‘General Hospital’ Preempted for Nancy Reagan Funeral Coverage


As first reported on our Twitter page earlier today, due to ABC News coverage of former first lady ‘s funeral, the network announced that it will be doing a full preemption of “” on Friday, March 11. Therefore, already completed episodes of the soap will be pushed back by one day, the network said. Reagan’s funeral is scheduled to begin at precisely 2:00 PM, EST and is expected to conclude by approximately 3:30 PM, EST.

With “General Hospital” not airing an original episode tomorrow, fans will now have to wait until at least Monday, March 14 to find out the contents of Helena Cassadine’s will, which was to be read as part of Cliffhanger Friday.

Reagan, who was 94 at the time of her death on Sunday, March 6, died of congestive heart failure.

  • Triumph The Insult Soap Dog

    Funeral had more going on than GH.

    • Matt

      There always has to be that one jerk that uses a funeral to make a joke about something. Totally disrespectful and pitiful

  • Steven

    I’m glad ABC gave us the news ahead of time!

  • Lovetheshow

    I’m confused as to why ABC is the only network broadcasting Ms. Reagan’s funeral. It’s an important event. That being said, I’ve been waiting all week for the reading of Helena Cassadine’s will and just can’t see why they couldn’t air Friday’s GH at a different time (ie: late at night) rather than push it back all the way to Monday!

    • JayTN

      NBC provided coverage, anchored by Lester Holt. I know CBSN, CBS’s digital 24 hour news network, provided coverage, but do not know if CBS did. Since some of these hours are reserved for local programming (such as NBC), local affiliates have the option of carrying coverage or not, so just because NBC provided coverage doesn’t mean that your local NBC affiliate decided to air it.

      • Lovetheshow

        Sadly, only ABC aired it in my area (Western NC).

  • Timmy Lee Roberts

    I respect Nancy Reagan, but ABC just showed people they are going to cancel General Hospital. They did not preempt anything else not even that mast The Chew!!!😢💩💩