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ABC Daytime Celebrates Men, Weddings … and Roger Howarth?

Friday, January 14, 2011 at 5:00 PM ET by Angela Rosa

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( — ABC Daytime continues to reduce their annual daytime output with special encore presentations.

Last summer, word went out that ABC Daytime was looking to cut costs by reducing their output by about 10% a year. The plan was to do this by cutting up to twenty episodes from each daytime soap and replace them with re-airings. Although the Writer's Guild of America opposed the change, ABC Daytime has been filling their schedule with random encore presentations since October 2010. Continuing that pattern, on Wednesday, January 19, "All My Children," "One Life to Live," and "General Hospital" will celebrate the sexy men of their line-up with the repeats (see list below). Following that, on Friday, February 11, the three soaps will re-air some of their most popular weddings from the past.

Fans may want to pay extra attention to the "One Life to Live's" February 11 encore that features the wedding of Blair Cramer and Todd Manning as played by Emmy winner Roger Howarth. ABC hints that Howarth's appearance in this re-aring may be a bit more than coincidental. The network reports that this is a "tease of the upcoming story with Ted King [Tomas; debuts on January 21] and a photograph featuring Howarth's Todd!" In August, Soap Opera Network's man-in-charge Errol Lewis broke news to our readers that "OLTL" was brokering a deal to bring back Howarth. Does ABC's tease concerning the popular actor play into that report? For right now ABC is keeping mum.

Hot Men of ABC Daytime: Wednesday, January 19 Encore Presentations…

"All My Children" will go back to February 12, 2003. This fantasy episode, dictated by fans, focuses on Tad "the Cad" Martin preparing to marry Erica Kane in a unique way. Sub-plots include Adam working a minimum wage job and Kendall and Bianca trading places in Erica's life. This episode features many beloved characters that have since departed including Adam Chandler and Myrtle Fargate.

"One Life to Live" will go back to February 26, 2006. In this episode, John McBain and Todd Manning try to land a plane safely. Natalie tries to convince Cristian to end his boxing career. Rex makes Adriana mad by flirting with a group of models. Tess and Jessica do battle.

"General Hospital" will go back to May 27, 1996. In this episode, Sonny Cortinthos finally decides that he's going to follow his heart and prepares himself to dump his wife, Lily, for Brenda. Jason Morgan meanwhile turns to Carly (then played by Sarah Brown) for comfort after an encounter with Robin.

ABC Daytime's Classic Weddings: Friday, February 11 Encore Presentations…

"All My Children" will go back to May 24, 2005. This episode features Erica Kane and Jackson Montgomery's banyan treen wedding in Boca Raton, Florida. This episode features just Erica, Jackson, Kendall, Bianca, Greenlee, Reggie and Lily also known as the Kane-Montgomery clan (at the time).

"One Life to Live" will go way back to November 14, 1995. This episode features Blair Cramer's and Todd Manning (then played by Howarth) wedding cumulating in a shower of golden balloons. The sub-plots in this episode include Patrick and Marty making love in Ireland after he reveals who he really is; Kelly, meanwhile, is eager to lose her virginity to Joey Buchanan; Alex runs for mayor of Llanview.

"General Hospital" will go back to December 29, 2008. This episode features Robin Scorpio and Patrick Drake's Christmas-time wedding. The sub-plots in this episode include Sonny request to Jason to end his alliance with the Zacchara organization; and Carly and Sonny visiting a comatose Michael.

Viewers will not miss any new episodes of their favorites ABC daytime dramas. These are pre-scheduled national pre-emptions. All three soaps will pick up from their previous first-time presentation episode the weekday following the encore presentation.

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