Debbi Morgan Contributes to ‘Saving Our Daughters’ Series

Debbi Morgan Contributes to 'Saving Our Daughters' Series

(Soap Opera Network) — “All My Children’s” Debbi Morgan gets personal for a very good cause.

Curtis J. Benjamin helms the “Saving Our Daughters” book series which features thoughts, stories and letters from renowned and predominantly African-America female psychologists, executives, entertainers, entrepreneurs as well as everyday mothers and in some cases fathers. Self esteem, superiority and inferiority surrounding skin color, and eating disorders are a few subjects touched on in the “Saving Our Daughter” series. “Saving Our Daughters” strives to touch the lives of young females, African American or not, facing these complicated issues. The 5th Edition of the series, which was released on February 15, takes on the most relevant current issue facing teens today: Bullying. “All My Children’s” Debbi Morgan joins writer Maya Angelou, singers Janet Jackson and Tiffany Evans, actresses Alfre Woodard and Anika Noni Rose to name a few to share personal letters and personal stories of bullying in “Saving Our Daughters: Who Will Save the Little Girl?” in hopes of helping the many female youths facing bullying as we speak. Morgan also received the distinction of sharing the cover of the latest edition of the series.

The following is Morgan’s powerful contribution to the Foreword of “Saving Our Daughters: Who Will Save the Little Girl?”:

To Whom It May Concern:

I was very small when I was a teenage girl and was picked on and bullied constantly. My teenage years were actually the lowest point of my life, and sometimes I just wanted to die. I began to have this constant fear whenever I had to go to school or whenever I knew I might come in contact with these bullying girls. Now as an adult looking back I would tell “my teenage self” and present this quote to all teen girls facing this trauma…

It is your birthright to be treated with dignity and self-respect, but whatever we fear is what we attract… whatever we project and perceive is what manifests in our lives.

Bullies are threatened by fearless, confident girls…Consider your birthright, dig deep, find that self-confidence and fearlessness within…and bullies be gone.


~ Actress Debbi Morgan

For more on the great “Saving Our Daughters” series visit For information on how to purchase this or any previous edition of Saving Our Daughter visit the Barnes & Noble website.

In related news, Morgan is not only contributing to books, she’s also in the middle of completing a fictional book with the interesting title “My Ass Turned 50 … And I Lost My Mind!” We’ll keep you updated on that production as details become available. As for Morgan’s “AMC” alter-ego, after a slow reintroduction (starting later today, March 8) into Pine Valley over the next few weeks, look for Dr. Angie Hubbard’s dramatic story to kick into high gear as the month comes to a close.

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