EXCLUSIVE: ABC Drops Previously Planned Tornado Rerun from Memorial Day Schedule

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — In light of recent events, ABC has confirmed exclusively to Soap Opera Network that the previously scheduled Memorial Day rerun airing of the 2008 Tornado that hit Pine Valley on "All My Children" has been scrapped. The network has not announced what episode they will air in its place.

On Monday, May 9, the network had announced they would re-air the October 17, 2008 episode of "AMC" in which "Zach barely cheats death when his car is swept up in the tornado. After making it back to the now destroyed beach house, Zach makes a surprising discovery as he frantically searches for a missing Kendall. Ryan and Greenlee take shelter in a shed. Aidan fears the worst when he finds the gazebo demolished but soon spots Greenlee and Ryan together in the shed and can’t help but notice the connection between them. Aidan survives another twister roaring through the area but sees that the shed is now nothing but rubble. At the Comeback, JR and Babe decide to stage an impromptu wedding to entertain the scared kids. Tragedy strikes when a tornado rips through the Comeback. A wall of fallen rocks block Adam and Erica’s escape from the tunnels as their air supply begins to dwindle. Colby comes to Pete’s aide when the terrace door is blown in by the storm. Annie desperately searches for Emma."

The previously scheduled rerun airings of "One Life to Live" and "General Hospital" will air as planned according to ABC. Memorial Day is Monday, May 30.

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