Prospect Park: ‘We Are Not Commenting’

Prospect Park

With “’s” confirming that her show (and likely “”) has been canceled after getting word from Prospect Park’s lawyers in the last couple of days, Soap Opera Network once again reached out to Prospect Park to find out if A) Are both shows now officially canceled. B) Is Prospect Park possibly seeking/able to try another reboot down the road. C) How does this cancellation relate to their rights to the shows and D) Do the rights now revert back to ABC.

A representative for the company would only say, “We are not commenting.”

  • CTwildheart

    Of course they aren’t….UGH!

  • Carly

    At least they gave it a try !!

  • vidalove

    Well I got my shows back for another year. Too bad they were cancelled in the first place instead of the trash they kept like General Hospital. Melting faces and vampires is very riveting compared to family dramas, social issues like human trafficking and great acting. I’ll miss you All My Children.

    • Maureen Anderson

      General Hospital trash? Hhhmm lets see..which show is still on the air and which got cancelled not once but twice? OLTL was great when it was on ABC but when PP took it over it was nothing but smut and trash.

      • vidalove

        Honey Boo Boo and Kardashians are on the air. Doesn’t mean they aren’t trash. PP didn’t kill the shows, ABC did. Killed all the soaps for years until they were barely tolerable. I’ll take back OLTL instead of sitting through the nonsense that is GH.

        • Maureen Anderson

          Hey I’m not saying there isn’t trash on TV but come on. Those shows you mentioned would only last a few years. GH has passed 50. I don’t think trash would last that long. lol But I will agree that I wouldn’t mind getting OLTL back but that’s not going to happen so I’ll enjoy GH.

  • Thomas

    Let the lawsuitsand lies start here ………………………………………….!!

  • SoapFansTogether

    Historic chance for ABC to correct their past mistakes and get GH-like ratings the whole afternoon.

    Do with AMC and OLTL what has been done with GH – and you’ll be first in the key demos from 1pm to 4pm!!

    • liisa

      I agree… I have always loved GH but the writing has improved . It is no longer the Sonny and Jason show.

  • Scott Zaccagnini

    Both shows are cancelled so someone from Prospect Park has some explaining to do!

  • lisa

    Sorry to heart that ……Who is in charge of Prospect Park.? Apparently, they are not very forward thinking ….

  • Francine-Curry Girl

    Who really cares what they have to say? I sure don’t.

  • AMC Faithful viewer

    Maybe the morons at ABC have seen the errors of their way and want these shows back again. Certainly that garbage they have on now can’t be good for their ratings. I will say thank you to Prospect Park, they tried but obviously ABC didn’t like them succeeding where they failed.

  • Danny Hill

    i wasn’t especially surprised when the ‘prospect’ of AMC & OLTL going online fell i’m not necessarily surprised they’ve been canceled again..didn’t understand the abrupt departures of Todd, Starr and John from GH..but the entertainment industry being what it is, there’s no telling the reason for this back-and-forth…

  • Debos

    I’m extremely disappointed in Prospect Park and the way they’ve handled this whole thing. As a long time AMC fan, I wouldn’t have started watching the new online series and getting hooked again had I known that they couldn’t seem to handle the business of continuing the show. AMC has so many fans and it’s unfortunate that the fabulously talented actors and actresses in the show cannot continue to come into our lives each day and entertain us with tales of Pine Valley and and the heartfelt stories that are portrayed. If ABC was truly smart, they’d pick up AMC again.