OLTL PreVUE: Week of November 22 Edition

Friday, November 19, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

Photo: Donna Svennevik/ABC

( — A look at what’s happening on “One Life to Live” during the week of November 22, 2010.


Marty reminds Todd that she knows how to fight back when he presents her with a court order preventing her from seeing Hope on Monday, November 22. Langston convinces Ford that not to have sex with her for the next six months. Dani attempts to persuade Destiny against divorcing her “parents” on Wednesday, November 24. Bo slaps the cuffs on Eddie after he crashes the Cramer girls’ Thanksgiving dinner. Starr isn’t happy when Ford arrives with James. Blair lashes out at Cristian when he gives Eli’s box back to her again. Dani and Nate overhear Todd threatening to make sure Nate goes missing permanently. Ford feels uneasy about the promise he made to Langston. Nate and Matthew get into a scuffle. And Kelly mistakenly believes that Joey is on his way back to London to see her.

Thanksgiving Day Encore of 10/18/10 Episode (OLTL will pre-empted on Friday, November 26th)

Téa and Dani share a tearful reunion. Eli lays out his plan for Téa and Blair to an unconscious Greg, and injects an unknown substance into his IV before leaving. Todd confides to Nate that Eli wouldn’t put Starr on the phone during his ransom call. Starr, meanwhile tries to escape from Hannah’s attic with Hope. James has a few questions for Hannah after discovering that she has his bullet necklace. Afterward, James shares his suspicions about Hannah with Ford. At the same time, Hannah fears she have made James suspicious. Clint’s thugs rough Ford up. And Brody and Jessica arrive at the hospital to have a paternity test conducted.

The Inside Story: It’s In The DNA

Rex receives confirmation that Echo is his biological mother and, thanks to Clint’s tampering, that Charlie is his father on Monday, November 22. Clint checks in with Vimal on Tuesday, November 23, to make sure he did as he was told. Meanwhile, Matthew begins to realize that Clint has been less than honest. Across town, Echo invites Rex and Charlie to lunch. Bo and Nora learn that Rex has finally found his real parents. Later Bo tells Nora that he still isn’t crazy about Matthew’s working for Clint. When she returns to her room at the Angel Square Hotel, Echo is thrown out by Roxy for failing to pay her rent. Dorian isn’t convinced when Viki tells her that they were wrong about Clint. Charlie and Viki reach an understanding just as a now homeless Echo arrives at Llanfair. On Wednesday, November 24, Viki and Charlie start arguing about Echo again. Afterward, Viki is left all alone when she receives a surprise visit from Joey. Echo, meanwhile, belittles Gigi and bonds with Shane. Clint gives Nora some food for thought when he talks to her about Bo and Inez. And later he floors Inez when he tells her that he wants her to have sex with Bo.

A Closer Look: Who’s the Daddy?

Brody and Jessica read their paternity test results on Monday, November 22. Jessica calls Ford to let him know that he is not the father of her baby after all. Marty obtains a copy of Natalie’s test results. On Tuesday, November 23, Natalie confesses to Gigi that she’s been lying and that her baby is Brody’s. Marty daydreams about telling John the truth about Natalie and the baby. And, unaware of the results of her paternity test, Brody mistakes Natalie’s uneasiness as a guilty conscience over their one night stand.

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