and supporting.”

Brockman’s statement was echoed by , Vice President, Publicity, ABC Daytime/SOAPnet. “The announcement does not mean the inevitable cancellation of ‘General Hospital,'” said Petersen. “Rather it means that in September 2012, we will program our daytime block with our three strongest shows. We’ll have options for the daytime daypart just like with do each year with prime-time. We believe in all of our shows and the ones that our viewers want will be the ones that continue. There are many options that could happen … only time will tell. We are simply giving ourselves options for the future, which is a smart way to do business. The best way to ensure a favorite show stays on the air is to watch it.”

If you read the statements clearly, no where does it state that “General Hospital” is indeed safe. Petersen’s “we will program our daytime block with our three strongest shows” means that if “” and “” are successful and “General Hospital” is canceled, they will join “” as the “three strongest shows” on ABC Daytime. Let’s reminds ourselves that ABC is giving back the fourth hour of its daytime schedule to affiliates beginning in September 2012 with the understanding that while Couric’s show will air in syndication (ie. not just ABC affiliated stations), it will air solely in the 3:00 PM ET/2:00 PM PT timeslot as Oprah Winfrey did in the 4:00 PM ET/3:00 PM PT over the course of her 25-years hosting “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” This will be the deal breaker the Disney/ABC Television Group will make with affiliates looking for programming to air beginning in fall 2012.

Will “General Hospital” indeed be canceled? No one is saying that either, but unless “The Chew” or “The Revolution” flat out bomb and the network loses money, odds are “GH” will end in September 2012 to make room for Katie Couric.

Side Note: While we understand that Oprah’s show did not air at 4:00 PM ET/3:00 PM PT in all parts of the country, the majority of stations airing her show were contracted to air the program during those hours.

  • If ABC drops GH I will stop watching any ABC show period! I am a self proclaimed TV junkie, I watch more tv than anyone else I know, but if  ABC drops General Hospital I will never watch another show of ABC tv. There is not a single show on their network that means more to me than this show! I watch just about every show in the ABC line up at night, what I do not watch live, I watch on tape ( yes I still video tape tv) I am such a die hard fan that when I was a teen and was living on the streets cause I ran away If the cops had bee smart they would have caught me at the mall watching GH in the stores. When I could not afford cable and there was no tv signal I actually stood on the boardwalk in  my town, hand on the rail, foot on the light post, with a little am/fm receiver that picked up the show. I looked like a complete idiot, and if there was a storm, I was still there, the signal was better! I have given up every luxury I had for myself as a Mom to keep my General Hospital! Living in a  Tent ( in a camp ground) with my kids for a summer I had an electric antana, the only show I recorded for myself was my General Hospital! I may be behind on the soap, but the only episodes I do not have on tape for the time I am behind is from cable outages that I lost the show. I had just 1 video tape of me as a kid, a friend had had home movies copied onto 1 for me, and I needed a tape for a GH episode, guess what, I no longer have the home movies! My family is not a close one, My sisters and I are very different, not just because of age, (9 yr old big sis, 6 yr younger little sis) but GH is one common ground between us, we fight over every thing else, but never GH! ( My one sister and I even had a 2 week fight over the shade of blue of the bay during a storm!, but no fights over GH, spirited discussions yes, but no fights!) Hell ABC I love my GH so much that if you want, come restrict my TV so all I can watch is your channel, but keep my GH! I have not watched 1 episode of the shows you put on to replace the other soap you took off the air, but if you leave my GH alone I will suffer through the garbage you put on, just to keep my GH!

    • Aphyasst

      I think ABC programming during the day is abismal. Why do they have 3 hours of of news? It is not necessary and good afternoon america is similar to good morning america. Overall the program is boring. I liked watching its soap operas. How about starting a writing blitz to keep General hospital on and move Katie to 4P.M. one less hour of news would be O.K. and she could have OPERA’s spot.

      • Windy

        What a good idea. ABC news starts at 4:30 in the morning and runs until 7 when GMA starts for an additional 2 hrs. Then talk show, talk show, news news talk/cook show, GAA, GH (Yay), Dr. Oz, news news news news etc. etc. Enough is enough.

    • Lynn-A

      I too will not watch any of the shows that have taken the place of my AMC and OLTL. I really truly miss them and I know I am not the only one. Why do we need 3 hours of news and them again at 11:00;pm. CRAZY!!!!!!

  • kyla

    Been stop watching ABC every since AMC & OLTL left the building they won’t make a fool outta me Again!

  • Kelkam

    Seriously, ABC has far too many talk shows as it is!!!! Why would you cancel a show without polling your fans to find out if another talk show is what they really want. So stupid!!! A day on ABC consists of Live with Kelly (a talk show), The Doctors (a talk show), The View (a talk show), The Chew (a talk show), The Revolution (yet another talk show)!!! REALLLLY!!!!!!

  • Rita

    why on earth would you put on another talk show,it is so boring to hear people talk and talk and it is always the same kind of stuff.The talk shows are all the same they focus on what people look like what they eat and how much they are supposed to weigh.For those of us that are home during the day and watch Gh it gives us an hour to relax and not think of our problems even if only for an hour.if you put another talk show on and take off GH I will not watch any of your shows,the only reason I watch your network is to watch GH and Ellen otherwise i watch other networks like CBS.Please don’t take away GH.

  • Mommablade

    ok  now abc good afternoon america is taking 2pm slot mon 7-11-12  whats up with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    dont take off gh

  • Lillyahern

    why not drop 1 of 3 hours of local news–GH is entertainment– 3 hours of local news is unbearable

    • Lynn-A

      all I can say to that is AMEN!!

  • Lillyahern

    why not drop 1 of 3 hours of local news–GH is entertainment– 3 hours of local news is unbearable

  • Well the Revolution was canceled so GH Better stay on the AIR!!!! Last year ABC got rid of 2 very popular Soaps and replaced it with garbage talk shows that go nowhere in discussion. They finally got rid of Revolution, hopefully the Chew is next!!

  • Disappointed

    OK ABC. When CBS cancelled ATWT and GL I decided to stop watching any CBS daytime show and I have stuck to my decision. If you at ABC decide to cancel General Hospital in favor of another talk show I will be making the same decision with ABC as I did with CBS. Too many talk shows on the air now and most of them consist of yelling and make no sense at all. I more than likely will move to Cable tv when I watch daytime tv. With the way things are going in the world today, it is nice to sit down for an hour of entertainment and forget about our own troubles. The Revolution was revolting and The Chew churns my stomach!

  • Windy

    If ABC cancels General Hospital after canceling the other two AMC and OLTL earlier this year they will permanently lose me as a viewer for all of their daytime shows including the news which is the best on TV. How many “talk” shows must we endure? Leave us at least ONE of the soaps. Now that OLTL stars are joining in GH programming, it is a revival of sorts of one of the cancelled shows merging with GH. I like how they did that. I just saw that Dr. Oz is going to be on at 2:00 and Katie at 3:00. Is GH taking the cancelled Revolution slot at 1:00 ? ? ?

  • Angie-General Hospital SHOULD NOT BE CANCELLED! There is way too much talk, opinions, makeovers, how to’s, and cooking in the ABC TV Programing now!!!!! Whats wrong with some FUN DRAMA in the daytime? Please save one of my FAVORITE shows!

  • Dawn

    I have been a loyal GH fan for over 35 years, along with ABC being the main network that I watch for news, and other programming. I agree with other people that will stop watching ABC if they cancel GH. Adding the new characters from the other soaps was a great move; the fans from the other soaps have a place to go, remove GH and you remove ALL of the fans. I will never watch Katie Couric and ABC will lose many, many loyal watchers..DO NOT CANCEL GH, it will end up a huge mistake by ABC executives………..

  • Gisele

    Enough with these stupid talk shows!! Has anyone at ABC ever heard of “TMI”? Honestly, it’s overkill with the regurgitation of information that all these shows engage in. Katie Couric’s show has mentioned upcoming topics that Dr. Oz has already covered. Why keep reinventing the wheel? I ABC that out of ideas? Look what happened to the Revolution. It would nice to keep General Hospital for its entertainment value. If they cancel General Hospital, I will certainly not watch Katie Couric, aside from the fact that she is annoying, her so-called “topics” have already been covered ad nauseum.

  • Ann

    Seriously they can’t cancel General Hospital, that is the Best day time soap and I have been watching it for over 35+ years. I even have my 18 year old daughter hooked. I dont want to see Jason and Sam end. I just love this Soap. I watch faithfully everyday. Please Dont Cancel.:(


    This is ridiculous… No one wants another talk show.. Too much reality like TV these days. Give the loyal fans what they want. Its bad enough AMC and OLTL was cancelled. The revolution was absolutely horrible. The Chew is tolerable but not by much. If ABC cancels GH, I will not watch this channel, news including. I guess NBC will be it for me.

    • soapfanGH


  • Tina

    I have watched ABC from morning until night for over 15 years. I General Hospital is canceled and replaced with another boring talk/news show I will stop watching ABC altogether. And what about the new nighttime show 666 Park Ave. Are you kidding me? Did Satan take over this network????

  • fedup

    After almost a lifetime as a faithful ABC viewer, I am done! Your news coverage is a joke: nothing but superficiality and arguments. Daytime is a disaster: GMA is virtual silliness (20 minutes in and you’re airing the monkey stories have started ), cancellation of AMC and OLTL and their truly disappointingly redundant replacements, GH on the chopping block, and a local affiliate which airs the same stories all day. Program developers/decision makers are sorely out of touch with your long time viewers. Disney should stick with entertaining at the theme parks!

  • m peterson

    Another talk show? ?????? Get REAL! I will not be watching your network if CH gets canceled!

  • fedup

    After almost a lifetime of watching ABC almost exclusively, I am done. News has lost its stature: superficiality and arguments abound, local affiliates airs 3 hours of news that is repeated from 11pm to 6am to 4pm to 5pm to 6pm??!! GMA is nothing short of silliness: within 20 minutes the monkey stories are being aired, and Disney self-promotion is pitiful, AMC and OLTL are cancelled and replaced with repeatedly boring food, and self-improvement shows done far better on other channels, GH could very well be on the chopping block (which like many of the previous contributors, will be MY last straw as well) Programmers and program developers need to be replaced will personnel who are more in touch with your viewing audience, or just let Disney stick to theme parks!

  • soapfanGH

    I will boycott Katie Couric and so will all my friends and family… just as The Revolution(yuk!) FAILED from boredom, I predict that Couric will DIE also!! She herself is totally BORING! There is NO better show than General Hospital and all it’s marvelous actors! I’ve watched it for over 35 years at 3PM …and do not like this change to 2PM at all!!!!

  • PhilH04401

    Hell I dont ever remember being asked as a tv watcher what shows should be cancelled. Im a viewer and from what i see there are many here that didnt get asked either. I can say there are very few talk shows i like like Ellen another tv staton. Could care less about another cooking show no offense to Rachel Raye for she is Great. General Hospital is a classic my family from when i was a little boy have watched it on abc for years and my family of today watches it as well. Try to remember this isnt about you who choose its the viewers … SO LEAVE general hospital alone and take off the talk shows that dont need to be there the view is ok .. Barbara Walters still love you too. From Childhood watched you. Im 46 now.

  • Up Set American Viewer

    ABC should be ashamed of themselves, they not only are taking off good shows but their Disney products are all made in China. That is a slap in the face of the Americans, who watch the shows. When something works why do you have to change it. You want to pull in the young viewer and they are not the people with the money..The talk shows stink, the Chew is ok, but that other show Stinks,Keep GENERAL HOSPITAL !!!.You should be bringing work back to the USA give the Americans the Jobs, not China..Everything made in China has something in it that will make you sick.. I think ABC/Disney went over to the Dark Side, for sure!! ; (

  • Sheila Monroe

    The only thing I don’t understand is why their moving GH from 3 o’clock to 2 o’clock. Why doesn’t Kati Couic move her talk show to another time slot??? What makes her so special? And I agree with what everyone else here…DON’T TAKE OFF GH!!!

  • Donna

    I am almost done with ABC. I have watched it every possible day for 50 yrs. I seldom watch it in the evenings any longer. Take General Hospital off and I am done totally with ABC. We are being over run with talk shows!!! The Revolution is the worst program on tv, the Chew barely tolerated. Good Afternoon America is just an almost repeat of the antics
    on GMA. Anderson is on the edge of horrible! Get a clue and listen to your public opinions!

  • Admiral

    I can’t deal with hours of news talk shows. Way too many.
    OLTL was soooooooooo much fun. GH is a little more serious.
    This is the stuff I groove. After my dose of early bird news shows
    and Jeopardy, I am ready for some fun drama. May have to go
    to USA or FX or something. Katie is overrated. ABC is saving money
    and collecting revenue. AND LOSING VIEWERS. I catch up my
    primtime DVR shows during those talk show times or work at