‘On Air’ Follows Life After the Death of a Canceled Soap

“I wish she’d tell me what she was thinking” are the first spoken words in the teaser trailer for the upcoming  film “” by , a new production company formed by (“,” “Guidiing Light”) and acting coaches from “AMC” and “.” The film will tell the fictionalized story of life after a popular soap opera gets canceled and how the stars of the program are forced to move on.

In the teaser, Vilasuso is joined by former “AMC” co-star , whose character says that she “gave ten years of [her] life to that show. I still can’t believe we got canceled.” While the line provides an unintentional punch to soap fans still reeling from the loss of the ABC drama series as Minshew portrayed Kendall Hart on the program for nearly ten years, it does show that life does go on. While we will no longer be seeing some of our favorite stars portraying some of our all-time favorite characters, the business of soaps will continue in one form or another.

A release date for “On Air” isn’t expected until at least late 2013 as filming is scheduled to begin in early 2013. In addition to Vilasuso and Minshew, some of the soap stars associated with Paos include (“All My Children,” “,” and “”), (“All My Children,” “Guiding Light”), Julie Marie Berman (“General Hospital”), (“General Hospital”) and (“General Hospital”). A reality series called “Perfect Day,” which will profile various daytime soap stars along with one of their fans and an important charity the actor supports, is planned for release in early 2013.

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  • This is perfect!:) Thanks, Mr. Lewis, for writing an interesting article about that.=)

  • Thanks for the article, Mr. Lewis. We need to save the soap genre any way we can.

  • Grace Johnson

    Looking forward to it’s release next year!

  • Lauren

    The acting in that trailer left alot to be desired. No interest in this film it sounds kind of lame. We know what happens after a soap ends. The actors move on like any other show

  • joyce

    Great. Never got around to cancelling Soapnet after AMC left us. So now have the pleasure of watching older AMC episodes (fortunately, some I never had seen) every night. Deja Vu and a wonderful DV, I must say. God I miss you all. What a wonderful ensemble; you all really seem to like one another and it comes across loud and clear. Hope this new endeavor comes about and realizes nothing but a positive outcome!

  • Frankie Hoornaert

    I am so looking forward to watching this….thank you Mr. Lewis!!