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Y&R Recap: Friday, April 8, 2011

Y&R Recap: Friday, April 8, 2011

( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Friday, April 8, 2011.


Sharon believes that because the jury has come back with a quick verdict, they may see her innocent. Adam, however, stresses that he wants her to prepare to run away if they find her guilty. Sharon refuses to run.

Everyone in Genoa City seems to be awaiting the news on Sharon's verdict. Noah tells Nick that he had harsh words for his mother. Nick asks him if he is going to be there when the verdict is read. At the Newman ranch, Victor is watching the verdict announcement while he waits for Michael to arrive to take care of more IPO business.

Phyllis is still working hard to get the proof about Skye and Sharon. She heads to the courthouse and meets up with Jack. Jack asks if she has anything to help Sharon. Phyllis tells him that she's still waiting to get the word. When they walk into the courtroom, Phyllis notices Noah there. Nick tells her that he's upset about his mom. She offers to talk to him. Noah shares his disgust with the likes of Adam and Victor, and admits that his family embarrasses him.

Adam walks in with Vance. Billy is the first to ask if he would like to make a comment. Adam tells him he has nothing to say. Billy shoots back that maybe if he split and stayed gone, everyone would be very happy. The minute the officer brings Sharon out, Nick goes over to comfort her. She asks why he didn't bring Faith. Nick tells her that he didn't think she should be there with all of the press.

Katherine lectures Nikki about not being there to lend support to Victor. Nikki argues that Victor created this mess on his own and that the only one that should be comforting him is Diane. Katherine laughs it off, telling her friend that Nikki is who Victor needs by his side.

The judge enters and the verdict is set to be read. As it is being read, Sharon, along with everyone in the courtroom, and through Genoa City watching the news broadcast, are shocked to hear that they have found her guilty. When Sharon falls apart, Vance tells the judge that she is ill. The judge orders the officer to escort her to the rest room to collect herself.

A devastated Victor requests that Michael handle Sharon's appeal. Michael tells him that they need to discuss something else more important. When Diane has left the house, Michael informs Victor that he was summoned by Tucker to meet with him. Victor smugly tells his lawyer to entertain him with anything he wants: with interest. Meanwhile, Katherine receives word about Tucker's buying Adam's stock. When she sees Tucker approaching her with a cocky smile, she orders him to wipe it off his face.

Nick and Diane have words with one another. She offers her sympathy in regards to Sharon's verdict. She also shares information that Victor wants Michael to do an appeal for Sharon. An irritated Nick tells her to stop throwing Victor's name in his face. Nick storms off and Jack appears wanting to know what is going on. Diane covers by telling Jack that she simply wants to get along with the Newman children. Jack doesn't buy it.

Nikki shows up at the Newman ranch. Victor is less than pleased to see her and tells her that if she's coming there to pass judgement on him for what has happened to Sharon, she can save her breath. Rather than give Victor a piece of her mind, Nikki tells Victor that she understands that he did what he could for Sharon, but knows that he will do better not only for Sharon, but for the rest of his family. Victor softens at her words and admits that he doesn't know what has happened to his family but he will do whatever to make it right; starting with Sharon.

Michael wants to know why Tucker wasted his time calling him to his office. Tucker informs Michael that he bought Adam's stock and wants Victor to give him more of his stock. Michael laughs in his face and tells him to not bother trying to get Victor to do what he wants because it will never happen. As for Katherine, she makes a call to blow the whistle on Tucker's business tactics.

Phyllis informs Billy that she just got word from Malcolm that his friend may have found the proof that they need to clear Sharon. As for Sharon, she knocks out the guard and works on loosening the bars of the rest room window. Once they are loose, she makes her escape.

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