How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

Wednesday, May 21, 2008 3:37 PM | By Xavier Toups

Charles Pratt Jr.

( — Soap Opera Network has learned James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten have been fired as Headwriters from ABC’s “All My Children.” Effective immediately, Charles Pratt Jr. will be taking over as Head Writer.

As Co-Head Writers of “All My Children,” Brown and Esensten’s tenure only lasted one year. With declining ratings and disappointing storylines, speculation of their firing had been imminent.

Pratt began his daytime career writing scripts for “General Hospital” in the early 1980′s. He joined “Santa Barbara” as a Script Writer and was later promoted to Co-Head Writer – he won two Daytime Emmy Awards (1989, 1991) and a Writers Guild Award (1990). He left “SB” in 1991. Pratt also co-created “Sunset Beach” with Robert Guza Jr. and Josh Griffith. Though he never wrote for “Beach,” he served as an Executive Storyline Consultant for its first year. In 2002, Pratt and Guza returned to “GH” as Co-Head Writers where he won another Daytime Emmy (2003) for Outstanding Writing Team. He quietly left “GH” in 2006 and began writing for the FOX primetime series “Vanished.”

Pratt is best known for his “Melrose Place” work, where he was a writer from the beginning to the end – he also served as an Executive Producer and Director. Pratt created the short-lived soaps, “Models Inc.” (with Frank South) and “Titans,” and worked as a Consultant on “Pacific Palisades.” His other primetime credits includes: “Desperate Housewives,” and “Ugly Betty,” where he was listed as a Consulting Producer.

There is still no word if Pratt’s hiring will affect Daren Little, who was hired as a Creative Consultant earlier this week. Little comes from England and has has worked on British soaps such as “Coronation Street,” “Hollyoaks,” and its spinoff “Hollyoaks: In The City.”

Wednesday, May 21, 2008 2:25 PM | By Xavier Toups

( — Soap Opera Network has learned that Hogan Sheffer is joining “The Young and The Restless” as Co-Head Writer. He will be top scribe of the CBS sudser along with current Head Writer Maria Arena Bell.

Sheffer was most recently the Head Writer for NBC’s “Days Of Our Lives,” which he joined in 2006. During the Writer’s Strike, he elected to go Financial Core status, but “DAYS” decided not to use his services and fired him soon after.

From 2000-2005 he was the Head Writer for CBS’ “As The World Turns,” where he won four Emmy Awards. Towards the end of his run he opted to take a lesser creative role in the writing staff and eventually left the show in 2006.

AMC PreVUE: Week of May 26 Edition

By Angela Rosa

( — The aftermath.



Zach finds Greenlee purging her place of all things connected to Aidan. Zach calmly helps a distressed Greenlee remove her engagement ring as she rants against Aidan and Kendall. Greenlee impulsively kisses Zach. Kendall turns to Ryan for help. Zach pulls out of Greenlee’s kiss knowing she’s just acting out over the hurt she feels. Greenlee insists to Zach that they need to get Kendall and Aidan out of their lives. Kendall’s arrival sends Greenlee off into the night. Ryan picks Greenlee up after she runs into a flat tire. Greenlee suggests that she and Ryan ride off into the night together but Ryan knows she’s just acting out of the hurt she feels. Annie is upset to find Greenlee in Ryan’s arms. Kendall attempts to make peace with Greenlee. Greenlee would rather dismantle Fusion than work with Kendall.

The Inside Story: Between Life and Death

Jake and Frankie work valiantly to stop Tad from bleeding to death, as Aidan and Greg try to calm the crowd in the ballroom. Frankie airlifts a critically injured Tad to the hospital. Krystal has the unfortunate task of informing Joe of Tad’s dire condition. Jake prepares to operate on his brother. Tad’s friends and family hold vigil at the hospital as Joe, Jake and Angie work to save his life in the operating room. Tad’s loved ones plead with him to wake up and come back to them. Dixie shows Tad what their lives would have been like if she had lived.

Dixie appears before Adam as he watches over Kathy. After learning about Tad, Adam goes to the hospital to be there for his loved ones. Jesse and Aidan are determined to find Kate before it’s too late and in the process find letters that Tad had written to his little girl. JR accuses Adam of anxiously waiting for Tad to die. Adam is unsettled when JR informs him that he’s going to make it his life’s mission to find Kate. JR’s words hit Adam, who heads to the hospital. Jake stops Adam from going to see Tad.

Around Town:

Jesse engages Robert in a life or death battle as Angie struggles to keep the helicopter from crashing; Frankie restrains Robert, who tries to taunt Jesse into killing him; Krystal stays by a dying Julia’s side at the hospital; Zach and Kendall are grateful for what they have together as they prepare for Spike’s birthday party; Angie finds comfort in Jesse’s arms.


Monday: Annie is annoyed by Ryan and Greenlee’s closeness. Tad hears a voice telling him he needs to return to his loved ones. Krystal makes a shocking realization.

Tuesday: Adam tells Tad the truth. Krystal blasts Adam for his treachery. Greenlee can’t bring herself to forgive Aidan.

Wednesday: Aidan surmises that Greenlee has never really gotten over Ryan. Erica gives Adam plenty to think about. JR wants to settle the score with Richie.

Thursday: Tad and Adam share a rare moment of peace. Greenlee plays on Kendall’s insecurities. Babe sets her plan in motion.

Friday: Kendall hopes she hasn’t pushed Zach away for good. Babe finds herself in a dangerous situation. Greenlee and Jake drown their sorrows.

By Errol Lewis

( — Passions ignite and connections arise as Port Charles readies for a shift in power.

Laura Wright


Elizabeth and Jason grow closer after she brings him to a cabin during the storm and he breaks down in her arms over his loss of Michael. Trevor and Johnny share words over Anthony and Lulu. Trevor plays a pivotal role in Luke getting arrested for money laundering. Robin wishes she could help Jason out. Patrick starts his own baby blog. Patrick admits to Robin that fatherhood is the scariest thing. Johnny and Lulu decide to keep seeing each other. Luke asks Tracy to run away with him and is surprised at Tracy’s response. Patrick and Robin agree to steer clear of each other’s blogs.

The Inside Story: New Connections Arise

After getting stabbed and pushed into the water by Jerry Jacks on the Thursday, May 15 episode, Claudia finds herself at Wyndemere and in the arms of a confused Nikolas Cassadine – Nikolas thinks that Claudia is Emily in the flesh even though his surgery also whipped out his hallucinations of her. After realizing Claudia is injured, Nikolas immediately brings her into the house and tends to her wounds. In her delirium, Claudia reveals her association with Ian to Nikolas, who himself realizes he shares some responsibility in Michael’s getting shot through his illegal dealings with Ian. In need of help with Claudia’s wounds, Nikolas contacts Nadine and asks her to come home with him, though she thinks its for more intimate purposes. Nikolas and Claudia reveals their stories on life and love. Nikolas warns Claudia that if anything happens to Lulu, he will reveal her role in Michael’s shooting.

A Closer Look: Sonny, Carly, Jax and Kate

Sonny and Carly have sex in the back of Sonny’s limo after leaving the medical care center that is taking care of a comatose Michael. Afterward, the two argue over the fact that Morgan might be safer without Sonny in his life – of which Carly presents Sonny with legal papers asking him to renounce his parental rights to Morgan. Jax and Kate both feel that they are being shut out by Sonny and Carly during their time of grief. Kate returns to Port Charles with hopes of reuniting with Sonny. Jax and Carly make love, but when Carly disappears into the night, Jax leaves leaves town and Carly with a note. Carly seeks Spinelli’s help in finding Jax.

What to Watch

  • Robin is surprised with Anna comes to her doorstep in full grandma mode.
  • Lucky tells Lulu to stay away from Johnny.


Monday: Encore Presentation (Metro Court Hotel Explosion OAD 02/01/07)

Tuesday: Sonny and Kate reunite; Johnny and Lulu grow closer; Spinelli pushes Sonny too far.

Wednesday: Jason agrees to Sonny’s terms – for a price; Anthony and Ric plot to turn Claudia and Johnny against each other; Sam agrees to help Spinelli with his sexuality.

Thursday: Jason puts together a plan to handle the Zaccharas his way; Carly and Jax realize they can’t ignore their problems any longer; Maxie uses Johnny to rile up Lulu.

Friday: Carly and Jax work on their marriage problems; Kate gets assurance from Sonny; Sam gives Spinelli further advice on how to win Maxie.

OLTL PreVUE: Week of May 19 Edition

By Scotty Gore

( — He love me, he loves me not…

Melissa Fumero


After making himself at home in Asa’s mansion, David delights in making Jared squirm in front of Nora and Clint, who are none to happy with their uninvited houseguest. In an attempt to keep David quiet, Jared whacks him over the head, rendering him unconscious. Jared and Nigel scramble to keep David out of sight as very slowly come to. Natalie arrives on the scene in time to assist Jared and Nigel in tying up David in the stables. David counters Jared’s death threats by extending him an olive branch, in which he tells Jared and Natalie that if they give him money they’ll never see him again. Realizing what needs to be done, Jared and Natalie make plans to out themselves before David does. Jared pays Charlie a visit. Natalie is left shaken when Clint almost stumbles upon David when he visits the stables. Charlie knows he must rock Viki’s world by confessing the truth to the woman he loves. Charlie heads to see Rex as he braces to tell Viki the truth.

The Main Event: The Wedding from Hell

As the priest asks if anyone has any objections to Rex and Adriana getting married, Gigi proclaims her love for Rex. After nonchalantly strolling down the aisle, Adriana punches Gigi’s lights out. Marcie encourages Gigi to tell Rex the truth about Shane, however, Brody arrives at the church before she can make another announcement. As Gigi and Shane leave the church with Brody, the boy wants his “father” to come stay with them. Gigi allows Brody to bunk with them for the night, as long as he sleeps on the couch. Brody dodges Gigi’s questions about how he ended up in Llanview. Adriana and a troubled Rex become husband and wife. Bo and Lindsay recall their own failed wedding attempt. Dorian can hardly control her emotions over the turn of events. Shane gives Adriana a rather wet welcome when she stops by to visit Gigi. As Adriana tries to coax her into another scheme, Gigi drops a bomb on Adriana. Brody physically removes Adriana from the premises as she bubble with anger.

Thanks to Todd, Starr and Cole end up in the hospital. Blair demands that Todd keep his distance from his daughter. John receives confirmation on Starr’s pregnancy from Cole. Blair is floored when the doctor informs her that both Starr and her baby are in good condition. Starr opens up to a guilty Blair. Starr confesses to her mother that she didn’t tell her about being pregnant for fear of her telling Todd. Blair angrily confronts Todd. John and Cole have a man- to-man conversation. Starr wounds Todd when she tells him that she will never be able to forgive him. Blair has Todd arrested on assault charges. Langston and Markko fill John, Blair, Starr, and Cole in on all the latest Llanview happenings. Blair decides to keep Todd in the dark about Starr’s pregnancy for as long as possible. Nora promises to keep Starr and Cole’s secret. Blair informs Starr that she is the one calling the shots now. Todd is angered to discover that Blair has changed all the locks and hired Shaun for protection. Todd is crushed when Starr lets him know in no uncertain terms that he scares her. Blair stands her ground and tells Todd to find somewhere else to live. Todd leaves, but not before making one final demand. Todd’s attempt at using Jack to play hardball is met with resistance from Blair. Starr helps out her mother by explaining to Jack that Todd is to blame for Blair kicking him out of the house. Todd grabs Sam and leaves, all the while vowing to return. As they prepare to celebrate their second wedding anniversary, Marcie and Michael agree to work to salvage their marriage. However, on their way out to dinner, they witness a car crash involving Todd and Sam.

Around Town:

Carlotta gives Talia a piece of her mind; Ramsey tattles his plan to steal the Mendorran Crown Jewels from Lindsay’s gallery to Antonio; Cristian comes clean to Sarah about Antonio, Talia, and John, and the two make love; RJ is hurt when Lindsay rejects him for Bo, warns her the truth will come out, and pays a visit to Nora; Bo has a change of heart about his relationship with Lindsay; Ramsey puts his plan into motion and plans to frame Talia for the crime; Lindsay promises revenge on Nora; Antonio is unable to alert Talia in time; RJ has Lindsay’s freedom in his hands.


Monday: Encore Presentation of Prom Night: The Musical episode from June 18, 2007.

Tuesday: Marcie refuses to hand over Sam to Todd for a second time. Adriana confronts Dorian, who goes to great lengths to keep her ruse alive.

Wednesday: Todd is hot under the collar with the recent events involving Sam. David realizes Dorian is up to something. Rex begins to grow suspicious of Adriana.

Thursday: Todd pleads his case to the judge. Viki becomes worried when she can’t reach Charlie. Nora decides to see if RJ has any dirt on Lindsay.

Friday: Todd unleashes his anger on Blair while in the courtroom. Jessica delivers some startling news to Natalie. Addie is overjoyed to have David back at La Boule.

A spouse continues to play games
Sunday, May 18, 2008 5:55 PM | By Venus Stone

( — A husband’s addiction could take Nikki for an unpleasant ride…


Victor comes to Nick’s and congratulates him on a job well done on Restless Style. Michael, Lauren and Kevin walk in on Gloria and Alistar in bed. Jeff opts to leave Genoa City for good, as he plans a trip to the Cayman Islands. Lily begins to wonder if something happened between Cane and Chloe. Brad makes the moves on Heather, which Victoria is witness to. Danny returns to Genoa City and offers Daniel something that could put a damper on his relationship to Amber. Adam makes a costly mistake that leads to a serious lawsuit. The Newman family take time to remember Cassie. Someone sideswipes Nick’s car.


JT informs Paul that David and Nikki tied the knot in Mexico, which causes Paul to do some serious investigation work on the man. When pressure is put on David to come up with the money he lost, he tries to pawn a wedding gift that Nikki gave him. Later, David goes out of his way to put out for a loan in Nikki’s name. Paul and JT dig up information that David had a lover back in Bermuda. Alone with Nikki, David tries to sweet talk her into setting up a joint bank account. Paul leaves for Bermuda to locate David’s ex. Nikki, in the meantime, tries talking to Victor. Meanwhile, David meets with Walter to get a loan to cover his debt.

Pictured: Melody Thomas Scott courtesy CBS

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Welcome well overstayed…
Sunday, May 18, 2008 4:55 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Katie continues to see red and trouble could be on the horizon for Noah and Luke…


Sophie tries to make moves on Paul, who is checking up on Barbara. Barbara, on the other hand is offered care by Meg when she passes out. Alison tries playing matchmaker for Casey, unaware that something went on between him and Emily. Later that day, Casey and Emily find themselves in a heated situation but is haulted when Tom comes unannounced. Things between Holden and Lily continue to go south when a wary Faith announces she wants them nowhere near her school dance. Across town, Carly and Jack are having their awkward moments too with one another. Alison becomes tense around Chris when he makes the offer to help her with her nursing courses.


Katie sets up house at a new place in an effort to keep Janet out of Brad’s radar. When she shows him their new digs, she’s feeling good about the idea until Janet and Liberty show up to spoil the moment. Janet immediately begins to play the guilt card on Brad, which annoys Katie. When Liberty tells Brad and Katie that she will stay at the Lakeview with her mom, Katie has a confession of her own for Brad. When alone, she admits the primary reason why she got a new place for them is to keep them away from Janet. Brad continues to console Katie, telling her there is nothing to worry about. The Lakeview contacts Katie to inform her of Liberty’s high room fee and she heads out to get her. Liberty tries to con Katie, but Katie immediately calls her out, saying she knows she had Parker at the Lakeview and spending a hefty tab. Meanwhile, Janet pulls out the charm when she arrives to see Brad. The minute Katie returns, she witnesses Janet and a shirtless Brad, who is eating, together. Brad quickly dismisses it while a pleased Janet exits their home. Unable to take it any longer, Katie sets some serious rules for Brad about Janet’s constant presence in their lives.

Noah finds the letter he thought he misplaced in a drawer at the cottage. When he informs Luke about it, Luke suspects that Ameera was the one that took it. Luke then makes the suggestion that Noah contact Lisa’s government friend, Ben Coyle, who could have information about both Col. Mayer and Ameera. Ameera, meanwhile finds herself face-to-face with Col. Mayer, who demands her help. Luke and Noah both return home to discover Ameera has written a letter announcing her departure from Oakdale. Shortly after, a cop shows up at the cottage to inform Noah that his father has escaped from prison. Noah assumes that she’s been kidnapped while Luke think Ameera left with Col. Mayer on her own wishes.

Pictured: Van Hansis courtesy CBS

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Cousins Raises ‘Cain’ in Llanview

Thursday, May 15, 2008 6:59 PM | By Scotty Gore

One Life to Live
( — “One Life to Live” is bringing back yet another familiar face.

On the heels of the news that Tuc Watkins, Andrea Evans, Thom Christopher, and Susan Haskell will all be reprising their “One Life to Live” roles this spring and summer, comes news that the sudser is bringing back still another fan favorite. is confirming that Christopher Cousins is reprising his role as conman Cain Rogan.

Cousins portrayed the infamous con artist Cain Rogan, who always employed the use of clever diguises to pull off his heists, from 1991-1994. While searching for information he could use against the powerful Asa Buchanan, Cain crossed paths with Tina Clayton Lord, whom he ended up taking the plunge into holy matrimony. Not long thereafter, the marriage fell apart and Cain and Tina got divorced.

While “OLTL” is keeping mum on the details, it has been said that his return will be tied to Andrea Evans’ return next month as Tina. Look for Cousins to first air in early July.

“One Life” Returns to Mendorra

Soap revisits past
Thursday, May 15, 2008 5:54 PM| By Scotty Gore

( — Head Writer Ron Carlivati brings another piece of Llanview history to life.

Following weeks of speculation, Soap Opera Network can now confirm that “One Life to Live” plans to resurrect the fictional European principality of Mendorra. The official word comes not from the daytime drama itself, but from the website of actor Jason Howland, who has previously appeared on “OLTL” as Boo, one half of Roxy Balsom’s poker buddies. On his website, Howland mentions that he recently taped an episode for the ABC sudser, in which he portrayed Mr. Caldwell, a museum curator from Mendorra. The episode, which was taped last month, is expected to air later this month.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Mendorra played a prominent role in several “OLTL” storylines. First, there was Tina Robert’s unquenchable determination to gain possession of the fictional nation’s crown jewels. Then there was Megan Harrison who was at one time involved with the Mendorran crown prince. After saving her life, he ended up permantetly blinded. As a result, Bo, Sarah, and Megan returned with him to Mendorra, where they bumped into Cassie Callison and her mother Dorian Lord, who had become Mendorra’s ambassador. And then there was the wedding of Sarah and Bo, while disguised as Prince Raymond.

This go around, Llanview Police Commissioner Lee Ramsey devises a plan to steal the Mendorran Crown Jewels, which are on display at Lindsay Rappaport’s art gallery. He confides his plan to Antonio, and let’s it slip that he plans to frame Talia for the heist. It has also been speculated that this is only the beginning of a much larger storyline that may also involve more of Llanview, including Tina Roberts, upon Andrea Evans’ return to the role in June. Look for these scenes to air beginning May 21st.

Pictured: Hunt Block courtesy CBS

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