Y&R Recap: Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, April 6, 2011

( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, April 6, 2011.


As Malcolm is helping Phyllis with the memory cards to help clear Sharon, Neil question if Sophia truly wants to marry his brother.

Jack runs into Ashley and Tucker, who are looking at various locations to be married. He fills them in on how Sharon's trial has gone. They begin talking about how Sharon should have steered clear of Adam; Jack makes a quip about her not being the only one that should watch who they are with. Ashley instantly takes offense.

Adam tells Sharon that the system has failed her and that she needs to run away before they put her in jail for a long time. Sharon refuses to take Adam up on his idea of skipping town; especially when it comes to not being with her children.

Victor and Michael are at the Genoa City Athletic Club discussing business when Diane and Kyle show up. The minute Nick arrives, Diane's attentions instantly focus on him. The two begin to have a brief conversation, to the displeasure of Victor. Victor tells Michael that he's using every weakness that Diane has as his advantage. When Abby arrives, she wants to try to spend time with Victor, who rudely ignores her.

Sofia becomes upset when Neil tries to talk her out of marrying Malcolm. She brings up the past Malcolm and he had when it came to Drucilla. The two of them begin to squabble, which Malcolm notices. The two of them quickly cover and pretend they are fussing about the location of the wedding. When Neil leaves, Malcolm asks Sofia what's really going on.

Ashley, who is at Gloworm with Tucker, spots Diane at the bar. She casually makes her way over to her and puts in her two cents about Victor; and how, like she, Diane will see that Victor is all about himself. She also tosses in how Nikki will always be a factor in Victor's life and that it might be best for her to find someone that is more suitable for her.

After Abby makes a cutting comment toward, Tucker, she departs to get a drink. He fakes concern with Ashley and tells her he'll talk to her. When he reaches Abby, though, all he cares about is getting her stocks that Brad gave to her. When Abby sees Diane at the bar, she remembers how she caught the two of them together. She coldly tells Tucker she doesn't do business with people she can't trust.

Taking a raincheck with Jack, Phyllis heads over to Nick's to pick up Summer. The two of them get cozy over beers together. She soon gets a knot in her back, which Nick kindly tends to. When Summer comes back down with her belongings for her sleepover, Phyllis departs, but not before having a meaningful look with Nick.

Jack learns from Diane that Victor has been working hard on the IPO. When Victor shows up, Jack happily announces to him that he can't wait to get some of that stock. Victor smugly tells him not to hold his breath, and escorts Diane over to another table. Alone together, Victor tells Diane that there are some things that he won't allow as long as they are together. She soon realizes that he's talking about her talking to Nick. Victor tells Diane she's not kidding anyone.

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