One Life at a Glance: November 29 Edition

Photo: Donna Svennevik/ABC

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 at 2:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

( — Eddie abducts Nora this week on “One Life to Live.”







Echo continues to make herself feel right at home at Llanfair.



  • Monday: (Episode 201093/4393/93) — Ford requests Clint’s help.  Clint floors Inez with his proposal that she seduce Bo.  Another close moment between James and Starr is thwarted.
  • Tuesday: (Episode 201094/4394/94) — Echo further insinuates herself into Viki and Charlie’s lives.  Joey and Kelly come face-to-face.  Dani and Nate decide to go all the way.
  • Wednesday: (Episode 201095/4395/95) — Starr tells Blair that she feels like she’s bretraying Cole by caring for James.  Kelly is nervous to tell Joey she’s in love with him.  Inez tells Clint she’ll go through with his plan on one condition.
  • Thursday: (Episode 201096/4396/96) — Starr and Marty have it out about Hannah.  Clint gives Eddie a gun and cash and sends him on a mysterious errand.  Dorian’s determined to get the truth out of Echo. 
  • Friday: (Episode 201097/4397/97) — Dorian sees Echo and Charlie kissing.  Rex becomes suspicious of Marty’s actions.  Joey makes a big announcement to his family.  Nora finds herself in a dangerous situation.

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