Soaps: This is Your Life, New Documentary Paints Picture on Dying Genre


( — Last summer I was lucky enough to be included as an interviewee in the new soap opera themed documentary appropriately titled “Soap Life,” which follows the life, and possible death, of daytime soap operas. I can’t believe I forgot all about it and didn’t realize it until this morning!

Several past and present actors, producers, journalists and writers were interviewed for the documentary including , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and many more.

The crew behind the documentary recently surpassed their goal of raising $12,000 in funding for the project, but if you’d like to help out you are more than welcome to do so.

“Soap Life” is a new documentary about the changes taking place in the world of daytime drama. As more and more classic soap operas are cancelled or forced to move to exclusively new media distribution, the landscape of American television is going through unprecedented changes. We’ve spoken with executives, fans and a number of current and former daytime stars to get their perspective on what it all means and what lies ahead.

We are trying to raise the last amount of funds needed to finish our documentary. We still have a few weeks left to film in NYC and then post production where we need to edit, color correct, and clean up the audio.

We hope to finish the film within the next few months and the money we raise will help this become a reality.

Our gifts include a pre-order of the DVD, a collectible poster, an invite to the film’s premier, a special thanks in the credits, and the chance to make an appearance in the documentary.

For more on “Soap Life” visit their official website or head on over to their Facebook pageTwitter page or YouTube page.

  • Kia

    Deke Cheetwood? Lexi Ainsworth? Ronnie Marmo? They’ve hardly been in soaps what exactly would they be able to offer about the state of the industry they barely know anythnig about?  Where’s the interviewing of Susan Lucci? Eric Braden? Gene Francis, Tony Geary, Kristen Alfonso, etc..

    • let the numbers speak

      It’s obviously just part of that whole anti-soaps campaign that was started some years ago by the talk, game and cooking show lobby. But hey, people, it’s not 2010 anymore!! No advertiser that looks at the numbers and sees how much superior the top 4 soaps are in the key demos believes that crap (“dying genre”) anyway. They’re going to demand MORE soaps again in the very near future!!

  • tinafg

    Can’t wait to see this documentary!  Proud supporter!

  • let the numbers speak

    The soap genre is not “dying”. Even according to the outdated Nielsen ratings system (that doesn’t include a huge number of soap viewers that watch their soaps on the web and/or on mobile devices and so on), the top 4 soaps are drawing the best ratings since the 2007-08 this season (households) and by far the best ratings in the key demos that advertisers are actually interested in.

    So, if anything, there should be a documentary on the dilettantism of network execs that canceled decade-long cash cows that could now be in the exact same position as GH and DAYS if smart improvements had been made instead of killing these shows.