Prospect Park Aligning Staff for Online Television Network


Details are slowly trickling in from , the new production company that will be handling production and distribution of “” and “” once both series complete their runs on ABC.

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Prospect Park Names Technology Pioneer and Former Chairman and CEO as Partner and Member of Executive Team in Company’s Online Television Network Venture

Sclavos Also Appointed to Venture’s Board of Directors Along with Leading Technology Analyst, Venture Capital Veteran

Prospect Park

LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK, Aug. 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Radar Partners’ Stratton Sclavos is joining the new television online network formed by  and ‘s Prospect Park, the management, media and production company that recently forged a multi-year, multi-platform licensing agreement with Disney/ABC Domestic Television Group to continue production of “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” after the ABC run ends.  Sclavos was formerly Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of VeriSign Inc. where he started as one of its first employees in 1995 and led the company as it grew into an international corporation with over 4,000 professionals and $1.6 billion in revenues.  Under his leadership, VeriSign became a Fortune 1000 and S&P 500 company listed on the NASDAQ market.  In his new role as a partner, executive and board member, Sclavos will advise the network on technology, infrastructure and overall content delivery.  Azure Capital’s Mike Kwatinetz, who was also named to the network’s board, will provide the company with comprehensive strategic guidance.

“With a best in class team, proprietary programming and an opportunity to reshape the television landscape, I could not be more excited to be joining Jeff and Rich in their new venture,” said Sclavos who will also continue with his responsibilities at Radar Partners.  “I believe that we have the breakthrough formula for delivering the first online channel for high quality, first-run, long form content.”

“Stratton has a deep understanding of the complicated opportunities and challenges facing content companies in this digital age.  He shares with us a common commitment and vision to not only deliver audiences great content anytime and anywhere, but to truly transform the entertainment landscape using the ease of technology to tell and deliver stories to people around the world,” said Jeff Kwatinetz and Rich Frank.

Through its new online network, Prospect Park will produce and deliver the two long-running soap operas as well as other episodic programming to consumers via online formats and additional emerging platforms including internet enabled television sets.

During Sclavos’ time at VeriSign, the company built and operated a global infrastructure supporting Internet addressing, e-commerce and telecommunications services.  On a daily basis VeriSign systems enabled over 25 billion interactions for consumers and businesses and the company’s infrastructure delivered a new standard for scalability and quality performing at 100% availability for over a decade.

In November 2007, Sclavos retired from VeriSign and joined Radar Partners, a private investment firm with interests in public and private equity, venture capital, natural resources and real estate.  He also holds an ownership stake in Silicon Valley Sports & Entertainment (SVSE), the parent company of the San Jose Sharks professional hockey team.  SVSE is a diversified corporation with ownership interests in professional and minor league hockey and other entertainment assets. He has also been privileged to serve on several Presidential advisory committees including the NSTAC and PCAST.  Sclavos currently sits on the boards of and Juniper Networks and also acts as a Senior Advisor to the Director of National Intelligence.

New Board Member Mike Kwatinetz said, “I have been fortunate enough to have been involved with some of the biggest disruptive companies of the past two decades.  I believe Prospect Park’s new online venture is going to be added to the list as its combination of team, properties and strategy changes the landscape for television and the web.”

Mike Kwatinetz is a founding General Partner with Azure Capital Partners, a San Francisco-based venture capital firm with over $650 million under management, where he specializes in software, media and related web properties.  His current board memberships are BlogHer,,, Knowledge Adventure, Medsphere, Rooftop Comedy, and Open Road, the first venture-backed eBook publisher led by the former CEO of Harper Collins.  He also served on the boards of The Firm, Woodbury Computer Associates (acquired by JWP), Bill Me Later (acquired by eBay in largest VC tech outcome in 2008), TopTier (acquired by SAP in largest VC-backed software outcome in 2001), TripIt (acquired by Concur), and Wildseed (acquired by AOL).  Other representative investments include VMware (acquired by EMC), the largest software company created in the past 12 years and the largest venture-backed outcome in 2003.  Prior to Azure, Mike Kwatinetz was one of the country’s highest ranked analysts and served as Group Head of Technology Research, a Managing Director and the senior software and hardware analyst at several major investment banks, including Credit Suisse First Boston, Deutsche Bank Securities, and PaineWebber.

Prospect Park is a media and production company founded in 2009 by entertainment industry veterans Jeffrey Kwatinetz and former Disney Studios head Rich Frank.  Along with successful film and music divisions, the company’s television group has numerous shows in development and breakout network hits airing including “Royal Pains” and “Wilfred.”

  • Anonymous

    Very anxious to see who is hired to go to PP from OLTL.
    My fav, Vicki I don’t see wanting to go over there. JMO

  • Truth be told, all of the tidbits that have been revealed about this venture so far are not what I’ve been wanting to hear. I need to hear that 1) Most, if not all of the cast members, have signed on 2) That OLTL & AMC will continue to air on TV in some way. I.e. Via a cable network. These shows need to make it BACK TO TELEVISION!!!

    • Anonymous

      I agree Michelle. OLTL is ROCKING right now. It has to find a home on cable!!
      Something tells me, our fav’s will not be going to to PP. It will be like a whole new show.
      Although I do hope I am wrong.

    • Anonymous

      I think soapnet should do one of 2 things– show reruns, in order, from the begining…. for those of us who were to young to see some of the orginal characters, or 2, they should pick up the internet show and air them…

    • Anonymous

      That would be nice if AMC & OLTL could be seem on cable network, because I will be watching
      more cable . I have deceived to dvr GH and don’t watch ABC until night. Only if I want to see
      what’s on that night.

  • I have a  question and I am sure it is a stupid one but I have searched for PP website and cant find it. Do we have to pay a montly fee to watch it?

    • My2Cents

      It isn’t a stupid question.

      From what I am ‘assuming’ is that there will be an internet site that will carry the soaps.
      However, will your internet carrier offer the site, and if so, will it be for free??

      That is still what we are waiting on. I suppose we could call our internet carrier and they would have the answer.
      But I am guessing!!!!

  • I have a  question and I am sure it is a stupid one but I have searched for PP website and cant find it. Do we have to pay a montly fee to watch it?

  • I guess what is on every body mindss. DO WE HAVE TO PAY? And how much ?

  • It iwould be fantastic to see David somehow pull some of the past favorites alive; Palmer Courtland, Mateo, Haley.  “A blast fom the past”   When will Natalie ever remember the most important information of all? I just wanna yell, “Hey, John is Liam’s father”!!!!

  • 20 dollars a month kinda steep if your funds are limited. I’ll miss the shows!!!!!!!!!

    • where did you find this information?

    • My2Cents

      Please advise where you got this information. Thanks!

  • 20 dollars a thanks:)……they can run the commercials to pick up the cost and then, i’ll continue to watch:)

    • My2Cents

      I haven’t read anywhere that it will cost $20 a month.
      IMO, at least in the beginning, this wouldn’t be the case.
      PP is trying to keep the viewership, not lose it.

  • HOW do we get prospect park? Watching on the net is better than not at all.

  • Sheila McVey

    I might watch Prospect Park.  As long as

  • Anonymous

    All along, I have wondered why soapnet doesn’t carry these shows.  It’s called “soap network”, right?  Also, they should pick-up OLTL & AMC & start from the beginning.  They show old series reruns anyway.  If your like me you would enjoy that, too.  I don’t know what to do with myself in the morn,m well, MY morning, always started at noon with AMC, [ ha-ha]

  • I do believe that SoapNet is owned by ABC/Disney. In fact sometime in 2012 SoapNet will be ending and become Disney Junior.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how much ABC paid Prosepect Park to pretend like they were going to pick up AMC and OLTL? It’s just ridiculous to me that they couldn’t come to agreement, frankly I don’t think they tried. Surely Prospect Park would have done their homework before making a commitment to millions of loyal fans that they were going to save their shows. If not, they’re stupider than ABC could ever be. On another note, I’ve been watching the “classic” AMC episodes on SoapNet (while that lasts), I can’t believe that of the 40+ years worth of material they had to pick from they chose to go back to the fall of 2006, which had to have been one of the worst times, storyline wise, of the entire run of the show. Way to go again ABC, way to go.

    • My2Cents2

      Not sure what to believe anymore. Would abc hire another company to take the heat off of them?
      I guess anything is possible.

      Now the writers and everyone else from OLTL is coming over to GH. There coming over because they brilliantly wrote OLTL these past 6 months and GH wants the same for their show since it is more than obvious they are cancelled??
      Or could I be stupid enough to believe GH is trying save their show??

    • Darren Devoe

      You are right I bet the entire thing was not going to happen at all.They just kept the  fans happy until it was to late

  • Anonymous

    Now that One Life to Live has ended, when will fans be able to view All My Children and One Life to Live on the Prospect Park website? I don’t care if there ia a fee or not, because as fas as I am concerned the soaps are the best things on TV today.  I am 52 years old, and started watching soaps when I was 18. 

  • when will it HAPPEN???????????????????

  • Joanne


    •  This article is old. It was written back in August 2011 before Prospect made the announcement that they have shelved plans for the two shows to go online.

  • Georgiapeach448

    What is prospect park going to do with AMC and OLTL just hold the rights to the shows? Again why can’t you make a deal with Direct TV or Soap Net the run soaps every day and night do something prospect park we want to continue to see these two soaps and their original cast members back again.  It shouldn’t have ended like that with a cliff hanger and never see them again that just not right. Please do something to get them on soapnet or direct tv.

    • MBmomof3

      Yeah, when are they going to do SOMETHING with the shows? Or are they just holding the rights until they expire?

  • libran6

    I am so happy to read that ALL MY CHILDREN will be coming back !!! I have been a loyal viewer since AMC started!!! Never missed an episode despite a full time job that involved traveling. My heart was broken when ABC cancelled it!!! Can’t wait!! YAY!! Congratulations to Prospect Park for bringing back an important part of television history to the 21st online world!!!

  • Raymond Velazquez

    Thank you , for bring them back ! I’ve been watching all my children since it started , One life to live since 1990, I’ve miss them so much

  • Heidi Massey

    Please hang in there. don’t let abc ruin what you have started. soap fan appreciate what you’ve done. the show was on a long time be for stupid McBain and Star came on. as for Roger, Todd is what made him. lots of characters
    to replace them with. We will BOYCOTT abc DAY and NIGHT.

  • jumpinjack

    Thank you for bringing back our beloved soaps and characters. I can’t wait for the second season and hope that OLTL will be right behind AMC! Love them both!