Morgan and Kane Leave ‘AMC’

Sunday, January 16, 2011 at 5:00 PM ET by Angela Rosa

Photo: Steve Fenn/ABC

( – “All My Children’s” Hubbard clan set to lose a few good women.

Debbi Morgan’s on-screen personal leave from “All My Children” began last Friday with Dr. Angela “Angie” Hubbard making plans to visit her daughter, Cassandra, in California. On that same day, the Emmy winning took to the radio waves on the Tom Joyner Morning Show to discuss when she would be back at “AMC.”  Morgan announced that she’s slated to return to tape at “AMC” on February 2. When Soap Opera Network contacted “AMC” earlier this week, a spokesperson concurred Morgan’s statement adding that the actress “will be [back] on air [regularly] in March.” Look for Jesse and Angie’s baby daughter to be born in Hubbard style when Angie returns to our screens.

The forever youthful appearing 54-year old actress also announced to Joyner that her personal leave is due to health issues. The actress revealed that she has been suffering from Lyme disease for sixteen years. Lyme disease is an inflammatory disease usually initially  spread through a tick bite. The most prominent features of the disease are a persistent lethargic feeling and muscle pains. Complications that can arise from the disease include memory and sleep disorders, nerve damage, Lyme arthritis, as well as heart rhythm and vision problems.

Morgan began her daytime career on “AMC” in 1982 and quickly became one half of one of “AMC’s” most popular couples ever & also daytime’s first African-American super couple, Jesse (Darnell Williams) and Angie. Her daytime career would take her to five other daytime dramas including NBC’s “Generations,” ABC’s “Loving,” “The City,” and “Port Charles,” as well as CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Included in Morgan’s impressive body of work on television and film was a starring role along side Samuel L. Jackson and Lynn Whitfield in the film “Eve’s Bayou” in 1997.

SON wishes Morgan the best as she faces the challenges of her current health status.

Dr. Hubbard’s step-daughter, Natalia, is going away, too. Shannon Kane joined the cast of the ABC daytime drama as Jesse Hubbard’s surprise daughter in October 2008 and will last air on-contract on February 4. The talented actress who seems to be on the cusp of film stardom recently enjoyed a critically acclaimed turn as a prostitute in the Richard Gere vehicle “Brooklyn’s Finest.” As for Natalia’s departure, look for Brot (JR Martinez) and Natalia’s romance to continue long-distance for the time being. Natalia will be moving to a neighboring police department. “AMC” writers are hoping Kane will return for visits so they can keep Natalia’s presence alive in both Brot and the Hubbard’s stories.

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