UPDATE: The 30 Day Countdown Clock for ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’ Begins


Exactly thirty days from today, fans all across the world (okay, just America…for now!) will be rejoicing as “” and “” return with brand spanking new episodes. On their Twitter pages, @allmychildren and @onelifetolive, (Dixie Cooney, “AMC”) and (Jeffey King, “OLTL”) are the featured stars counting down to 30 days from the launch of their respective soaps on , and . Just in case you hate math like I do, that’s Monday, April 29, 2013!



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The OnLine Network

Are You Ready?

  • Noreen Harnik

    Can’t wait for April 29th!

  • I agree with Noreen Harnik. I can’t wait for April 29,2013 at noon. I know that it will be winner.

  • RCPcherry

    Can’t wait. It’s about time!

  • I am counting down. I might even take the day off. LOL

  • Tracy

    How much is it gonna cost on iTunes?

  • Me

    Pay to watch? No way this is gonna last!!! Let get GH for free…

    • J1053

      There is no charge for Hulu!!!

  • Me

    Should read I get

  • what time does it come on