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AMC PreVUE: Week of June 27 Edition

AMC PreVUE: Week of June 27 Edition

( — A look at what’s happening on “All My Children” during the week of June 27, 2011.


Romantic tension builds between Tad & Cara. JR realizes Tad is in love with Cara on Monday, June 27. Dixie remembers Tad rescuing her and reuniting her with JR. Cara treats Tad to a romantic date. Dixie continues to flash back to her past with Tad. Kendall gives a sanctimonious Cara something to reflect on. Tad & Cara share their first real kiss. Dixie, at that same moment, finally wakes from her restless sleep. Griffin announces his plans to leave town tonight. Bianca suggests to Kendall that she needs to follow her own advice after her clearly affected sister just lets Griffin walk out the door. Griffin confides to David the real reason he cant remain in Pine Valley. Kendall & Griffin have a difficult time saying goodbye on Wednesday, June 29. Maya does her best to throw Colby & Asher off when they jump to the right conclusion about her “friend” Mookie. On Friday, July 1, a brand “new” Madison arrives at Fusion on a constructive mission but her emotions once again get the best of her. David realizes the woman he’s trying to pick up is…familiar.

The Inside Story: David vs. Ryan, Part ?
Ryan confronts Erica about what’s really going on with her; meanwhile Greenlee digs to find out what David is really up to. David & Ryan both scoff at Greenlee’s deduction that Erica & David’s activities are all about her. Greenlee confides in Ryan that “Erica” reminds her of herself when she was under David’s influence; she also reveals something odd she’s noticed about Erica’s fashion sensibility lately. Ryan & Greenlee enjoy working together and admit they can’t live without each other. David tells Jane that while Ryan is no challenge for him she needs to keep her distance. Greenlee agrees to let Ryan handle investigation on his own for now unaware he’s actually planning a romantic surprise for her. Ryan & Greenlee are married by Tad in front of a small group of friends. Shaken by a run-in with Jesse, Jane begins to worry that David will sell her out now that he’s gotten what he wants from her. On Thursday, June 30, David takes a surprised Jane into his arms and kisses her. David reassures Jane after they make love. Ryan fills Kendall & Greenlee in after learning David & Erica spent the night together in a hotel room. Ben calls Jane for help with an agitated Erica. Erica warns Jane not to compromise her relationship with Jackson. Taking Erica’s terminology quite literally, Jane slips and reveals she slept with David prompting Erica to literally go on the attack.

A Closer Look: Mistakes
JR reassures Amanda that they’ve made the right decision and notes that things finally appear to be working out for both of them. Amanda becomes emotional as Jake tries to make up for his actions and apologizes for taking her for granted. Jake & Amanda’s lovemaking is halted by a sudden set of symptoms. Marissa gently clarifies to Bianca that she’s straight after [Bianca] confesses her feelings. Bianca tells Marissa that she just had to take the chance to be honest with her and offers to watch AJ so Marissa can help JR celebrate his birthday. JR is stunned when Marissa pulls him into a passionate kiss. On Tuesday, June 28, Marissa’s mind wanders to Bianca after making love to a thrilled JR. Bianca congratulates a privately conflicted Marissa. JR & Tad have a heart to heart about their fear of screwing up their current relationships. Amanda tries to stall Jake, who is ready to create a baby if she is. JR insists to Amanda that she is worrying about nothing after she confronts him about fact that they didn’t use protection. Amanda fears she is pregnant.

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  • Erica finds herself with the perfect opportunity to make her escape.
  • Ryan sneaks into David’s office determined to get to the bottom of things.
  • Amanda is rattled to learn what is causing her symptoms.
  • Marissa is surprised when JR reveals Bianca’s pivotal role in his wooing of her.
  • Asher begins popping pills after re-injuring himself.
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