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HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Find Out How ‘GH’ and ‘DAYS’ Stars Plan to Spend Their Christmas Break!

Jill Johnson/JPI Studios
Jill Johnson/JPI Studios

Rafe Hernandez, “DAYS”

“I just finished traveling, so I’m going to stay here. I’ve got all kinds of family coming into town, [my wife’s] mom and my father-in-law, and then my dad and his wife. I’m still trying to track my mom down, so we’ll see. So they’ll all be here. And we just got a puppy, so that’s making things a little crazy. We have the tree up and around the tree is a train set, a holiday train set, that we always set up, and it’s cool. And it has a village you set up, and we usually add something to that every year. And the kids totally love it. And then we have this ornament tradition where we introduce a new and meaningful ornament depending on what happens that year. Our tree is kind of this lineage tree. And we’ll be cooking Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,  because we just can’t get enough!”