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Danna Paola Stars in New Telemundo Series ‘¿Quién es quién?’

Danna Paola Stars in New Telemundo Series ‘¿Quién es quién?’

Singer/recording artist Danna Paola returns to the small screen to star in new Telemundo series “¿Quién es quién?” Debuting February 9 at 8 pm, the romantic comedy also stars Eugenio Siller, Kimberly Dos Ramos and Laura Flores.

In her first production for the Spanish-language network, Paola portrays Paloma, a single mother who works at a flower stand. Over the course of the series, Paloma overcomes her distrust of the opposite sex and finds love with a man she never would have expected to care for.

Siller tackles two characters in the series, Pedro (“Perico”) and Leonardo, twin brothers separated at birth by a dark secret, but reunited years later through an accidental twist of fate. Destiny and love conspire to intertwine the lives of the two men, who are identical in appearance, but have completely different personalities.

Flores portrays Inés, a determined woman who lets nothing stand in the way of her family’s well-being. However, malice, resentment and intrigue come her way in the form of the charismatic Fernanda Manrique, played by Dos Ramos, a villainess whose beauty hides a bottomless thirst for revenge.

¿Quién es quién?” also features a talented supporting cast, including Jonathan Islas as Ignacio, Carlos Espejel as Basilio, alongside Silvana Arias (ex-Paloma Lopez-Fitgerald, Passions), Guillermo Quintanilla, Gabriel Valenzuela, Marissa del Portillo, Sandra Desteneve, Fernando Carrera, Isabella Castillo, Daniela Wong, Maite Embil, Gabriel Rossi, Kenya Hijuelos, Ruben Morales, Oka Giner, Adrian Di Monti, Isabel Moreno, Alex Ruiz, Armando Torrea, Maria del Pilar, Sofia Reca, Fernando Pacanins, Nicolas Magniole, Daniela Macias, and Gisella Abounrad.

Filmed in Miami and Los Angeles, “¿Quién es quién?” is directed by Luis Manzo (Tierra de ReyesSanta Diabla”) with a script by Laura Sosa (En otra piel). Carmen Urbaneja (Tierra de ReyesEn otra piel) serves as executive producer.

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