How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

Uncharacteristic behavior…
Monday, November 3, 2008 11:51 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Brad gets himself into a world of trouble; while Luke does the unthinkable…


Dusty goes to Sandusky to talk to Josie. While visiting, he tells her all about Jennifer, to which she becomes sympathetic. Soon after, the doctor arrives and assuming Dusty is her husband, tells him that Josie can go home. Dusty offers up his home to her. Emily pays a visit to the grave of her lost daughter when Paul comes upon her. The two share a bonding moment, in which Paul asks Emily to speak kind of him to Meg. Later when Emily sees her, she does as he asks. Meg goes to the cemetery and she soon finds herself growing close to Paul. The next morning, Emily spots Dusty and Josie. She immediately questions Dusty’s judgement about the young woman.

When Lucinda is spotted by Lily at the hospital after a check-up, she is stunned by Lucinda’s cool distance. Not wanting to share news about her cancer, Lucinda dishes out some heartbreak when she tells Lily she made her choice in their strained relationship. Brian witnesses the tension and approaches Lucinda. She shares her news with him, who in turn tells her he’s there for her.


Luke hits the roof when he learns that Kevin is buying students votes. Noah advises Luke against confronting Kevin, but Luke disregards him and goes anyway. Kevin gloats that Luke doesn’t stand a chance and that he’s already got the election in the bag. Across town, a disappointed Margo can’t believe that Casey has gotten himself suspended. Alison soon visits him to tell him they still need to be a support system to Luke by voting for him. When they approach Luke, Casey makes a joke about stuffing the ballot box. Luke takes him at his word, however, and do just that. Noah is disappointed to learn that Luke is willing to cheat to win. Luke, Casey and Reg all have plans in stuffing the ballot box after seeing Kevin celebrating early. Later that day, a very disappointed Noah watches as Alison, Casey and Reg all celebrate with Luke on his win.

Katie sees red when she spots Spencer shopping for sexy lingerie. She tells Brad that he can’t go to Chicago because she believe Spencer is going to put the moves on him. Brad laughs off her suspicions and takes the trip to Chicago anyway. Once there, Katie’s warnings ring true when Brad has to fight off Spencer’s advances. When he returns home, he apologizes to Katie and tells her she was right. She tells him that he must tell Kim about it but when he heads there, Spencer has already filled Kim’s mind with her lies that Brad tried to seduce her. Furious that Kim would believe Spencer, he confronts her and demand she tell Kim the truth. In the process of trying to get her to do the rigth thing, he accidentally tears her blouse. Spencer cries wolf to Margo, unaware that Katie is there with her, demanding charges be brought up on him. Angry that Brad disregarded her orders to stay away from Spencer, Kim fires him. Margo and Katie soon worry that Brad could make things worse with his temper. Meanwhile at the bar, Brad gets a call from Spencer who apologizes for what she’s done. She asks if they can meet but when he is unable to locate her in the lounge at the Lakeview, he goes to her room. Opening the door, he finds that Spencer is dead. Brad soon calls Katie who rushes to the hotel, soon followed by Margo. Margo tells them both to keep quiet till she figures everything out. Unfortunately for Brad, all evidence begins to point to him when the ballistics report comes in. Margo has no choice but to take him in.

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A reason to worry?…
Monday, November 3, 2008 8:46 AM | By Venus Stone

( — Katherine’s good Samaritan ways could cost her more than she realizes…


Victoria has had enough of Adam and gives him a serious warning. Anger sets in for Michael when he realizes that it was Gloria’s actions that caused River to go on the run for so many years. Olivia makes another return to Genoa City. Nikki turns to Ashley for help regarding Victor. Lily begins to flirt with someone new. Kevin discovers a bag loaded with cash. Jack gets a visit from John. Ashley comes face-to-face with Victor in Paris.


Despite putting her life in chaos, Katherine continues to reach out to Marge. Jill, unaware of Kay’s actions, begins to wonder if something is seriously wrong with her. When Katherine refuses to tell Jill where she’s been, Jill gives her a serious ultimatum. Katherine continues to do what she can for Marge, and later finds out that she is in a rehab center. Jill decides what to do regarding Katherine’s role at Chancellor Industries, unaware that her mother is in serious danger.

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GL PreVUE: Week of November 3 Edition

Saturday, November 2, 2008 10:43 PM | By Angela Rosa

( – Turning points.


Touched by Bill’s love for Lizzie, Daisy places a call to Grady. Josh doesn’t want Reva going after the kidnapper. Mallet vents to Coop about Marina’s insecurities about Dinah, while Buzz tries to calm Marina down about Mallet. Mallet and Marina both realize how lucky they are to have each other. Olivia continues her crusade for prison reform.

The Inside Story: Goodbye Springfield

RJ’s run in with Mallet spells the end of Cyrus’ deception. A hurt Cassie tells Cyrus to stay out of her life after he tells her that he’ll always be a thief just like he’ll always be Grady’s brother. Cyrus refuses to answer when Mallet questions if he planned the whole robbery just so Cassie would leave him. Cassie explains to Reva that while Cyrus eased her pain over Tammy she’s not over losing her and needs to leave Springfield. Reva tries to enlist Jeffrey and Josh’s help in changing Cassie’s mind. Dinah apologizes to Cassie for everything. Reva lashes out at Cyrus, who is upset to learn of Cassie’s decision to leave. Reva’s plea to Cassie fails. Cassie confronts Cyrus and tells him she knows the truth and thanks him. Cassie tries to get Reva to understand her decision. Cassie pays an emotional visit to Tammy’s grave.

A Closer Look: Curing what Ails

Lizzie sets Decker and Alan straight about Bill’s position in the business and later apologizes to Dinah for misjudging her. Mallet informs Dinah that they’re closing in on an arrest for the kidnapping. Dinah tells Grady that she’s going to make sure her brother gets better after he observes that it would be best for them if Bill never wakes up. Lizzie refuses to leave Bill’s bedside. Grady questions Lizzie. Dinah researches Bill’s condition. Lizzie tries to reassure the stockholders and press that a faltering Spaulding-Lewis will overcome. Dinah is stunned when she walks into a surprise gathering to celebrate everything she did for Bill. Grady enters Bill’s room while no one is there and seems poised to suffocate Mr. Lewis.

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