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AMC PreVUE: Week of January 24 Edition


Friday, January 21, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Angela Rosa

Photo: Shirley Green/ABC

( — A look at what’s happening on “All My Children” during the week of January 24, 2010.


Cara reveals to Jake and Tad the reason behind the choices she’s made on Tuesday, January 25. Tad and Cara sleuth together. Scott gives Greenlee good advice. Ryan and Greenlee run into Madison and Scott on a date on Thursday, January 27. David taunts Jake about his invincibility. Hayward finds himself in the rare position of prey when Ryan gets him alone on Friday, January 28. The women of Fusion welcome Kendall back. Kendall is confounded by a memory flash.

The Inside Story: She Drives Me Crazy
JR’s plot begins to dangerously unhinge Annie. Marissa spots a looming Annie with a pair of scissors behind her on Tuesday, January 25. JR tells Tad the truth about his relationship with Annie. Annie loses it after hallucinating about JR and Marissa. JR is shocked when he checks his phone messages. A distressed Annie gives away her hand when she runs into Scott. Amanda helps Annie get JR out of Damon’s goodbye party. JR accepts Annie’s excuse for her unsettling phone shenanigans. Marissa realizes she has to be missing something after getting hold of JR’s phone. On Thursday, January 27, a shaken JR realizes Annie is losing it after confronting Scott about her claim. Marissa demands answers from Annie and JR. JR tells Annie that they can’t see each other again until after the divorce is final.

A Closer Look: Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
Tad hides his heartache when Damon informs him that he’s taking the job Liza landed him in California. Opal shares her suspicions with Tad on Monday, January 24. Liza squirms as Colby shares her thoughts with her. Damon breaks Colby’s heart. Tad quickly intervenes when Colby confronts her tearful mother about her odd comment. Asher discovers the truth. Deeply affected by Colby’s pain, Asher confronts Liza and tells her he’ll keep her secret – on one condition!

All My Children News and Headlines:


  • JR confronts Annie after making a disturbing discovery in her room.
  • Both misunderstandings and truths threaten to tear Erica and Jack’s relationship apart.
  • David is taken out of jail to help save Kendall’s life.
  • Memories come flooding back for Kendall who encounters a series of misfortunes while trying to reach Erica.
  • Natalia and Brot try to find a way to remain together.

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