AMC Alerts: Week of September 12 Edition

Rodi Rosensweig

( — “” DVR for the Week of September 12, 2011.


  • Monday: Will Angie’s sight return? Kendall gets a mysterious text. John O’Hurley guest stars as film producer Kit Sterling.
  • Tuesday: Brot makes a confession to Natalia. Colby turns to Liza for comfort and support. Who does David still have hidden away?
  • Wednesday: Colby asks Liza if Maya can move in with them. Maya must make a decision about her baby. Dixie has a dream about Babe.
  • Thursday: Tad advises Jesse not to give up on Angie. Cara tells David shocking news. Will JR leave Pine Valley?
  • Friday: Zach surprises Kendall. Julia Barr returns as Brooke English.

  • Avis Dillon

    My sister got me hooked on AMC years ago and I have watched it ever since.  She has passed away so it is almost like a link to her.  I am really upset over ABC cancelling the show and especially since Prospect Park won’t restart it until January…who knows how many people will be interested in watching it after all that time?  I’m not sure I will be.  Especially if some of the main characters have bit the dust.  I was told that Tad and JR would not be returning and who knows who else will find something else to do in the next few months.