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AMC Alerts: Week of February 28 Edition

AMC Alerts: Week of February 28 Edition

( — “All My Children” DVR Alerts for the Week of February 28, 2011.


  • Monday: Opal accidentally lets it slip to Jackson about Erica and Caleb’s kiss. In order to deal with the stress in her life, Colby takes to her webcam. Asher admits to Colby he knew the truth.
  • Tuesday: Jackson confronts Erica over kissing Caleb. Erica calls Krystal out on fantasizing about being with Jackson. Jake tells Tad why he fell in love with Cara.
  • Wednesday: Griffin suggests to Kendall that it’s time to move on from Zach. Diane tries to find out more information about Zach and Kendall. Will Bianca give Reese custody of the kids?
  • Thursday: Kendall overhears Griffin and Cara talking about the fake marriage. Will she keep it a secret? Greenlee offers David a deal. Kendall struggles with her memory.
  • Friday: Erica makes a plea to Jackson. Leticia tells Griffin she plans to do whatever it takes to stop the wedding. Reese sends her lawyers to take the kids away from Bianca.
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