How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


OLTL PreVUE: Week of January 4 Edition

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Thursday, December 31, 2009 at 9:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

( — Broken hearts, broken promises.


Kyle and Fish are happy and in love. Elsewhere in Llanview, Starr blasts Langston for obsessing over Ford. Cristian lets Ford know that Layla is with him when he tries to put the moves on her on Wednesday, January 6. Apologizing for his actions, Ford strikes up a friendship with Cristian. Layla and Cristian realize that they are now boyfriend and girlfriend. Shaun and Destiny reflect on their miserable love lives. And something about Ford just gets under Markko’s skin. Meanwhile, Langston can’t seem to stop thinking about Ford.

The Inside Story: One Step at a Time

Brody advises Charlie that he can’t keep lying for him. Charlie painfully admits to Viki that he has fallen off the wagon, and that he doesn’t think he can stop drinking. Mitch informs Dorian that he has one final task for her with regards to Bo on Monday, January 4. Armed with an envelope from the former cult leader, Dorian levels a shocking allegation against the ousted top cop. By Tuesday, January 5, Mayor Lord confronts Bo with the letter opener used to stab Mitch, and accuses him of tampering with evidence. Natalie quickly comes to her uncle’s defense by confessing to stabbing Mitch. However, John steps forward and takes full responsibility for the incident, in an attempt to protect Bo and Natalie. With tempers flaring, Bo agrees to step down as police commissioner to help take the heat off John and Natalie. By Thursday, January 7, Dorian is aware of the consequences when she is forced to do Mitch’s bidding once more and appoint disgraced former Mayor Stanley Lowell as Bo’s replacement. Outraged and disgusted, Starr, Blair, Langston, and Addie all walk out on Dorian. Marty confronts John over his need to help people, whether they need it or not. As Charlie fights the urge to drink, Viki takes him to visit Jared’s grave, where they find Natalie an emotional wreck. Bonded by grief, Charlie and Natalie come together in their time of need. And the Cramer girls plus Jack and Sam arrive on Todd’s doorstep on Friday, January 8, to tell him of Dorian’s latest actions. As for Dorian, she is visited by Mel’s spirit, who warns her that the worst is yet to come. Also, when Blair jokingly tells Elijah that they should hook up, and they share a kiss. In an attempt to forget with whom their hearts truly belong, Blair and Elijah have an evening of wild, hot sex. Eli hopes he and Blair can be friends with benefits.

A Closer Look: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Shane’s arrival at the cabin puts an abrupt halt to Gigi and Schuyler’s morning of bliss. Angered by what he sees, Shane accuses his mother of breaking up their family just to be with Schuyler. On Monday, January 4, Gigi informs Schuyler that she will not let her son tell her how she will live her life. Roxy is uneasy when Kyle questions her about Mitch. Meanwhile, Rex arrives at Viki’s cabin to visit Gigi. By Tuesday, January 5, Gigi is forced to confess her tryst to Rex, who is left heartbroken by the turn of events. Rubbing salt in his wounds, Gigi goes on to tell Rex how she has chosen to be with Schuyler. On Thursday, January 7, Mitch enacts his revenge on Stacy for refusing to give up her unborn baby, by ordering Nurse Gayle Charles to attack Stacy with a drug-laced syringe. Later, Mitch is none to happy with what he sees when he arrives at Rex’s loft. Meanwhile, Rex seeks legal advice from Elijah, who warns him against fighting Gigi for full custody of Shane. Stacy is terrified of Mitch after learning what he capable of. Rex arrives just as Mitch and Nurse Charles are kidnapping Stacy. Rex warns Mitch again about harming his family. Gigi cannot believe that Rex talked to Elijah on Friday, January 8. The pair soon manage to reach an understanding when they decide that Gigi should move back to the carriage house to live with Shane. However, Rex remains adamant that Schuyler is not to spend the night when Shane is at home. Elsewhere, Téa tells Todd that she loves him, but can’t see him for Danielle’s sake. Todd tells Téa that he still loves her too, and understands why she is wanting to leave town with their daughter. As Todd and Téa are drawn into a kiss on Tuesday, January 5, so are Matthew and Danielle, who both admit they have never kissed anyone before. Todd and Téa have a hard time parting company on Wednesday, January 6, and make love. Afterward they pray for the day when they can be a family, and agree to be patient and wait until the time is right. Todd laments to Blair that he may never get the chance to know his daughter, and thinks of Téa. Arriving in Tahiti with Danielle, Téa can’t stop thinkig about Todd.

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    AMC PreVUE: Week of January 4 Edition

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    Thursday, December 31, 2009 at 9:00 AM ET by Angela Rosa

    ( — Pine Valley celebrates its 40th birthday this week.


    On Monday, January 4, Ryan warns Hayley that a lot has changed since she last stepped foot in Pine Valley. Hayley and her new step-mother, Annie, don’t hit it off. Madison comes through for the Hubbard’s. Angie continues to be a source of strength for Madison. Liza and Tad kiss and make-up on Wednesday, January 6. Bailey turns to Liza for help after Damon gets into a jam. Liza comes face to face with Stuart again. On Thursday, January 7, a fed up, and completely finagled, Amanda threatens to leave Jake if he doesn’t back off of David. JR admits his fears to Marissa. On Friday, January 8, an unnerved Annie learns that her ace in the hole, Adam’s crooked judge, dismissed himself from Emma’s custody hearing thanks to Liza.

    The Inside Story: The Times to Remember
    On Monday, January 4, after making a grand entrance with Mateo, Hayley announces that she’s returned to tape a special episode of her talk-show “Wave” in honor of Pine Valley which has been named “Best Town in America.” On a special episode of “AMC,” airing on Tuesday, January 5, Hayley’s celebration of Pine Valley airs in segments titled “My Home,” “Love and Marriage,” “Family Friendly,” “Loss,” “Saying Goodbye to Pine Valley,” and “Hope.” In these segments, the town’s leading citizens and many faces that have left their mark on Pine Valley during the past four decades share memories and speak from their heart about what their beloved hometown means to them.

    A Closer Look: Wood on the Fire
    Hayley is shocked when she realizes something is going on between Ryan and Erica on Monday, January 4. David explains to Greenlee why he let everyone believe she died in the accident. Greenlee debates calling Ryan after David give her the news that she needs a potentially life-threatening surgery to repair her spinal cord if she ever hopes to walk again. Erica and Ryan both realize what they want. Ryan pulls Erica into a passionate kiss. On Wednesday, January 6, Greenlee’s happy dream of being reunited with her loved ones ends right before she gets to the part with Ryan. Ryan abruptly takes off after Opal barges in on him and Erica in a very intimate moment. Erica and Ryan are consumed by thoughts of each other. Ryan and Erica make love on Thursday, January 7. David doesn’t shatter Greenlee’s fantasy of life back home.

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      GH PreVUE: Week of January 4 Edition

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      Thursday, December 31, 2009 at 9:00 AM ET by Angela Rosa

      ( — Facing your fears.


      Lucky overhears Nikolas professing his love for Elizabeth on Tuesday, January 5. Elizabeth doesn’t correct Lucky when he naturally assumes that Nikolas’ love for her is all one-sided on Thursday, January 7. Robin steps up to the plate for Jason when Lisa finds him with a gun in Ronnie’s hospital room. Lisa slyly pokes Patrick after Robin’s feelings for Jason on Wednesday, January 6. On Friday, January 8, Lisa continues to subtly manipulate Patrick as she recalls their wild past.

      The Inside Story: Damsels (and Hitmen) In Distress
      Franco targets Sam and Carly. A desperate Jason turns to Lucky for help in manipulating Franco. Lucky “arrests” Jason for Claudia’s murder. On Tuesday, January 5, the unsettled mobster realizes Franco is one step ahead of him upon rescuing Carly from the madman. Jason demands the truth from Ronnie at gunpoint. Franco captures Lulu. On Wednesday, January 6, Maxie gives Dominic unsettling news about Lulu after he finds her rummaging through Franco’s studio. Dominic begins to put the pieces together after spotting specs for building a bomb in the studio. Elsewhere, Spinelli learns that a warehouse has been rented under the name “S. McCall.” Lulu struggles to stay calm while strapped to a chair wired with explosives. Lucky and Dominic begin a desperate search for Lulu. Jason and Franco come face to face. After goading an unnerved Jason into revealing more about himself on Friday, January 8, Franco warns the mobster that time is running out for Lulu and Sam. Dominic and Jason each race to rescue their loved one.

      A Closer Look: The Sins of the Father
      On Monday, January 4, Sonny works to convince an unnerved Michael to keep his mouth shut after he learns that Claudia’s body is missing. Reeling from their close call with Franco, Carly and Jax agree it would be best to leave the country with Josslyn and the boys until Franco is taken care of. Tempers flare when Sonny informs Jax and Carly that he is not going to allow them to leave with his sons on Wednesday, January 6. Sonny and Jax both plead their cases to Carly. Franco taunts Sonny. Sonny realizes Franco has the means to destroy Michael. Carly rips into Michael when he blames Jason for their problems. On Thursday, January 7, an emotional Michael reveals to Carly just how tormented he’s been since killing Claudia. Michael relates his conflict to Sonny. Sonny tries to help Michael work through his issues over killing Claudia.


      • Sonny tells Jason and Carly that they need to band together to protect Michael. (Soap Opera Digest)

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