Tristan Rogers Leaving ‘General Hospital,’ Per Head Writer

John Paschal/JPI Studios
John Paschal/JPI Studios

The return of (Robert Scorpio) to “” is short lived, it seems. According to head writer , the actor will be leaving the canvas in February. “I had no idea @tristanrogers was leaving. I found out last night. I now have 1 day to write him out of a big Feb Sweeps storyline,” Carlivati tweeted earlier today. He added, “Meanwhile, you will see a lot of Robert between now and February! And please respect @tristanrogers and his decision. Thanks.”

Rogers returned to “GH” in October in a storyline surrounding pappa Scorpio searching for his supposedly dead daughter, Robin Scorpio (). Robert worked closely with Anna Devane () in the the search for Robin (Kimberly McCullough), who is currently hiding out at the home of friend Nikolas Cassadine (). Robin was presumed dead as a result of her kidnapping by Jerry Jacks (Sebastian Roche).

  • Clayton

    God damn…I LOVE TR as Robert. 🙁 Some really crappy news. At least he has found employment on Y&R, though. All the best to him!! 🙂

  • Philip

    Maybe if GH had been better to him all along for the last 2 years he wouldn’t have left and given them a days notice. They rushed him out when the OLTL 3 came on and didn’t even let him stay around for his onscreen daughter’s funeral. Then they bring him back again and boom put him in a coma and out of sight again. I hope Y&R treats him right and I look forward to seeing him on there again.

    • Bexx The Clown

      What is funny is the person running Y&R is the person Tristan Rogers was most vocal against in Jil Farren Phelps. This is obviously a money decision.
      Obviously it was his choosing since GH’s head writer had no clue about it. The fact he is going to work for someone he was so vocal against in the past strikes me as odd but respect his decision and GH will move on with or without him.
      Id imagine when his Y&R run is done he will jump back to GH as he seems to have been doing off on the last few years.

    • Kim

      Are seriously blaming this on three actors? Tristan Rogers saw a good opportunity and took it. Was Robert Scorpio a frontburner chracter under Guza? I need facts, not personal attacks before I make any judgement calls.